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Clinique Brush On Cream Liner

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Type: Brushes / Brand: Clinique / Skin type: All skin types

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    7 Reviews
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      31.08.2011 16:16
      Very helpful



      I think I will be replacing my liquid liner pen with this easy to use cream liner

      This was a hand me down product given to by my mum who after owning it for a week decided she did not like it (she rarely wears make up anyway so I do not know why she bought it originally!). I on the other hand wear eye liner day in and night and so was more than happy to try this brush on cream liner from Clinique.

      The Packet

      The Clinique liner comes in the usual pale green/beige coloured Clinique smooth cardboard packaging with the Clinique branding and allergy/production information. The brush on cream liner itself comes in a lovely looking glass pot with a silver lid. This is an attractive looking piece of make-up. Unusually for Clinique you actually get more than the product itself, with a small application brush included in the box, it is a bit of a necessity after all for a cream liner such as this. The brush is small, compact and plastic with a squared off end.

      The Cream

      My cream colour is Black Honey which is a medium brown with warm red tones through it, it is not as dramatic a look as my usual black but it is a change and I can see it being good for a work environment. The cream itself is a gluey consistency, with not enough fluidity to it to spill everywhere if knocked but loose enough to get a decent and even coat on the end of the applicator brush without having to struggle getting it out of the pot.

      Clinique Product Statement

      Creamy liner brushes on deep, smoky, eye-defining colour. Long-wearing, waterproof formula comes complete with a mini Eye Liner Brush. Ophthalmologist tested.


      The cream liner is a lot easier to apply than I would have first thought with me being used to a pen tip applicator liner. You simply dip the end of the applicator brush into the cream, getting a modest amount onto the tip of the brush, too much will cause uneven lines and colour during your liner stroke. Once you have a nice amount of the liner on your brush you can trace your eye liner line from the inside to the outside of your lid.

      The brush allows you to do both thick and thin line effects across your eyes and is good for adding lengths and flicks to the lines. The liner glides on evenly and easily and leaves a nice, consistent bold look on your eyes. You have to leave the liner about twenty to thirty seconds to dry completely, this also depends on the thickness and amount of cream you have put on your line. Having worn this a fair few times to work I have found it to be very long lasting throughout the day compared to what my liquid liners look like at the end of a day.

      Final Points

      Unfortunately for me the downfall of this product is the colour, but I did not pick this as it was given to me. I wear black on a day to day basis as a rule and as such don't wear this Clinique liner as often as I would like. My colour is 'Black Honey' which one would deduce is a medium brown but it is just too light and reddy coloured for me. The only other two colours available are 'True Black' and 'Smoke Grey', the former of which I will likely be purchasing when my regular black liner runs out, so there are not many colour options.

      The cream liner is 5ml and a little goes a long way so the price of £13.50 is pretty good in my opinion. It is available online at Clinique.co.uk and also at Clinique counters in department stores.


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      29.06.2011 11:04
      Very helpful
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      A good product, if a little overpriced

      I have mentioned before in my reviews, that I have a rather odd problem with my eyelashes - the roots of my lashes are blonde, whereas the tips are brown. This makes applying eyeliner a nightmare, as the blonde line at my roots makes it look like there is a gap between my eyelid and my eyeliner! Thankfully I found a solution in the form of gel and cream eyeliners which are brushed onto the eyes rather than applied from a pencil. I use the liner to cover the roots of my lashes, therefore giving a much cleaner looking line.

      After trying a few brands of liner in this format - Smashbox, Sleek, elf and Calvin Klein - I decided to splash out on the Clinique version. I'm not really sure what prompted me to buy it, seeing that I had so many others on the go, I think it must have been something to do with the fact I had a wad of birthday cash burning a hole in my pocket at the time.

      The liner is Ophthalmologist tested, and has what Clinique describe as a 'long-wearing, waterproof formula'. There are three colours available - True Black, Smoke Grey and Black Honey, which I think is a brown/black sort of shade. I bought True Black, as I'm unoriginal like that!

      The liner comes in a pale green box with a leafy pattern, and inside you will get a tub of the eyeliner and a small brush to apply it with. The tub is in the same style as many of the Clinique products - glass with a silver screw top lid.

