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Dermalogica The Face Brush

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Type: Face Brush / Brand: Dermalogica / Subcategory: Cleanser / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses,

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    2 Reviews
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      02.01.2012 22:24
      Very helpful



      deep cleansing brush

      Exfoliating brushes seem to be all the range. Not wanting anything too fancy, but not wanting to miss out on a tool that sounded pretty amazing, I settled on the Dermalogica exfoliating brush. I popped it on my Christmas list and thanks to Santa; it appeared on Christmas day! The exfoliating brush is to be used in company with your Dermalogica clean bar or face wash. However, you use any other branded face wash with it. I guess it all depends what you prefer!

      ==Price and availability==

      This brush retails at around £12.00 online. The only physical place I have that sell Dermalogica products are salons and these tend to hike the prices up.


      The design of the brush handle is rounded so that it easy to exfoliate your face and see what you are doing in the mirror. The handle is made from grey plastic and contoured to be comfortable in the hand. The head of the brush is made from soft nylon bristles that are quite resistant to touch but soft at the same time. Nylon dries quickly making the brush hygienic. The head is around the size of a fifty pence coin.
      The brush comes in a travel box that prevents the bristles getting crushed in transit. The box is a bit unnecessary really and I would just stick the brush in my wash bag if I was to take it away.

      ==Using the brush==

      I have heard wonderful things about exfoliating face brushes so I was expecting quite a lot from this product. To use the brush, I dampen the head and pop on a little of my face wash. I then rub it over my face, paying special attention to my forehead and nose and being careful around the delicate eye area. On my first usage I went a bit mad and went to town rubbing away at my skin; eager to perfect the polished look! On my next usage I was much less aggressive as it really is not needed. I will use this brush every couple of days. To wash the brush, all you need to do is rinse it in water and leave to dry.
      I like the feel of the brush and love the clean feel. What I most like about this is how my skin feels after use; I feel like it really gets rid of dry skin and helps clean my pores out. You can tell you have used the brush when it comes to moisturising as my skin feels soft and subtle. It is a great feeling.
      Men can also use the brush; the design of it looks quite blokey anyway. Although I'm not prepared to share it with my boyfriend; I do not like the thought of it cleaning his skin and then mine!


      I'll continue using the brush as it is helping the condition of my skin. I bet other cheaper brands will start manufacturing exfoliating brushes such as this as in the future. They really are a simple concept. I'm not knocking the quality of this one, it is excellent quality. The bristles are firm yet soft and none have come loose and the handle is sturdy and comfortable. I just think that £12.00 is quite a lot of money. Despite this, I would hasten to add that you will probably not need to replace the brush for a while, it really does seem like it would last quite a while.


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      26.09.2011 21:28
      Very helpful



      Dermalogica Exfoliating Face Brush, gentle on the skin, removes dirt and debris

      Just over a week ago I finished a product testing trial on Dermalogica products. I was asked to use them for 4 weeks on a daily basis and record my thoughts, views, skin changes and a few other things to watch for alongside this. I always enjoy doing these sort of trials and have over the course of a few years been lucky to test some really fabulous products which I now use regularly and some really rubbish products which I will never use again, even if they do come for free!

      When it comes to using products on my face I am always quite careful as to what I do and do not agree to test. The main reason being that I do have sensitive skin and on my face particularly it reacts quite badly to certain ingredients, which over the years of product testing I have managed to work out what will and will not cause skin flare ups. However, when it comes to Dermalogica I have been quite lucky in that my skin has always ended up in a much better condition after using something than it was before I started, but I'm just too mean to part with the money to buy the products out of my own pocket most of the time.

      Back in 2009 I bought the Neutrogena Wave which I liked a lot, the downside being it got quite shabby quickly and I had to replace it, the batteries and keep buying the pads and I also grew bored. But I liked the results it gave and over time I haven't managed to find anything to place it. Then I did this product test which gave me a facial cleansing wash called 'The Essential Cleanser' and a facial exfoliating brush which both arrived in a cardboard box in their original packaging with a print off which stated:

      "This ultra-gentle brush works with your prescribed Dermalogica Cleanser or Clean Bar to gently exfoliate dulling surface debris and impurities for effective cleansing. The Dermalogica Exfoliating Face Brush is great for sensitive skin that still wants an exfoliating boost and contains no artificial fragrance or colour. It also comes in a convenient travel case".

      The facial brush was tightly packaged in a plastic box which was totally see through and around the middle was a label detailing what the product was 'The face brush' and who the manufacturer was 'Dermalogica'. The lid of the box was simply one you pull of and that was really easy to do and in size the box was no bigger than a tube of toothpaste and the brush itself reminds me of a dish washing brush but half the size. The brush is the Dermalogica silver colour and it has bright white bristles which feel slightly smooth to the touch though harsh enough to exfoliate the skin, they are made of nylon which allows the bristles to dry quickly making them very hygienic.

      The idea of the brush is to enhance exfoliation of the face and for this you have to be quite careful about which products you use and how you use them to avoid bright red skin and scratching the skin because the skin on your face is quite tender. My problem is that I have an oily t-zone (chin, nose and forehead) but dry cheeks and when the weather is changing from wet, to cold to warm like it has done over the weekend and today, I notice a change in my skin and have to moisturise and exfoliate more regularly otherwise my skin looks and feels terrible.

      So when you use this brush you need to wet your face and then the brush using warm water, not hot, and then apply a smallish sized blob of the cleanser to your face. Then using this brush in a circular motion, massage your entire face to ensure the cleanser is being worked on the skin and into the skin to draw out the dirt, grime and other impurities which have settled in and on the skin. The Cleanser that was sent with this brush uses ingredients such as Lemon Oil and Pine cone extract to draw dirt and grime to the skins surface whilst acting as a moisturiser, which allows this brush to draw these impurities away from the skin to leave it feeling, fresh, clean, soft and moisturised. Whilst the bristles are working on your skin you can decide how much pressure you need to apply, but remember the more you press the harder the bristles will be to your skin. You can feel the bristles on your skin as they work their way around and it is the perfect size for getting to hard to reach places like between your eyebrows and just under your eye. Then once you have finished washing, cleansing and exfoliating your face you simply rinse the brush in tepid water and allow it to dry.

      I used this brush as directed every other day for 4 weeks and over those 4 weeks I was delighted at the results it gave, they far exceeded my expectations and similar products that I have used simply pale into insignificance and were a waste of money. As you can imagine, living in London can cause havoc on your skin because of pollution and so on and if you don't look after your skin it can be left to look dry, dirty and you can find yourself with breakout of spots quite regularly, not to mention blackheads. So when you have a job which means you spend a lot of your time with members of the public and clients you need to look your best and manky looking skin is not something I can afford to put up with.

      To purchase this brush it would cost you anywhere between £9 and £15 depending on where you shop and knowing what I know now having tried and tested it, I would happily purchase it for that price and highly recommend it.


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