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Dior Backstage Make Up Brush

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Type: Brushes / Brand: Dior / Subcategory: Styling Brush / Sub-Type: Brush

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    1 Review
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      28.09.2010 18:57
      Very helpful



      A great set of make-up brushes that will probably last a lifetime

      As a fan of Dior make-up, I had always been keen to get Dior make-up brushes to apply the products with, particularly for the eyeshadows and the Dior foundation I use. For Christmas a couple of years ago, my Mum bought me the Backstage make-up Brushes kit, which retails for about £72. This may seem quite steep, however each of the brushes on their own retail at £15-£20, so in the long run may save you money as opposed to buying all of the brushes separately.

      House of Fraser describes the brushes as "Inspired by those used backstage by the makeup artists at Dior, these professional-quality brushes are essential to creating the perfect makeup finish. Five essential brushes in one practical kit offer. Includes Dior`s specially-designed Face, Cheeks, Eye, Eyeliner and Lip Brushes, arranged in a fashionable, travel-friendly Dior Backstage Makeup bag."

      I noticed when visiting the Dior counter in House of Fraser, that they do actually use these brushes when applying make-up onto customers, so you really are getting the real deal in terms of Dior Make-up Application. Although they are the real McCoy, I was initially disappointed that the kit does not contain a typical foundation brush, as the one I have now is by The Body Shop and so doesn't match the rest of my brushes kit. Through some research, I have found that the "face" brush I thought was for powder, is infact a foundation brush, so it's a little confusing!

      The kit itself, is contained within a black leather zip up wallet, which says "Dior backstage make-up" on the front in silver lettering. The words "Dior beauty" are also inscribed on the silver zip. Inside the wallet, are 5 different brushes which are held in place by a material strap. The 5 brushes include brushes for the face, cheeks, eyes, eyeliner and lips. All of the brushes are silver, with Dior printed around the circumference. The name of the brush, i.e Blush or Eyeliner, is also written on each brush so you know you are using the correct brush.

      You may question why you would want to pay £72 for a set of make-up brushes. Although this was a present, I certainly would consider buying them for myself if I didn't already have this kit. Although some may prefer cheaper brushes, the problem I have often found with them is that the quality simply isn't there, especially when it comes to cleaning the brushes. I previously owned a blusher brush which cost me around £2 from Superdrug, and after I tried to clean it in warm water, similar to how I clean my fountain brush, it dried up all misshaped and in the end it was unusable. If you invest in your make-up brushes, particularly if you wear make-up on a daily basis, then the chances are your brushes will last a very long time, and of course they all match which is great for aesthetic purposes.

      The Brushes:

      Face Brush

      The base of your make-up is the most important element, you want it to look smooth, with even coverage to give you flawless skin. I use liquid foundation which requires a brush to apply it with, and I have only just discovered the "face" brush in this kit actually is a foundation brush and not a powder brush. I was initially disappointed this kit does not contain your typical foundation brush, as the one that it does include states it is for liquid foundation, however is designed more like the blusher brush, only it is slightly narrower. After using it with liquid foundation for the first time, I am not convinced I would continue to use this brush to apply foundation with, as I simply prefer a normal foundation brush, whereby you can literally brush the foundation on as opposed to applying it in circular motions as you have to with this brush. Having said that, it is suitable for face power to set your foundation with, as I have used this brush for that purpose before and it gave an even finish.

      Blusher Brush

      This is the brush from the kit that I get the most use out of, and is certainly one of the best quality blusher brushes I have owned. The brush shaped to be quite wide and plump, in order to distribute the colour evenly across your cheeks. The bristles of the brush, are fine and very soft which means when you apply the blusher it does not scratch your face, but instead gently glides over the skin. After about a year and a half I noticed the blusher brush had a lot of colour build up on the bristles, because of continued use. I was apprehensive about washing the brush as I mentioned, when I cleaned my previous blusher brush it ended up not being useable. I submerged the brush in warm water and then used some shampoo on it to get out all the remaining particles of blusher, gave it a good rinse and left it to dry. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it dried as new and this didn't damage the brush whatsoever.

      Eyes Brush

      The eyes brush is primarily for eyeshadow, and is shaped with flat sides and a rounded edge, making it good for applying and blending shades, yet it is also soft in application because the edges are rounded and not blunt. I find this brush works well with all brands of eye-make up, particularly the Dior 5 coleurs palette, as the brush seems tailored to the texture of the shadows. This brush is perhaps not suited to any shadows which contain a high glitter pigment as this would be difficult to wash out of the brush. You also have to be sure you clean the brush after each colour, especially if you go from a dark shade to a light shade. This brush works particularly well if you very slightly dampen it under a tap before applying the colour to the brush. When I use this technique, I find the colour is vibrant and more striking so I would definitely advise giving this a try to get the most out of your make-up.

      Eyeliner Brush

      The eyes are all about precision, and this brush certainly offers it. The eyeliner I am currently using is a thick crayon type by Barry M, which although can be applied without a brush I prefer to use the Eyeliner Brush from this kit, as it means I am less likely to smudge my make-up or make a mistake drawing the line, particularly as I don't always get it to be neat by using a crayon or pen alone. The brush is thin, and the actual bristle end is only about 5mm in length which means you can work the brush into the crayon or colour and then apply it to your eyes. I do think this pen is pretty fantastic, as it allows you to work the colour in, in a way which is not simply adding more colour like a pen alone would be, as this allows you to blend and work it, giving a more even finish.

      Lips Brush

      If you ever wish to apply your lipstick in a way which is not direct from the lipstick itself, or for applying lip liner- the lips brush is what you need. Unlike the other brushes in this kit, the lips brush is retractable meaning it won't get the product all over the inside of the wallet the brushes are contained within. The brush opens up by pulling it, which makes the brush double inside and also reveals the applicator. Unlike the other brushes from this kit, I am yet to get a decent use out of this brush. It's not that I don't wear lipstick, its simply I am not convinced by the material of the bristles, which are similar to the other brushes only a lighter colour. Although it looks like a precise applicator, I think the material of the bristles would mean it would be difficult to clean the lipstick off, particularly the long wearing lipsticks, and so that's why I haven't got much use out of this brush yet.

      Overall, I was really pleased to receive the Dior Backstage Make-up Brush set for Christmas a couple of years ago now. The brushes are well made, and so far are proving to be durable and long lasting. The wallet in which the brushes are held in, has also proved to be very travel friendly as I have taken it on many trips and holidays now as it has kept all my brushes safe throughout. There is also room inside the wallet for any small additional accessories, such as my usual foundation brush and even tweezers and nail clippers, which is convenient.

      On the downsides, this kit does not contain a typical foundation brush that I personally prefer for applying make-up, and of course at £72 is rather costly, and it is for that reason I cannot award this product 5 Dooyoo stars. Apart from those issues, I really cannot fault this brush kit. It also saves time in the morning having all your make-up brushes in one place, not to mention the fact they are of excellent quality. If you can afford to buy this product, then I certainly would recommend it as these brushes could well last you a lifetime.


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    • Product Details

      Dior Backstage Makeup Brush Powder Brush / A full / rounded shape makes it easier to apply both loose and compact powders / for a perfect and silky finish / Ideal for the application of: Diorskin Poudre Shimmer / Dior Bronze Poudre de Soleil.

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