      The brush included is plastic, and has a clear handle with the Clinique logo in silver. The tip of the brush is rather flat, but from looking at the bristles I feared they would be too bushy to give a smooth line.

      Although marketed as a cream liner, rather than a gel liner, I found the consistency of the product to be very similar to the majority of the gel liners I have used in the past. I guess, if anything, I would say this Clinique one is a little bit softer, and it is easy to pick too much up on your brush at once, so I often have to wipe the excess off onto the rim of the tub.

      A lot of people seem frightened of these type of eyeliners, as they seem to think they will be difficult to apply. I personally find this one incredibly easy to apply, however that may be because I've had plenty of practice. I find that applying with lots of short stokes seems to work better than attempting to apply in one sweeping line, and also it does help if you have a steady hand. Even if you do make a mistake when applying the liner, the creamy formula means that you have a good 30 seconds or so before it dries in which you can smudge the line a little to soften it, so don't worry too much if it's not perfect first time.

      The results I get from this liner are good. I had my concerns about the brush, and had thought it wasn't fine enough to create a smooth line. Despite my expectations of a thick Amy Winehouse style line across my eyes, I found that I could achieve the reasonably subtle look which I favour using the brush included. Of course should you want a thicker liner, or create 'flicks' or 'wings' or whatever you wish to call them, the brush is also suitable for that (just twist it around and use the wider edge), and the cream liner actually lends itself well to that sort of look, as the colour is fairly pigmented, and really is 'true black' as claimed.

      The liner is long lasting, possibly due in part to the fact that it's waterproof. It actually takes some removing, and I find that a separate eye make up remover is usually required to get rid of it.

      A 5g pot of this cream liner costs £13.50 from Boots. I'm sure that price has crept up, as I could have sworn when I purchased it last year it was only £12.

      On the whole this is a very good product. It creates a smooth line, the colour is very pigmented and it's long lasting. However, despite how good it is, at this point I am not sure if I will replace it once it's run out. The reason? Well, if I'm completely honest, I don't see a huge amount of difference between this, and my Sleek Inkpot gel liner which only costs around £4.50. So whilst I do think it is a good quality product, there are cheaper ones about that do just the same job, and for that reason it has to lose a star.


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        25.10.2010 18:10
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great product - highly recommended! :)

        Clinique Brush-On Cream eyeliner 

        I have used a lot of pencil, kohl and liquid eyeliners before but this one has to be one of my favorites. I bought this last year and I have been using it once a week or so and I love it. It is not a liquid eyeliner and it is not a gel liner - it is a cream eyeliner and that makes it so easy to apply. 

        *About the product*

        The eyeliner comes in a really small pot which I thought would be bigger before I bought it and it is only 5g or 0.17fl oz. It also comes with a really small brush which in my opinion is not useful at all. It comes in three shades and I have the shade 02 True black.

        *What Clinique say about the product*

        Creamy liner brushes on deep, smoky, eye-defining colour. Long-wearing, waterproof formula, comes complete with a mini Eye Liner Brush. Ophthalmologist tested. Formula: Cream. 

*My opinion of the product*


        The liner comes in a really small plastic pot with a sliver lid and sliver text on it, which is clear and easy to read. It does not weigh very much, so it is a great product for traveling as it is very light weight. It has a screw top lid which is good as it keeps the eyeliner from drying out and going hard and unusable.


        I really like this eyeliner shade, as with some liners that I have used the past the shade is not really a black colour - it is sometimes a grey/less dark shade than what I would like, but this shade is a really nice black shade. The shade is quite dark but is does not look really harsh on your eyelids - it looks a lot more natural on that other eyeliners such as liquid eyeliners.

        -Brush that comes with the liner

        It does come with its own little brush which does look quite cute but for me it is not very useful at all. It has a really small thin handle/end, so it is difficult to hold and it the actual brush end of the applicator is square in shape, so it is difficult for me to get a thin curved line with this brush, due to the shape.
        -Brushes that I use with this product

        I have tried a few brushes with this liner and the easiest brush I have found for this eyeliner is the eco tools angled eyeliner brush. It is a really good brush to use as it is angled and thin so it can get really close to the lashes. Although as this brush is angled it can not create curves/wings. For curves/wings I have not found a really good brush, so I just use my MAC 209 brush to do this but it is far too thick to create a nice curved line.

