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Boots Botanics Long Handled Body Brush

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Type: Brushes / Brand: Boots / Handled Body Brush / Subcategory: Hand Brush / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      15.07.2011 13:32
      Very helpful



      Try it if you have the money to spare

      I love the botanics range! The whole brand is like a compound of the three things I love most, value, efficacy, and nature power. Tired of using exfoliating gloves, and finding them to be altogether too delicate for my skin- I decided to shift to body brushing for that extra oomph in the shower. Being a fan of this range, and after reading some glowing reviews, this product seemed like the natural choice. It retails at £10 (might be £9.99, you know what I mean), not the cheapest option on the shelves of boots but I felt the bristles and compared them and this brush seemed to have the sturdiest in comparison to its competitors (which is what I wanted).

      The appearance:

      Simple and to the point. I don't expect visual extravagance from a body brush (personally), it's purely a utility. The brush is about 30cm long (handle included), made from sandalwood by the looks of it, and I'm pretty sure the label said it was composed (at least partly) of recycled materials. Unfortunately, eager to try the brush out asap I disposed of the label immediately. Sorry.

      The claims & my own experiences:

      The pivotal claim of this product is that it improves the texture of your skin. I've been using this brush for 3 weeks (once every 2 days), and have found this claim to be positive (within limits).
      Now that's not to say this brush is a magic wand, I'm not promising that it'll remove a yard of cellulite from your behind over night. But I think it does improve the appearance of skin issues. My skin feels firmer and has more luminosity than previously; the latter is probably due to the fact that my skin can absorb lotions and moisturisers more readily with consistent exfoliation. It's taken a few weeks for the effects to become noticeable, and I've been consistent with my use of it, I suppose the skin regeneration cycle is taking place.
      I don't have cellulite- but I can imagine that this brush would be a great tool in a person's arsenal against the backside lumps. Combined with exercise and/or a reasonable diet and you will probably obtain optimum results (but you knew that already :D ).

      Personally I use it in conjunction with a decent firming lotion, the results are pleasant. I realise I don't have cellulite, but your backside can never be firm enough, and I believe this product is a big step in the right direction.
      The handle is great for reaching all areas, and facilitates thorough exfoliation of all your crevices with ease.
      My only reservations are that this brush can be a little harsh only places other than your backside and hamstrings. I also use it on my tummy, it's not comfortable, but I want the texture of my tummy to be as good as possible so I grin it out- I think it's worth it. In defence of the product, it does say on the website that this brush is not suitable for sensitive skin, so they have covered all bases...

      Oh and the brush head smells a bit funny when you buy it, I washed mine before using it :S.
      To summarise:

      Thumbs up for this super brush! The only things I can't vouch for is it's durability (I've only had it a month, but thus far no shedding), and from that point it's cost effectiveness. If it lasts at least 6 months I would say it is worth £10. Other than that I have nothing negative to say. Try it if you have uneven texture, stretch marks, dull skin, cellulite, or want to firm up (after weight loss, a baby, or a growth spurt... who knows).


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