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Blinc Lash Curler

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3 Reviews

Type: Eyelash Curler / Brand: Blinc

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    3 Reviews
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      13.09.2010 22:47
      Very helpful



      Flutter those lashes.

      I remember the days when curling your eyelashes meant holding a scissor-like clamp right on your lashes and *squeeeezing* them firmly to make sure they curled. I also remember the fear I felt that I may actually catch the eyelid with said clamp and really hurt myself; hence I didn't really use them that much. Not to mention that the pressure used can actually damage the lashes, and that is not good news really. I am sure many other people got on perfectly well with them, but for me I was just not confident enough to use them regularly on myself.

      Things have moved on a little since then and thankfully there is now a style of eyelash curler that I feel confident and comfortable using, all hail the heated lash curler. It seems like the obvious choice really, as we use heated appliances to curl and straighten the hair on our heads; so why not use heat to do our eyelashes too!
      There are heated clamp style curlers available for those who are comfortable with that style, but also want the added benefit of heat to help 'set' the lashes but personally I feel like they're double the danger for me haha.

      The blinc heated lash curler in particular is a bit like a wand with a little comb head, and even though you don't have the clamping action I feel you still get a decent curl from it. The wand uses a single AAA battery (included) and only takes 20-30 seconds maximum to heat up; you can see when they're ready to use as the red at the back of the head of the wand turns to yellow.

      To get a lovely curl that will make your lashes look wider, more alert and more youthful, all you have to do is 'brush' the comb up the lash (do the middle and then the side lashes as the directions point out), it's a bit like putting mascara on really slowly as you do need to hold it for a few seconds whilst gently forcing the lashes back.

      There is a safety guard that prevents the heat from being too close to the eye area, and the wand also delivers the 'precise amount of heat that can set a long lasting curl without damaging your lashes' so there's no fear of singed eyelashes, thankfully.

      The first curler I was sent had a loose battery fitting (so the connection to connect the electrical circuit wasn't able to be made, thus no worky) so that had to be replaced with another one that has worked perfectly. I am only mentioning this as it is something to consider when purchasing this product; it's not something that I would say should stop you buying it as it is easily rectified as you can check right after purchase/delivery (depending how you buy it) and ask for it to be replaced if it is a unit with a dodgy connection.

      Of course ordinary clamp curlers are still widely available, and I am sure they are still very popular but I think I will be sticking to my heated wand from now on.

      The blinc heated lash curler is available from Harvey Nichols and http://www.blincuk.co.uk at its official retail price of £18, or from having a quick glance on google I see you can get it cheaper at HQHair for £14.50 and BeautyBay for £15.75 so it's worth having a shop around before you buy it.

      I apologise for the uninspiring title, it was the only none crude one I could think of as the other option was 'Do you like to curl one out' and I wasn't sure how well that would go down haha!

      Some official information from the website:

      Instructions For Use

      * Take off curler cap.
      * Remove and store the small cleaning brush.
      * Slide open the bottom portion of the curler, insert the battery according to the diagram and slide back.
      * Turn curler on and wait until the LED indicator light on the comb head changes from RED to YELLOW.
      * Curl the middle lashes first then either side of the lashes. Brush upwards while keeping the curler's heated comb surface pressed against your lashes for three seconds. Continue brushing upwards and hold curler at the tip of you lashes and gently force the lashes back and hold for another three seconds.
      * Repeat the process until desired curl is achieved.
      * Turn off curler. Slide brush back in place and put the curler cap on.
      Additional Notes:
      * Keep Curl turned-off when not using to prolong battery life (here's a tip...use rechargeable batteries!)
      * Clean comb head if you notice impurities.
      * For best results, curl prior to applying mascara understanding that oil-based paint mascaras weigh lashes down. When using blinc mascara, the tubes that form around the curled lashes acts like a "cast", holding the curl form longer as opposed to weighing it down.

      Continued here: http://www.blincuk.co.uk/index.php?main_page=page&id=17&chapter=0


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      13.08.2009 14:29
      Very helpful



      Great heated eyelash curler for every woman

      Blinc Heated Eyelash Curler

      ~About Blinc~
      Blinc are a global brand and they stock everyone to salons, top hotels, health spa, airlines and a lot more. They are famous for their mascaras and heated eyelash curler.

      They have been in newspapers and magazines in which the press love them and what they have to offer, which is great quality products that do the job.

      Pure and Design Ltd are the official distributer or Blinc Cosmetics, they stock to the public and retailers alike.