        -How I use the product

        I have used this on my lid, close to the lashes and I have used it to make a winged/flick shape and it is so easy to do with this product and I have also used it on my waterline which is also really easy to do.

        To use the product I just take the ecotools angled brush and I dip it into the liner - only dip the brush into the product slightly otherwise you will get far too much liner on your brush. If I get too much on the brush I just wipe it on the inside of the pot and then I just draw a thin liner first because you can always build up from a thin line to make it thicker but it is harder to make a thicker line thinner. Then once I have drawn a thin liner I can either make it thicker, leave it as it is for a more natural but defined line or I can make a slight flick out.

        One step that I always do at the end of applying this liner is to line my water line, as if you put the liner on you get a liner that is obvious between your lash line (where you put the liner) and your waterline which is visable. So I just line my upper waterline to make the liner look stronger and to make my eyes look more defined.


        This liner is really easy to apply if you have the right brush, such as an angled brush, or a really thin eyeliner brush would work really well. It is a creamy formula so it does not drag on my skin when applying the liner and it has a really smooth, soft consistency. It is easy to apply, it dries quickly (about 10 minutes or less to dry fully) and it applies evenly to give a strong line.


        This product is great for creating lots of different looks. For example with this eyeliner it is very easy to create a smooth strong defined line (with the correct brush) and it is easy to make a slight flick/winged edge or just to make the lashes look fuller. The latter of the options is the once that I tend to use this product for. 

        -Waterproof and Smudge proof?

        This liner stays one for most of the day and it says that it is also waterproof and smudge proof. I have not been caught in the rain while wearing this liner so I can't say if it is really water proof in the rain. But I have had this liner on while in the shower and it did not run off so I think it is quite waterproof. But I would not rub the liner while it is on as it can smudge if you rub it and after you have applied it I would wait ten minutes or so to let it dry. Also it does not transfer onto my skin or run - you just have to wait until it is dry, which does not take very long.

        -Is it easy to take off?

        I have used a couple of eye make up remover products to remove this liner and they have all worked really well. I have used make up remover wipes which are quick and easy to use and they remove all of the liner. I have also used my clinique take off the day remover and my lancome bi-facial remover and they all work great. I removes really easily with out having to go over the area a number of times and it does not leave any colour behind on my skin. 

        -Price and availability

        This product comes in the shade true black, which is the shade that I have. It also comes in the shades smoke grey and black honey. Shade description from the clinique site:

        True black: A rich deep black
        Smoke Grey: A Greyish Dark Brown
        Black Honey: A Shimmery Reddish Brown

        I bought it this liner from a clinique counter in a large boots store but you can also buy it from the boots site, the clinique site and you can also buy it from Debenhams.

The liner cost me £13, which is a tiny bit expensive for an eyeliner, especially when you consider the amount of the actual product you get - it is a very small amount of product (5g) for £13. But now the price has increased to £13.50 on the clinique site.

        But for all of the times I have used this product (over about 6 months) I have not used a lot of the product and there is still most of the product left, which is good so hopefully it will last a lot longer. Also if you do get this product you have to make sure you put the lid back on securely as it could dry out - mine has not dried out and I have had it for over 6 months.


        I think it is a great product, with the only flaw with it being the price for the amount you get. You do get a brush with it but I can't apply the liner with the brush provided as it is too fiddly and too small to control well. But it is easy to apply with a angled brush and it stays put all day! It is waterproof and smudge proof (unless you rub it) and it creates a softer more natural looking line, curve, wing that liquid or pencil liners.


        Good points

        *Easy to apply with the correct brush

        *Cute little pot/container

        *No scent to the liner

        *Allergy tested and ophthalmologist tested - and it does not react with my skin

        *Lasts all day on my lids

        *Waterproof and smudge proof (again, unless you rub it)

        *Strong intense black colour - although it does look softer and more natural when compared to liquid liners

        *Does not irritate my sensitive skin at all
        *Good price - but you don't get that much product, although you don't have have use that much product

        Bad points

        *None really!

        For more information on the liner: www.clinique.co.uk 

Thank you for reading my review - this review is also posted on ciao under my user name labellavita1992 - with pictures!


