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Boots Expert Exfoliating Mitt

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Brand: Boots / Type: Mitt / Subcategory: Exfoliator / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Exfoliates,

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    4 Reviews
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      24.08.2013 22:27
      Very helpful



      Good idea, bad execution unfortunately.

      I received these exfoliating mitts as a gift along with loads of other bath and beauty goodies at Christmas. It took me a while to get around to using them as I kept forgetting I had the pack. One evening I came across them and thought it would be a good time to try them out as I had run out of disposable razors.

      Now, I'll just take a sec to tell you what you have to do before I go on to my experience with them:

      Basically you gently buff your legs in circular motions which removes hairs and exfoliates your skin.
      You are told that, "Boots Expert Exfoliating Mitt leaves your legs feeling and looking great".
      The mitts themselves are cardboard with one rough side not dissimilar to fine sandpaper. They come in a cardboard wallet with instructions on the back to help you get the best results, it also says that they can be reused. So, after checking that I knew what I was doing I plunged in!

      My skin can be pretty sensitive but seeing as they were marked as suitable for all skin types I went ahead and did both legs straight away.
      Initially I was pretty impressed as the hairs disappeared quickly and without too much discomfort, (although it was closer to sanding than buffing), plus a LOT of dead skin came away leaving my legs feeling unbelievably smooth!

      Unfortunately for me this was too good to be true. Whenever I finish shaving or waxing my legs I apply a moisturiser for sensitive skin to help prevent any irritation or razor burn. I did the same after the exfoliation process and nearly jumped through the roof!

      The small area I had applied the moisturiser to was stinging very badly, on the verge of burning. I quickly washed it off with luke warm water which offered some relief but didn't completely calm my skin down. At this point I realised the skin on the rest of my legs was feeling quite sore and was coming up in a rash like bad razor burn.

      My legs did not look or feel great...

      At this point I decided to leave my poor legs alone and go to bed. Luckily the stinging did die down and by the morning the irritation looked worse than it felt. I tried my moisturiser again and this time it just felt cool and calming.
      From then on my skin quickly felt better but looked red and blotchy for almost a week meaning that they needed to be shaved again before they looked good enough to be seen!

      I can only assume that these mitts aren't suitable for sensitive skin like mine. Due to the abrasive nature I would think that you'd need pretty robust skin not to have some sort of physical reaction. Usually you exfoliate with a grainy gel or liquid on wet skin whereas this was a rough surface on dry skin.

      I don't think I'd recommend these mitts as the potential risk of skin damage and discomfort outweighs the convenience of hair free legs.

      However I have found another use for them. They are very good at removing hard skin from heels!
      Just be gentle and don't use on the delicate skin on your foot and ankle.

      Summary of pros and cons:


      CONS: (May only apply to sensitive skin, my experience only).
      Causes irritation
      Possible skin damage
      Feels uncomfortable
      Makes skin highly sensitive
      Causes painful rash


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      25.03.2011 20:56
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A simple, pain free way of removing unwanted hair.

      Trying -normally in vein- to live my life as a constantly well groomed goddess I purchased Boots Expert Exfoliating Mitt in the hope it would be an easy way to get rid on some unwanted fuzz.

      I had seen similar items advertised on TV and they looked simple to use and pain free! ...I'm in!

      *~* What is An Exfoliating Mitt? *~*

      For those who have not seen or used these before the best I way I can give an idea of what they are like is very fine sand paper. Pretty much, sheets of fine sandpaper which has been cuts and folder so that you can slip it onto your fingers and rub over your legs, arms or wherever you would like to remove hair from. The 'sandpaper' wears away all the hair as well as removing any dead skin and leaving you feeling soft and smooth.

      It costs £2.03 ( 8 points made from this purchase ) according to the boots website but it is available in store.
      The packaging is fairly simple as with all Boots Experts packaging. The mitts come in a card sleeve which contains three individually wrapped mitts inside.
      Instructions are given on how to use the mitt on the back of the packaging and a warning to those with sensitive skin that they should do a patch test when using this product.

      *~* Using The Mitts *~*

      Now as weird as this will sound to some I planned to use the mitt on my arms. As much as I'm sure that hair is there to keep your warm in the winter months...I don't want it! I would never shave my arms (again) as it ends up looking worse and the hair become very coarse. Therefore trying out the mitt seemed an ideal solution.

      I like to use the mitt after a both of shower as it means your skin is all clean. Leave enough time for my skin to dry. I do not put any moisturiser on before I use it, as hard as this can be as I have dry and sensitive skin so it can feel quite tight if I don't smother myself in lotions after about five minutes. However, the mitts do not work very well if you do this and they get very dirty quickly.

      Then, rather simply, you rub the mitt in circles on your arms/legs/area of choice, changing direction frequently.

