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Boots Essentials Hair Curling Tong & Brush

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Type: Brushes / Brand: Boots / Tong and Brush. / Subcategory: Hair Brush

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    1 Review
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      12.06.2013 11:45
      Very helpful



      A fantastic tong for a variety of looks at a great price!

      I guess you will be able to tell throughout this review that I am a HUGE fan of these tongs! I have never owned a more expensive or branded curling wand, so you may think I am not able to make a good comparism.. But why pay more when you get the results you want for less than £10?!

      *Price & Availability*
      These tongs are available from Boots stores for the bargainous rice of £9.99. Unlike the slightly larger barrel tongs, these are also available on the website at boots.com

      The look of these tongs is pretty standard, although I think they have changed colour over the years (I am on my third in 11 years, one pair being broken by my brother after he dropped a table on them [yes!] & a further pair being left on the other side of the world - it's cheaper to replace them than send them over, making my friend in South America the proud owner of some great curling tongs!)
      They are currently simple black with no design or embellishment, & an on-off switch situated on the handle next to a red light indicating whether or not the tongs are in use. There is a detachable 'brush' made of plastic which is supposed to be used for creating larger curls with more volume, but I just found that it got stuck in my hair!
      The cord at the bottom swivels as you use it, avoiding any potential comedy moments during use :)

      *How they work*
      Simply plug them in & switch them on. I don't believe that these tongs heat up to the extremities of many others. Having touched the barrel numerous times with my hand during use over the years, I have no visible burn marks - although I wouldn't recommend doing this!
      After about two minutes, they should be heated up fully.
      It's important to brush or comb your hair out very well before use. Going out with a tong stuck to the side of your head isn't a great look :p I can't really judge how long it will take you to curl your hair, it depends on the length & thickness, & also on the type of curls you are looking for. My hair is almost waist-length & very thick, but it still takes about 20-25 minutes for loose, sporadic curls, & maybe 45 minutes for tighter ringlets.
      I personally don't use any products with these tongs. I don't actually think it is necessary to use a heat barrier as the tongs don't seem as hot as some straighteners, certainly you'll never see steam coming off your head! The thickness of my hair means the curls stay in place without any kind of spray (& I prefer a sort of 'shaken-in' look anyway..) but I would encourage you to play around with the potential looks you can create.
      To make the curls, divide your hair into small section. I use sections between 2.5cm & 5cm in size depending on what look you prefer. Smaller sections will create tighter curls, a sort of fairytale ringlet effect, but it will take much longer to complete. Larger sections will give looser curls with a little less staying power. You clip the hair into place along the barrel & wind the tong up the hair to the root. I've seen tutorials where the user holds the barrel still & wraps the hair around, but I haven't succeeded in the doing this without multiple burns to the hands, so only try if you're feeling brave!

      This section is largely subjective, but I find that the curls last until I wash my hair (2 days later, usually.) What I love about these tongs, apart from the price, is that you can get such a variety of results depending on how you use them. Princess curls, or more lived-in rock-chick curls are attainable, or looser waves if you shake the curls out.
      I should add, that due to the small size of the barrel (19mm), you won't achieve large barrel curls, for that you would need a larger tong.

      What's not to love? For £9.99, a potential user who is unsure about splashing out for a curling tong should find the price attractive enough to give these a try. And they won't be disappointed!


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