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          01.07.2010 23:24
          Very helpful



          It is a fantastic liquid eye liner in 3 great shades

          If you suffer from your eye liner smudging and dropping during the day, then this is the best alternative I have found!

          It comes in a small pot with a small brush. It comes in three colours:
          - True black = very black
          - Honey black = is almost like a red brown
          - Smokey grey = which is as it sounds a darkish grey

          It retails at £13.00 which I think is a very reasonable price for such a great product.

          ***Pros ***

          1. I have tried Clinique and other brands normal liquid eye liners with the very thin felt tip like brushes and I found these quite hard to use because I have quite shaky hands with things like that. So when I was introduced to this pot of eyeliner I was slightly unsure but the small brush that comes with it are so so easy to use. The end of the brush is flat so you are not using it at a slant so I get a really great thin line of eye liner with this brush.
          2. The pots have so much eye liner in so they are much better value for money than other liquid or pencil eye liners I have used.
          3. The best pro I can say is that once the eye liner is applied it stays on the whole day until I go to remove it. Even in the high humidity that there has been lately it has stayed put completely which I am very impressed with.


          1. Normal liquid eyeliners do not tend to dry out too badly, whereas this one if left with the lid off or in the sun can dry out quite quickly. I would say you could only keep a pot of this eye liner for 3 months before it dries out.

          In my opinion this is a great value eye liner that ticks all the boxes I was looking for with an eye liner and now I have practised applying it, it is so quick to apply in the mornings. If you think this appeals to you, I'd perhaps ask the Clinique consultant to do one of your eyes with this eyeliner and then you try and copy hers with the other. Clinique seem to be very good at teaching you how to apply products. They do something called a half face make over where they completely do half of your face with foundation, powder, blusher eye and lip makeup and then they coach you through you recreating the look on the other side. This is great because it gives you the confidence in using the products. Through a half face make over I found out that Clinique do a much longer eye liner brush which is slanted which is also great for applying this eyeliner on, it depends if you like something small to work with or a long handle to a brush. Either make the application very easy.

          5 out of 5 stars from me!


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            12.02.2010 23:27
            Very helpful



            The first cream / gel eyeliner I have tried and I'm very impressed.

            A little goes a long way with this brilliant liner from Clinique. I have issues with eye makeup smudging and I hate panda eyes. Because I wear contact lenses I tend to rub my eyes and blink a lot when my eyes feel dry and I end up with black stuff halfway down my cheeks! I don't have that problem any more, and it's all due to this little pot of magic. The brush aside, which is both too chunky and small to give any real control, this is stuff is great. I bought the smokey gray because the black was out of stock, but I'm pleased I did, it's a great shade and not too light. It took me a little while to work out how much product to load onto the brush (I use a Benefit eyeliner brush) but I quickly got used to it. I would say the ease of use is halfway between that of an ordinary liquid liner and a pencil. Because you do not have to be as precise as with a liquid it gives you great flexibility and allows you be really creative. I would have given it five stars was it not for the useless brush!


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            14.09.2009 13:10
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Want your eyeliner to last all day and night? Try This!

            I Recently decided to purchase some Clinique products as Boots were doing a promotion of buying 3 Clinique Products and you get 750 worth of points which in effect is £7.50 so this is one of the products I decided to buy as I am a big fan of eyeliner and Clinique has always had a fantastic reputation as a quality make up brand.

            ***About the Product***

            This product is a little different to the usual eye liner, it's like a cream in a pot and you apply it with a brush. You get a tiny brush that is included it's not as big as it shows in the picture above. But is a great brush as it's small and perfect for applying.

            I was thinking that with it being a cream it would not last as long r would be really sticky but its really very thick and you don't need much at all, It feels like I am getting a fresh application every time I use this, unlike the usual Liquid eyeliner where they seem to just dry up over time.

            I have been using eyeliner for about 14 years now and have always used liquid eyeliner by rimmel, which was my favourite make till now but this is just fantastic, it sweeps on so easy and gives a really even coverage, you can also blend it better.

            When applying makeup blending is the key to it looking good as harsh lines just look too blunt.

            This cream liner comes in 4 shades, True Black, Deep Brown, Black Honey and Smoke Grey. I opted for the True Black.