      The mitt is not the most comfortable of things as it does sounds like you are rubbing sandpaper over your skin-not the most pleasant sound I've ever heard. Although it does not hurt at all to use this, I find if I use it for too long or too hard my skin starts to feel irritated so don't push down to hard on the skin. I have also found that it can smell like burning hair/skin/something along those lines when your use it. It's not a horrible smell but a smell all the same- as why would you ever what to smell like your burning??! You wouldn't but yet I want to be nice and smooth. Goddess wins, sanding continues.

      It can take some time to get yourself really smooth so be prepared to take your time.

      I found that one side of a mitt was good enough for one arm. I could probably use one side of a mitt for both arms, but in the same way you can only use a disposable razor once or twice I just use a side per arm to avoid irritation. It states you can use the mitts again, but I tend to just use a mitt once as the more you use it the longer it takes to smooth and de-fuzz.

      Once you have finished 'dust' off your arms, as the dead skin creates a white powder on the mitt on your skin, and then moisturise immediately. It may help to use a rich moisturiser or soothing one after using a mitt. I would avoid anything with perfumes as your skin will be quite sensitive and it could cause irritation.

      *~* The Results *~*

      Well I do have to say my arms are now stroke-ably smooth and minus a soft layer of hair. I also have to point out with this product that the re-growth is a lot slower than shaving and the hairs to not feel as jaggy. I am assuming this is because you have gently worn away the hair as opposed to bluntly cutting it as you would with a razor blade.

      However, be aware that using the mitt can leave you feeling slightly itchy or it at least it does for me. As I stated earlier it can leave the skin feeling rather sensitive so i find particular fabric can irritate it the day after I use it. A cooling moisturiser can help the itch though and it doesn't last long. Try to avoid scratching as all the hard work put in getting nice and smooth could be ruined by a big red rash!

      *~* Overall *~*

      I have only used this on my arms and it seems to work well. I simply would not have the patience however to do both my legs or anywhere else with these. I also think they would be far too rough to use anywhere sensitive, especially the Boots Expert ones as they feel rougher than other brands I have used.

      I would recommend them as they do the job they are bought for and are very well priced, as if you did re-use them they could last a good while. These may be particularly good for those lucky people who have barely any hair in places they do not want but would like to remove any soft hair they do have.
      I would suggest to people with easily irritated skin than you either do a test patch or avoid these all together.


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        31.08.2010 16:10
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Good, but do be careful.

        Boots Expert Exfoliating Mitt - these come in packs of 3 which retail at £1.99.

        General info thanks to Boots.com:

        Make your smooth legs last longer between waxing or shaving. Rub this exfoliating mitt over your legs to smooth away rough skin, prevent ingrowing hairs and remove early regrowth.

        Directions For Use:
        1. Skin must be dry
        2. Without lifting the mitt from the skin surface, run gently in a clockwise direction, and the anticlockwise.
        3. The fine white powder that appears is the natural accumulation resulting from the gentle grinding action, which removes hair and exfoliates skin.
        4. After treatment, rinse legs using cool water and apply a moisturising lotion or balm.
        5. Wipe the exfoliating mitt after use; it can be reused repeatedly.
        6. Do not use on inflamed or broken skin.

        It also has a warning:
        Unusually sensitive skin may experience a slight irritation after using an exfoliating mitt for the first time - a patch test is advisable..

        These come in a cardboard sleeve, each individual exfoliating mitt is wrapped in plastic - resealable so you can pop them back in it too. The cardboard has a recycling logo on it, it says made in china.

        The mitts:
        The mits over your fingers - I find 3 best but obviously this would depend where you want them to sit and the size of your fingers. They're slightly shorter than my fingers, I'd think they'd be an ok size for most people. The mitts are a sandpaper type material, nothing fancy, others sell very similar ones with a better brand name on for more - but sandpaper is sandpaper, I see no possible advantage of more expensive ones.

        As said you rub these one way and then the other, this is the best method.
        They produce a fine white powder during use - this is basically your dead skin cells. They do a good job, although the "repeatedly" it can be used amounts to maybe 3 times for me, but I do find this isn't something I'd want to even do weekly myself as it's quite rough on your skin, but weekly would be safe if needed.
        They do remove fine hairs/stubble for me to some extent - however I epilate my legs so the hairs aren't so solid or "old" as someone who shaves, so they may well remove better for me - and they're not a shaving replacement, more something you'd use within 24 hours of shaving (or longer if waxing/epilating) to smooth them further.

        It is worth noting these are very rough - as general use I'd advise only for legs and rough areas like elbows, however due to an excema breakout (best treatment for me is removing all the damaged skin) I recently used these on my face (a clean one I should add!) and it did a good job, but the sensitivity showed and left my skin slightly red for a day or 2, so if you need them for delicate areas beware of this side effect and only use very sparingly, I'd say once every 2 months at absolute most - most people probably wouldn't need them for such places though! But just a friendly warning.

