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Complements The Spa Bath

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/ Type: Bath Spa

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    1 Review
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      30.03.2009 21:23
      Very helpful



      A 3 in 1 Bath/Shower Massager

      My idea of heaven is a day or even an afternoon in a spa being pampered, massaged and relaxed to ease away the tension which draws itself into my shoulders making them ache and leaving me with a stress like headache. However with a work schedule like mine, the chance of an hour away from the computer, my Blackberry and the pinging sounds of an email or the ringing of the telephone would be bliss... so instead I have to settle with home pampering, usually on a Sunday afternoon with a bath full of Lush Bubbles, a nice glass of chilled Rose wine and some candles.

      Whenever I have a clear out I always find things I have forgotten about and this time I spotted my The Spa Bathing 3-in-1 Bath/Shower Massager from Complements in its box packaged which I was given for Christmas hidden neatly behind my winter jumpers, so still being keen on the idea of being pampered I ran a bath and prepared to use it.

      Designed in the shape of a shower head without the attached shower hose this product is sold as something to exfoliate, cleanse and tone for beautiful skin. It comes with three interchangeable heads to complete exfoliating, skin polishing and toning and at the same time there is an extra part to the shower head design which is referred to as an 'integrated reservoir' which is responsible for holding any creams, gels or lotions that you might use within your bath. So I am naturally delighted to be reacquainted with this product, I was convinced that I had thrown it out during one of my de-junking efforts over a weekend in an effort to make more room.

      When it comes to using this Spa Bath 3-in-1 Bath/Shower Massager it couldn't be any simpler and as long as you read the enclosed directions of use before using it there should be no problems. This product has been designed for use either within the bath or shower and it only requires the use of two AA Batteries to make it work when it is being used.

      So once you have your bath ready and your Lush bubbles are flowing freely and you are nice and settled in your bath, you need to fill the wash chamber with a shower gel, cream or wash that you are intending to use and then select the choice of head and attach it to the shower head design, this task is really simple to complete because you simply hold it in place and twist to ensure it is quite secure, if it isn't secure it will simply fall off. I always opt for the exfoliating head first and foremost and this head is like the head of a bath brush which are usually long handled for ease of use and on the end of that handle is a circular brush which hosts bristles which are harsh enough to perform the job of exfoliating, then once it is attached you need to click the on button. This product does need batteries an although it doesn't actually come with any, you only need two AA Batteries.

      Once the brush is switched on there is a slight vibration effect and as you move it across your body you should dispense the shower gel or whatever cream you have chosen as regular as you require to aid the exfoliation of the skin.

      As you exfoliate your skin you can feel the harshness of the bristles on your skin as you move it in a gentle circular motion as described within the instructions. Although this spa brush does get a little wet from using it in the bath, it is easy to keep a grip of due to the shape of the handle. Once you have finished exfoliation, you can change the head on the brush to the skin polishing one should you feel the need too. If I am honest I only tend to use the exfoliating brush whilst being in the bath and then once the water has drained away I used the skin polishing head to remove any lasting dead skin particles which haven't been washed off in the bath or removed totally from my skin.

      The spa brush is sold as being a product which "provides a deep massage, boosts your circulation and gently removes dead skin cells to leave you with soft, radiant skin." upon the box and as you dry yourself after showering or bathing you should notice a difference in your skin. For me the biggest difference on my skin was my arms, back and legs where I had used the exfoliating brush to remove dead skin, I found my legs and arms were extremely smooth to the touch and once I had applied moisturising lotion to my arms and legs especially where they had been quite dry, I found my skin to become even smoother to the touch. It definitely boosted my circulation within my body after using this because my arms and legs had a rosy glow to them. The toning head attachment buffs the skin and I use this part after I have polished my skin after exfoliating.

      As you use it you can feel your skin becoming softer and a few hours after using it you can feel a slight tightness to the skin. The one thing I do like is that the softness to the skin lasts for a good few days after using this and I only feel the need to use it once a week depending upon the feel of my skin.

      The one thing I like about this product is its easy use. Attaching and removing the different heads is a simple task which requires minimal effort, it is easy to grip onto when you are using it and the exfoliation part of using this brush is really simple yet an effect way to remove dead skin cells from your body. One of the downside is the length of the handle, had it been slightly longer it would have been much easier to use on your back and is standing in the shower the backs of your legs without performing a circus act to achieve the required effects. However, if it is used within the bath, it is really easy to reach most parts of your body when using without any difficulty.

      Finally the best part about this product other than it doing the job it has been designed to do is the price. When I looked into how much this product costs I was expecting to find a price in the region of £20 but I was shocked to find that in actual fact it cost nowhere near that price, in fact if you buy it on-line you can expect to pay somewhere within the region of £2.99 on one website which currently has it on offer from the original £13.99 price tag which should be attached to it.

      So for a product which will exfoliate, tone and brush the body all in one foul swoop then this is the product of choice for me and it is something I highly recommend as a replacement for the trusty old body brush you have probably owned for more years than you can remember.


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