            This is such long wearing; it really is my number one make up item now, its Ophthalmologist tested and also fantastic for contact lense wearers due to it being hypo-allergenic.

            Also if you have some teary moments or get caught in the rain rest assured you won't look like you have been in a fight with black eyes, with this being waterproof.

            It does not seem hard to remove either, just sweep over a makeup remover wipe a few times and it comes off great. Would not recommend you sleep with this on though like I did one night! But that's like any makeup.

            And the cost is a reasonable £12 which I think is great for such a high quality end make up product as this will stay fresh in the pot. And is also nice and compact to fit in your makeup bag.

            With the brush I recommend you rinse and leave to dry, as if you dont wash it goes hard.


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              14.06.2007 16:18
              Very helpful




              Now if I was in the jungle or a desert island and I could only take one piece of make up with me it would be eyeliner. Its the only thing that I really wear every day. I'm having a bit of a love affair with Clinique make-up at the moment! I'm lucky in that my parents travel to the States a lot and everytime they go I arm them with a huge long list of all the lovely Clinique products I would like. Before their last trip I was perusing the Clinique website and decided that this looked like something I would like to try, so onto the list it went and a month later it was produced out of a suitcase like magic!


              Anyone who is familiar with Clinique products will be aware that they are not cheap. In this country this little pot will set you back £12.00!! Yes, I know, you're all thinking 'that's just silly' and I completely agree. If I couldn't get hold of this in the States then I would not buy it either. However, mine only set me back about £7.50, so I didn't mind so much.


              Your eye-liner comes in a Clinique box, which is patterned green and beige with flowers. Inside you find a small brush, with plastic around it for protection and a little pot. The pot is glass with a silver lid and inside this you get 5ml of eyeliner.

              THE CLAIMS:

              From the Clinique website, they say that this 'Creamy liner brushes on deep, smoky, eye-defining colour. Long-wearing, waterproof formula. Ophthalmologist tested.'


              My eyeliner is number 02 - True Black. I love black eyeliner and nearly always chose this for its dramatic affect. The eyeliner is also available in shades of brown and grey.

              MY EXPERIENCE:

              I was very excited to try this and it did not disappoint. On opening up the lid the cream looks quite solid but it is very soft when you dip the brush in. So, I dip my brush in and pick up a small bit of the liner. I then proceed to apply it around my eyes. I normally find liner quite tough to apply correctly, especially on the top lid, but this was easier than a pencil, perhaps because it is a cream - not as rough as a pencil and not as messy as a liquid. I have to say that the effect is dramatic. The liner really provides definition and makes my eyes look large and sexy.

              Once on you can smudge the liner around the eye to produce a smokier look, although I normally go for quite a defined look (because I usually end up with eyeliner on my nose and cheek!). I have to say that smudging was easier with this eyeliner than I have found with other liners. If you do want to smudge make sure you do it quickly as once dry the liner won't budge!

              Now, normally I use khol liners which end up all over your face and hands is you rub your eyes. Well, this is like glue, no more pandas here! I've just performed the major test of rubbing my eye and there is no black residue on my fingers and the line is as defined as ever. Magic! It needs to be on for a couple of minutes before this dry state is reached.

              Ok so what about its other claim, that this is waterproof. Well as its not raining I shall go and splash my face with water to check this one, back in a sec.............right job done, and I am very impressed! No pandas and literally almost none of the liner moved.


              Well as you can probably tell, I love this product! It is by far the best eyeliner I've tried. It is great for definition and smokiness and stays put until you are ready to take it off. Yes, it is pricey but I think, having tried it, that I would even pay for it over here (but if you ever travel then wait until duty free!!). I can't comment on how long the pot would last as I've only had it a couple of weeks, but a good few months I would imagine. I use this as a special occaision liner and stick to my pencil for every day use. Using it on a night out really makes me feel good about how I look and I don't have to bother taking out an eyeliner in case of slippage as this one won't budge! Highly recommended.

              Thanks for reading x

              P.S. Sorry there's no ingredient list (I threw the box away!) all I can say is that it hasn't irritated my eyes and its allery tested and fragrance free.


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            • Product Details

              Clinique 5ml brush-on cream liner / Brush included.

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