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Boots Glass Nail File

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Brand: Boots / Glass Nail File / Suitable for: Nails / Type: Files

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    1 Review
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      20.11.2010 13:37
      Very helpful



      5 stars from me

      ** Glass Nail Files **

      I first discovered glass nail files at an exhibition in London, where I was lured in with a free (very extensive) demonstration and then felt obliged to purchase the product. However, I soon realised what a beauty essential this product is, and how much better it performs than the traditional sand nail files.

      ** Price and Availability **

      The Boots Glass Nail File retails at £8 and of course is only available at Boots(!), either in-store or online (of you don't mind paying the £2.90 delivery charge). It comes with a plastic pouch for storage. You'll find alternatives to the Boots branded glass file in pretty much any supermarket or chemist, for around the same price, but I've got the Boots one so that's the one I'm specifically reviewing.

      ** The good... **

      These nail files are really durable. Unlike traditional nail files which are made of sand or another grainy substance glued onto card, there is nothing on the glass nail file that could wear away with use. As long as the file is rinsed under a tap occasionally to remove any build up in the crevices, I've found it remains as
      effective as the day it was bought.

      The overall effect of these files is the best I've ever experienced. My nails don't split or peel, and the file seems very gentle on them. The file is very finely grained so it doesn't 'tear' at my nails the way I find other files do. I was told that the more I used this file the healthier my nails would become. And yes, my nails definitely seem healthier since using this file and I wouldn't dream of using any other file on my nails since using one of these.

      I find this file really quick to use. As an added bonus you can file in both directions across your nail tips so this speeds up the process considerably. I believe this is because the file has less coarse grains than the traditional sandy ones. Even being so finely grained it still sloughs away the nail tip very effectively.

      This file is a convenient size for carrying around in my handbag - ready for any manicure emergencies! It's around 12 cm long, 3mm thick and really lightweight.

      This Boots Glass Nail File has a pointed tip, which I've found really useful. It really helps to tidy up my cuticles, and I run the point under the nail tip after filing to remove any debris. Most other glass nail files I've seen have rounded tips, so this seems a well thought out touch from Boots.

      ** And the bad... **

      This nail file has lasted me several years, but it is the third I have purchased. As I discovered the hard way, being made of glass, this will break if you accidentally step on it. If you are thereafter very careful not to leave this lying around on the floor, just be warned that if you leave it on a chair and then sit on it, it will also break!

      The pointed tip of this nail file is probably the most vulnerable bit - so be careful to store it in the pouch between uses so that you don't accidentally break the tip.

      ** Recommendations **

      Everyone! Carry one in your handbag/man-bag (yes this product is for guys too) and keep one at home. Just don't sit or stand on it!

      This review also appears on Ciao under my username sbeach000


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