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Boots No7 Compact Make Up Mirror

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Brand: Boots / Mirror / Type: Mirror

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    1 Review
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      17.01.2010 16:16
      Very helpful



      I wouldn't bother

      After leaving various notes around the house and dropping rather large hints before Christmas that I wanted an illuminated mirror, I was delighted when my Santa took the hint and I found one under the tree with my name on it on Christmas morning. I actually wanted a stand alone mirror, but I suppose I should have been more specific! What I ended up with was Boots No7 Illuminated Compact Mirror.

      The mirror came in a sturdy cardboard box with a plastic cut out on the front so you could see the product. Inside the box came the mirror and also a lovely purple drawstring satin pouch so you can keep the mirror safe and scratch free once you have discarded the original packaging. The light in the mirror requires four AAA batteries, and these are included in the box.

      When the word "compact" is used with regards to a make up product, it usually means that it is going to fit snugly into your make up bag, but this mirror really is not - not unless you have a huge make up bag anyway! It is 15cm in diameter including the hinge and when closed, it is just over 4cm deep. It also feels quite weighty and where this is usually a sign of quality, unfortunately in this case it is not.

      On first inspection the mirror looks very stylish and simple. It is round and a pale metallic gold colour with the No7 logo on the top. The mirror is of a hinged clam shell design and the hinge feels flimsy and not very substantial at all. When you open it up there is a standard mirror on one side and a magnifying mirror on the other - I try not to look at this too much as it shows up every little imperfection and can end up making you quite paranoid! There is a small switch (meaning tiny and fiddly) just below the fastening clasp so you can operate the mirrors. You can light up one or both of the mirrors, or have the lights off completely. When the mirror is closed, both lights go off automatically. That is if they are working in the first place......

      The mirror has opaque glass sections all around the edge and this is where the light is supposed to shine through. The light is a flexible LED tube which goes all around the edge and within a few minutes use, sections of the light stopped working completely. I gave it a bit of a light bang and it came back on, but not for long and now there is a section of light missing in both mirrors. I'm not sure how much difference this makes as the light is of a very poor quality anyway and does not give out much Illumination at all even when it is working properly. I am an avid eyebrow plucker which is why I wanted the mirror in the first place, but even when it was working properly, I found that I still had to have it below a lamp anyway to have sufficient light, which completely defeats the object of having an illuminated mirror.

      I carried on using the mirror anyway and on its fourth use, it fell apart in my hands quite literally - the sections holding the mirrors came out and it all came to pieces (this is how I know it operates with an LED tube!). At first I wondered if this was supposed to happen so that you could replace the bulb, but then I noticed spots of glue that had simply come away. Because of the shape of the case, the mirror does not stand nicely anyway and rocks about if it is touched, so now I have found myself going back to my £1.99 mirror and my angled bedside light which I have a new found regard for!

      My Santa paid £12.49 for this mirror (I know because he left the receipt lying around) but its usual price is £24.99 which seems ridiculous for something of such poor quality. He did get 48 Advantage card points in the process, but that really doesn't make up for the disappointment at all. I will be returning this mirror shortly and I will not be looking for a replacement - sometimes you simply shouldn't try to fix something that's not broken!


      I tried to return it, but they would only offer me £6.49 back as it is now on sale at that price and I had no receipt to prove that it cost more when initially purchased, so I accepted a replacement which has behaved in exactly the same way. I give up.


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