      Blinc have been around for a very long time and are continually growing to provide us with great products for the eyes, face and body.

      ~About the Product ~
      Heated eyelash curlers are the best way to curl lashes without damaging and ripping them out. It works without clamping, using excessive pressure thus no damage to lashes.

      Nothing sets a curl better than heat, after all that is what you curl your hair with.

      It delivers the right amount of heat to the lashes to curl but not to damage.
      It is ready to use within 30 seconds and takes one AAA battery.

      Has a built in guard to avoid contact with the skin.

      ~Where to buy and Price of Product~
      You can buy Blinc's Heated Eyelash Curler from Blinc themselves http://www.blincuk.co.uk it is sold for £18.00.
      Other websites prices may vary.

      Blincs packaging has changed and when I received my heated eyelash curler it actually comes in its own little stylish compartment, which is chrome/silver on the inside and with a dark red colour on the outside so you can rest assured when travelling or storing away your heated eyelash curler will be safe and damage free.

      It shows you on the tube how to use it and with directions.

      The actual eyelash curler itself is again stylish it is silver with chrome on the top of the lid and on the on off button.

      ~Personal Review~
      Like every woman in the world I like to curl my lashes, my lashes are long, think and very straight. I have used every eye lash curler out there even the big names ones and they don't seem to do anything and if they do the curl doesn't last long at all. I have used the metal curlers from small to big names and I always fine you have to clamp hard to get a curl even when doing it in the three stage technique. (Curl at the bottom of the lash line, in the middle and at the top of the lashes for a natural look).
      I tried small and big names in heated eye lash curlers and I find it doesn't heat enough, doesn't curl and if it does it doesn't last long again.

      I have heard of Blinc in the past but never bought it, one day I thought I am going to get you and since then I haven't looked back.
      I ordered off the Blinc website and I found the delivery to be very quick. So I was impressed by them.

      The packaging and the actual eyelash curler are very stylish. The tube in which it comes in is very sturdy so no worries of damage when travelling or storing it away it will always be safe.
      It is easy to hold and use with great results. The heated part has a built it guard so it doesn't get in contact with your skin. It came supplied with a battery (I changed mine for rechargeable battery) and when I turned it on there is an LED indicator on the back. When it is off the LED is Red when you turn it off the red turns yellow and when it is ready to use it will all be yellow.

      Place the curler on the bottom of your lashes and hold upwards (it says on the site to brush upwards) but I find holding it for a few seconds and then moving up the lashes and doing the same to the tip makes a much better curl. When you get to the top of the lashes, gently push your lashes backwards and hold, this gives a lovely lasting natural hold.
      With this curler you can also curl your lashes with mascara on first, doing this helps the lashes to curler easier and with more hold as the mascara acts like a mask on the lashes. Holding the curel to weighing it down.

      Personally my lashes wont curl unless I have mascara on first.
      It comes with a little brush that is stored at the front of the curler, I find when the curler is completely dry to brush then otherwise I find the mascara is in the guard and difficult to get clean. When it is dry the mascara will just brush off or you can use a damp cloth (make sure the battery is out first).

      When I am finished curling my lashes my lashes look brilliant. There long with a beautiful curl that really does last all day. If you find your curl does "drop" in the day, simply repeat the process and your back to beautiful flirty lashes.

      A must in every woman's makeup bag.

      ~Would I buy again?~
      I am hoping I wont need to buy another but if it ever broke then it would be the first curler I would go back and repurchase.


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      10.07.2009 02:42
      Very helpful



      Blinc Lash Curler perms my lashes longer than ordinary curlers.

      The Blinc Heated Lash Curler was great in curving my lashes and it made a long-lasting curve on my eyelashes with the help of its heat. It produced heat that was not too hot to burn me but hot enough to perm and curve my eyelashes for a long-lasting effect than the ordinary eyelash curlers.

      The battery life was good enough to make about 15 days of lash-curling. It has good packaging and I loved its design. My curves lasted a whole day. It has nicely-contoured shape. It has built-in guard that perfectly prevents my eyes' skin from touching the heated part of it. The Blinc Heated Lash Curler heats up easily in about 25 to 30 seconds. I love how it did that pretty curves on my eyelashes.

      The sad thing is, it just broke. I couldn't recall dropping it to the floor. I was just about curve my eyelashes one day but it simply broke in my hand without putting pressure on it. I just used it for about two months. Too bad it broke and it couldn't be fixed anymore. Maybe it was my being clumsy, or maybe it was just manufactured to be easily broken.


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