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Babyliss Professional Blue Lightening Air Styler Thermal Brush

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2 Reviews

Type: Hair Brush / Brand: Babyliss / Size: 34 mm / Power: 700w / Subcategory: Brush / Hair Straighteners / Relaxers

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    2 Reviews
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      02.08.2013 17:01
      Very helpful



      not the best purchase ever

      I decided that I would splash out on a heated brush after seeing a woman in the gym curl her hair and style it beautifully in a matter of minutes. These heated brushes are usually more associated with ladies who have short (usually grey) perms and usually quite old. The lady I saw was young and she was using the brush to curl her bob under and add volume to the back. She used a comb to section the hair but this tool was all she used so whilst all the women in the changing room was queuing for the hair drier she was drying and styling at the same time. I decided to hunt my own hair air brush out and when I found this one I thought that it would be perfect and it looked quite funky although my boyfriend calls it the lightsaber!

      There are two sizes to choose from in this particular style, the small 19mm one and the 34 mm. I wanted the bigger one as I have quite thick hair so more hot air can come from the larger one and it is also more suited to the volume filled style I was wanting to create. The smaller one is designed for tighter and shorter hair but it is really good that they offer two models.

      ==Price and availability==

      The 19 mm was priced for £19.99 and the larger one, the 34 mm was priced at £25.00. Both are a really good price as you can pay over 10 pounds for a non electrical brush! Well I say its good value, but what I actually mean is that it is cheap, it does not actually represent good value as the product is not that good. It is another one of those things bought on a whim that do not live up to the expectations.


      This is funny looking as it has a blue plastic body with a lead for the mains cable and then it has a switch in the middle. The handle has little plastic dots on in order to assist you with grip and the handle is slim and comfortable to hold. It is really easy to manipulate the device and put it in certain positions to assit you with styling.
      The button has an off, on slow and on fast setting but there is only really a noise difference between the two settings. The shaft gives way to the head (wow how rude does that sound) and this is where the brush is. This is a good brush as it has thin wires that really grip the hair which does assist greatly with styling. At the end there is a plastic knob but it does get too hot to touch.

      ==My experiences==

      I bought this mainly to take to the gym as I thought that it would be easier than waiting for the drier and then having to use the straighteners to style it. I gave up on this idea though as it takes such a long time to get the hair dry with this machine. You have to use really thin sections and then it still takes ages. In use at home, I decided that it would be best to half blow dry and then style with this and to be honest, it does give a smooth finish. It leaves the hair shiny and it gives it a lovely finished gloss but it does not add the type of volume I want. I wanted easy to put in lift and volume but this takes a lot of taming to get the hair hot enough wrapped around the brush for it to have an effect, brushing it through the hair does not do anything at all.

      I find it much quicker to use hair straighteners to add volume as they get really hot and you can curve the plates round to lift the hair up. This is much quicker as they get hotter. The styler just does not get hot enough. I have no idea why this has two settings as I could blow hotter air than the slow setting! I did spend quite a bit of time trying to love this and I think if it had more modern technology such as a ceramic shaft, higher wattage, ion technology; then you would have a much better item. As it stands it is not strong enough to keep up with the demands of today.


      I was really disappointed with this and I think the main disappointment came from its inability to dry the hair. This is supposed to be a quicker option for styling as it does two jobs in one however it does not dry my hair quick enough for my liking. I think that for people with short and thin hair then you will find it works much better and I bet it is easier to make curls but I don't stand a chance with my hair it is too thick. I have to spend that long sectioning it begins to seem pointless. I would consider another model from another brand as I believe the concept is there I just think I chose badly.

      This is quite a poor model these days as it is quite old fashioned. The size is good but the technology is quite outdated. Most hot air stylers come with ceramic bodies which are much better convectors of heat and they use io0nic technology to tame the hair. I also think this is not as powerful as it could be, the hot air just is not hot enough. It is a shame as the blue design is quite cool and it looks futuristic. This is just another useless addition in my bottom drawer now which is a shame, I don't even think I would get that much for it second hand on eBay now. Overall, this is ok for short thin hair but if you have hair longer than your chin then avoid like the plague, unless you like to sit for hours taming your hair strand by strand!


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      31.10.2009 09:56
      Very helpful



      Only suitable for short fine hair.

      I was bought this for my birthday by my sister in law, who has one herself. It was recommended to her by her hairdresser and she has also bought one for her mum, who uses it all the time. My sister in law loves hers, she has a short bob and she finds this to be the best thing for styling it, so when I had my hair cut shorter, she thought I should have one too!

      The Hot Brush looks like a cross between a cylinder hair brush and a curling iron. It comes in funky looking blue and black, but to be honest I think it looks rather cheap and not something that a professional would use.

      How it works
      Hot air is blown through the brush and out of the holes, so the idea is that you can use it to both dry and style your hair at the same time, giving it body and volume. As your hair dries the heat is setting it and of course this eliminates the need to use a blow drier then straighteners (depending on your hair style). This is really best used on shorter hair styles like a bob, as longer hair would take forever to dry.
      You can also use it on dry hair to style it, give it volume, or freshen it up if you don't have time to wash it.

      How to use
      I have to admit to not having mastered this yet, but from what my sister in law has told me, this is the best way to use it -
      Towel dry your hair (if using after washing) until as dry as possible.
      With the Hot Brush switched on (duh!) take a section of your hair at a time and, holding the brush against the underside of your hair near the scalp, run it down to the ends, curling under a little at the bottom. You need to keep the pressure/tension on so your hair is almost pulled by the brush. Take care not to tangle this in you hair as it's easily done but a pain to get out.
      Repeat all over hair until dry and styled as required.

      Like I said, I haven't quite mastered this yet, I had a few attempts and just couldn't get the hang of it. It seems to take a while, especially when drying the hair as well. I have spoken to friends of mine who are hairdressers that have said they would not use one of these, preferring a blow drier and hair brush. However this (when you've mastered the art) would be easier to use on yourself.

      For me I would give this one star, but as both my sister in law and her Mother use theirs a lot and thinks they are fab, I will give it three stars. it may well just be me! If they included an instruction book/dvd, that would be helpful.

      If you are planning on buying one of these, be aware that it seems to work best on thin/fine hair in short hair styles.


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