        I should add the roughness while emphasised is a good thing when epilating, I just don't want somebody with overly sensitive skin to be caught out, as these are the most scrubby exfoliator I've used!

        Overall these do a fantastic job and exactly what they're meant to for me, that said they're only getting 4* instead of 5 as.. well, they're sandpaper, they're not some new fancy material, they've just made the right roughness for skin. As such even at £1.99 I feel they're a bit pricey for 3.


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          02.01.2009 13:34
          Very helpful



          Worth a go at this price!

          When it comes to looking for alternative ways to smooth my pins I'm always on the look out. I have been shaving my legs since I was 14-15 years old every day. I got sort of addicted to doing it early on and nowadays I have thick coarse hair that I really do need to shave every day or it's visible. I do occasionally epilate but boy does that near on kill me and I'm not one for waxing because my skin tears to easily. Creams bring me out in a rash (I have tried many lotions, potions and creams believe me over the years lol) and I always end up using a razor for ease.

          However because I hate the chore so much (having to do it everyday is a right annoyance) I always end up nicking myself all over the place. Which is why when I saw this product in Boots I thought it had to be worth a go, particularly when I realised I could purchase it for free with my Advantage card (that always softens the blow eh?! lol). Good old Boots!

          I was apprehensive about purchasing it though. Although I love Boots I don't like the 'Expert' range of products they give us. I'm yet to read a rave review from this line of rubbish (in my opinion). I haven't yet tried anything 'Expert' I thought wow I'm really glad I bought that and am pretty sure during my time here on Dooyoo I haven't gave a glowing report on any of the stuff. However this type of product is only within this line and like I say it went through free (usual price £1.46).

          The Packaging....

          White cardboard sleeve which is square in shape. On the front I'm told it's Boots, Expert Exfoliating Mitt and there is a large photograph of a shapely pair of legs. On the back all in pink writing I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use, warnings, told the product is made in China, contact details for Boots are given, the recycle symbol is shown, I'm told this is a pack of 3 and finally there is a blue bar code on there. Open the top and pull out a cellophane, sealed packet with the 'mitts' in. All very simple and gives off a functional look as do all Boots 'Expert' products in my view.

          A Bit About The Product (According To The Sleeve)....

          Make your smooth legs last longer between waxing or shaving. Rub this exfoliating mitt over your legs to smooth away rough skin, prevent ingrowing hairs and remove early regrowth.

          Directions For Use....

          1, Skin must be dry
          2, Without lifting the mitt from the skin surface, run gently in a clockwise direction and then anticlockwise.
          3, The fine white powder that appears is the natural accumulation resulting from the gentle grinding action, which removes hair and exfoliates skin.
          4, After treatment, rinse legs using cool water and apply a moisturising lotion or balm.
          5, Wipe the exfoliating mitt after use; it can be reused repeatedly.
          6, Do not use on broken or inflamed skin.

          Using The Mitt....

          Well the mitt wasn't what I was expected to see when I first met it at all lol. It's round in shape and squared off at the ends. Dark grey in colour and looks like sandpaper but it is made of card. You simply slip your fingers (about 3) through it as it's double sided and your fingers can grip it from the top as your fingers poke through. The sandpaper effect covers as I said both sides and to my eyes it worried me slightly.

          To use it is simple enough. You have to put up with the fact it slips off occasionally though it isn't a issue really. All you do is rub your skin over with it without pressing to hard. It isn't painful at all and you can't feel it exfoliating your skin really but you can see where the dark grey goes to white on the mitt which is as we've been told is dead skin and hair etc.

          Skin is immediately softened and I mean really softened to the touch in a really natural way. There is no mess made but for the fact you skin gets a bit powdery white which is of course rinsable anyway and the mitt does go a bit bare and white looking. Skin isn't made sensitive by using this and no irritation or redness occurs. I smooth it all over my legs and I do this after shaving to 'buff up' and smooth my skin then rinse my legs for extra smoothness.

          However this for me doesn't remove any hairs and nor does it help me with ingrowing hairs at all. I have a wee bit of stubble on my legs now (which is one day old) and really tried hard to remove a little hair and no can do. So if you think this is going to 'shave' your legs it isn't and for me it doesn't work and even removing one hair between shaves it only exfoliates my skin.


          I don't mind using it straight after shaving and to smooth my skin that little bit extra but if we giving it stars for overall promises then this would get none. However the way in which I use this makes me happy enough and I do feel it smooths and softens my skin quite a bit. Worth the effort? Not really and it's only any good on legs and cant be used on bikini line or armpits because of the shape of the 'mitt' and the fact it falls off fingers quite alot.

          Recommended? Well yes it is really, in a way. For £1.46 it's not like it's going to break the bank so if you get any positives from my review it's worth a go and you do get 3 of them and they do last a heck of a long time!

          Only available in Boots as it's a Boots own product


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