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Boots Stainless Steel Cuticle Trimmer

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Brand: Boots / Type: Cuticle Trimmer / Suitable for: Cuticles

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    1 Review
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      01.09.2011 16:30
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      Boots Cuticle Trimmer

      I like to look after my nails myself and never really go to a nail bar to get them done. I do not like the false nail look even though I have had them done a few times. I think they actually look a bit cheap and tacky and when you take them off your nails underneath are really broken and cracked and not in good shape. I always feel I can do my own nails perfectly enough that they look good and I have not spent all that money on someone else doing them.

      I have a few little tools I like to use on my nails and one of them is these cuticle trimmers from Boots. They basically look like a little pair of pliers/wire cutters that you wold use as a tool to work in the garden with or around the home but these are much more intricate and delicate. The top of them have a small little area with which you cut your cuticles with. The handles are separated apart and fit nicely in the palm of your hand so when you do squeeze them apart and together they work nicely and slowly so you can really target the area you want to get to. The stainless steel is hard wearing and much better than say plastic and these have lasted me for quite a while now. They are easy to clean if you do get any blood or fluid on them and are very hygenic as I have got no infections after using these.

      For those of you who do not really know exactly what cuticles are I will quote an article I read, "cuticles are the small folds of thickened skin at the base of each of the nails. Their purpose is to protect the area between the skin and the nail from infection. Properly caring for the cuticles involves keeping them well moisturized and trimming off any loose ends, but taking care not to over-trim."

      Now, I often get small tears in my cuticles which are known as hangnails and this can occur if you do a lot with your hands and suffer from dry hands etc. I do and so hate it when I get that unsightly little tear in my cuticles. I never cut back my cuticles just because, there always has to be a lose one for me to do something about it.

      This cuticle trimmers make it very easy to do that and not cause any problems further up the nail. It often happens that a torn cuticle will just be on one place so what I really like about these trimmers is the fact that the little cutting section is so small you can really concentrate the cutter onto that one bit of the nail section and not worry that you are going to pull the whole cuticle out. If you do this manually with just your fingers I find this is when it tears and starts bleeding at the side of your nail, with these cutters that never happens to me. I can then use the side of the cutter to just push the rest of the cuticle back to the nail and settle it down and I find with a bit of hand moisturiser my nail is perfect again.

      They cost £6 and are available online or in Boots stores.


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