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Champneys CHHL 200 Foot Spa

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Brand: Champneys / Suitable for: Foot / Type: Foot Spa

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    1 Review
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      02.02.2012 11:12
      Very helpful



      Enjoy a luxury foot spa from the comfort of your own home!

      I purchased my Champney's foot spa from House of Fraser a couple of years ago. It was a real impulse buy with a voucher that I had to spend but I was excited to try it out as I love pedicures and any kind of pampering! I felt comfortable purchasing this product from Champney's as it is a well known and reputable brand, with their spas attracting the rich and famous and offering many different treatments. I had previously received Champney's products such as body washes and body creams for Christmas presents and found them luxurious and of an excellent quality.

      ~ What it looks like ~

      This particular model is white and blue; perfect calming colours for a spa. It is just over a foot in width and is deep and big enough to fit even the largest feet! The nice rounded edges of the foot spa make it quite attractive and the tote handle makes is easy to fill up, empty and carry around and can then be pushed down to make it look like it is just part of the basin. One of the best things about the Champney's foot spa is the pull out pedicure set included which is completely waterproof so can be left in and splashed as much as you like! There are 5 attachments for a home pedicure which can be attached to the end of an electric object which looks like a small hair dryer! Much like a travel hair dryer you press down a button and an electric current runs through and makes the attachments spin round very quickly. The attachments are: a dry heel reducer, stone pumice, metal finishing pumice, nail brush and nail buffer. Again, this is waterproof so it isn't as dangerous as it sounds! The spa also has bright blue 'sea grass' inserts which are on the base of the basin where you place your feet.

      ~ How to use ~

      Well it's pretty simple. You fill up the basin of the foot spa to around half way with warm water and carry it to your desired location. I usually do it sat on the settee in the lounge with some nice music on and put a towel down in case I manage to spill any water. It needs to be plugged in at a power socket, however the lead isn't very long at just one metre so you will need to be fairly close to it. I put my feet it and then press the 'on' button. Bubbles instantly start being released from the base which is lovely as it gently massages the feet. After a few minutes when my feet are feeling soft I usually start to use some of the pedicure attachments. They are very easy to use; they just clip on to the end of the electric device and can be easily removed so that you can swap between them. I like to use the stone and metal pumice on the heels of my feet and then the nail brush on the toes - It feels really nice as well as cleaning the nails!

      There is a button at the bottom end of the spa to turn it on and off. When I'm finished I would normally dry my feet off and then unplug the spa from the wall before carrying it to dispose of the water in the bath. Anything smaller like a sink will end up with a flood in your bathroom! I give the pedicure accessories that I've used a quick wash off before putting them back. It's also advisable to wipe down the spa itself, especially if you are putting it back into the box as I do.

      ~ Is it any good ~

      I bought the foot spa as a little treat for myself as I think it's important to just chill out and relax sometimes and it has been brilliant for that. It's a really nice thing to have around the house when you have an evening to yourself. It has been very reliable over the two years that I've owned it with no issues whatsoever and I haven't had to use the warranty to have anything fixed! I would say I only get it out every month or two so with more regular use it probably would not have stayed in such excellent condition!

      The best thing about it has to be the pedicure accessories which are included, and the electric thing that they are attached to. I have a manual nail scrubber and buffer and a few pumice stones but none of them work as well as this contraption! It rotates so quickly so it is doing a lot more work but with less effort as you do not have to do anything other than hold it in your hand while it makes your feet pretty! I was scared to use it at first near water but there have been no problems in that area and the attachments themselves have not displayed any wear and tear yet so have not needed replacing.
      The sea grass inserts feel fantastic and add to the massaging feel when the vibrations are on. This is another thing that makes it stand out from other spas and I love to run my feet up and down it. The one issue that I do have with it is that it says on the box that the spa will maintain the warm water temperature and this is where it has let me down. I feel it goes cold quite quickly and have been known to top it up if I want to keep my feet in it more than 15 minutes. It is also supposed to have 'super quiet' technology which allows you to enjoy the bubbles and not the noise. Well for me the sound is actually quite disrupting if you are listening to music or have a film on in the background.

      ~ Overall ~

      I paid £60 when I purchased this foot spa a couple of years ago which was reduced from £80. I did a quick search and managed to find it second hand on Ebay for £5 so it definitely isn't worth paying so much for! I imagine there are newer models on the market which are more advanced! I don't use the spa enough at all but it has lasted me well and was worth the money I paid for it. Sometimes I forget about it for a couple of months and then I want some me-time and get it out and spend a whole night making my feet pretty! It is a good foot spa and the accessories really make this model stand out.
      I'm quite undecided as to whether I would recommend this foot spa or even foot spas in general. The infrequent intervals at which I use it mean that I could have probably bought something else with that £60 which I would have made more use of, however it nice to have around and I do enjoy it when I bring it out! I'm going to go with 3 stars as it is good fun and does everything I'd want it to, but isn't really a necessary piece of equipment for the home!


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