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Braun Scholl Aromatherapy Foot Spa

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Brand: Braun / Foot Spa / Suitable for: Foot / Type: Foot Spa

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    1 Review
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      16.11.2009 19:00
      Very helpful



      Perfect for tired feet

      I thought I would do a hands on (or rather feet on) review of this product. So I am sat here on the sofa writing while my feet are soaking and being massaged.

      I got this foot spa for Christmas a few years ago and have only used it a few times. I have really horrible feet with lots of dry skin and often ache if I am on them for too long. I think that is why my Mum bought it for me, to try and help my tired feet.

      So, I will start from the beginning. It comes in a large box with a handle, which I think is very useful as I keep it in the box in the bottom of my wardrobe and often need the help of the handle to yank it out.

      The foot spa is a large bowl that is separated down the middle so that there is a section each side for your feet. It also has a splash guard over the front to avoid any spills on the carpet. In the middle partition there is a little flap and this is where the aromatherapy oil goes. This is not provided so you have to use your own. But all you do is pour a few drops into the compartment. When you fill the bowl with water it covers this compartment so the oil is infused into the water.

      There is also a little 'pedi centre' on the back of the bowl. This is motorised and there are 3 attachments. One is a pumice stone, one has knobbles on to massage the feet and one 'accunode' which as long spikes on it for a deep massage. When you press your foot onto the attachment it rotates, letting the attachment do its job.

      The power button is on the front of the bowl and is easily reachable with your foot. You don't need to use your hands at all so you can do as I am doing and massage your feet while your hands are free to do other things.

      Filling it up just requires it to be held under the tap in the bath (the sink is probably too small) and let the water flow in. A few things to rememeber is - don't fill it too full as you still have to put your feet in and the jets do splash a bit. Also, test the temperature as well to one that is comfortable for you.

      I was a bit wary of the power cord meeting with the water so I keep this a safe distance away. I am sure they could change this so it is detachable to that you can put it into the appliance after it has been filled with water. You really need two hands to carry it so I have to loop the cord around my arm in order to take it to the living room.

      There are several different jets of water. There are 2 on each side at the front of the bowl and there are 6 smaller ones on the bottom on each side. These ones under your feet are described as a 'bubble track' which focuses the massage action onto the bottom of your feet to really soothe them.

      The floor of the bowl has bumps on it so it just adds to the massaging sensation.

      I currently have the pumice attachment on and have just tried it on my right foot. You push down on it to make it rotate and it is quite hard to keep your foot still as it tends to rotate with the attachment. When I did make it stay still it did work and lifted some of the dry skin from my heel, but I think I would rather use a hand held pumice stone.

      The massage and the accunode attachment are alright. They again are quite hard to control - keeping the pressure on the attachment while holding your foot still is quite difficult. I think there is enough massage action going on in the bowl so you don't really need any more. It is much more relaxing keeping your foot in the warm than trying to keep the rotating attachment going in the cold.

      The attachments are quite easy to change, they just pull on an off. I just had some difficulty pulling the pumice one off though because it had got wet and was too slippery!

      I put 4 drops of aromatherapy oil into the compartment and I can vaguely smell it. I think if I was sat with my head over the bowl and I was in more of a confined space it might smell stronger.

      It says on the box that it has 'smart heat technology' which helps keep the water warmer for longer. It doesn't say how this is achieved and looking at it I can't see any sort of warming device. I have been sat with my feet in the bowl for about twenty minutes now and when I first put my feet in the water was fairly scalding (maybe a bit too hot. I should have listened to my own advice earlier!). Now it is a luke warm temperature, still bearable but on it's way to going cold.

      I can't see if it has stayed warmer for longer because I have no other foot spa to compare it to, but I suppose compared to a bath the water has not stayed as warm for as long as a bath might do.

      Now I am going to get out and dry my feet and walk around a bit.....They feel really tingly and refreshed. The soles of my feet feel so good. My feet weren't exactly aching when I put them into the spa earlier, but I suppose the real test was when I used it back in June. I did a ten mile walk for charity and when I got home my feet were killing me and they were very blistered. I sat in the foot spa for about 20 minutes then and when I got out they felt so much better. They did not ache as much as although they were still sore to walk on, it had eased the pain a lot.

      So overall I am impressed. I think there are a few things that could be ironed out such as the detachable cord and the attachments. I think they are a good idea and a good selling point but they need to be a bit more accessible. Perhaps they could have switch to turn them on and off rather than using the pressure from your foot. But it really does soothe tired achy feet and it an essential item in any home!


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