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Diva Darling Headband & Facial Mitt Set

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Brand: Diva Darling / Type: Mitt / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      18.12.2011 17:56
      Very helpful



      A headband and facial mitt

      Every year with work we go out for a nice meal somewhere in the West End and have a Secret Santa, which is usually drawn 6 weeks beforehand from a hat over a team meeting, it is the part of the meeting we all look forward too as we cackle and giggle away trying not to give too many clues as to who we have chosen. As with most offices I suspect, we always try and out do one another with the most offensive or funny gift we can find with a budget of just £5.

      With the invention of the internet there is no end to the type of gifts and presents you can buy for someone, there are even dedicated sites for people in need of gifts and ideas for their Secret Santa's and this is usually how I source the gift I am going to buy for whichever unlucky recipient I have picked out of the hat. This year we meet this coming Thursday and I have had my gift picked out since the afternoon of our team meeting when we drew names out of the hat and thankfully I got the person I most wanted and will probably find their gift far funnier than they do.

      Last year I was given a "Diva Darling Headband & Facial Mitt Set" which had been duly wrapped in an old magazine as wrapping paper and for the first time in a few years I managed to guess who thought that I was A) a bit of a Diva and B) liked to laze about in the bath for hours with facemasks on. Now the Diva bit should probably be explained, it isn't unknown for me to throw a massive strop in the office if I am annoyed, angry, wound up or someone has left what I determined to be 'crap' all over my desk. I am not the worlds most tidiest person and my desk is by far the most organised, but I hate other peoples stuff being left on it, usually through sheer laziness and if anyone in the office wishes to wind me up, then they know that leaving their empty crisp packets, dirty mugs and plates is one sure fire way of annoying me. However, I also refuse to wash up after other people; I am a wife at home, not in the office and am usually found putting said dirty items back on the desk of the person who left them.

      Anyway my gift as I said was this "Diva Darling Headband & Facial Mitt Set" which comes in a circular squashy plastic tub with a lid which is cello taped on and in all honesty it isn't the best plastic tub because it cracks really easily. Anyway my Facial Mitt and Headband is pink (but you can also get it in white), but this set is also available in white and retails from around £6 right up to £15 depending on where you shop, though mine had the price tag stuck on it and it cost £5 so it was clearly in a sale somewhere. On the inside of the plastic tub is a wrap around of a blonde cartoon lady wearing her headband and washing her face with the Facial Mitt, my own picture was doctored to look like me with a message which is unsuitable for this site.

      This product is designed to simply keep your hair off your face and is particularly useful when applying a face mask, especially if you are in the bath because the headband simply wraps around your hair and you sit it just so it removes any hair strands from your face. On each end of the headband is a Velcro fastener which work really well and keep the headband securely fastened to your head. Because the material of the headband is quite soft to the touch, it is really comfortable to wear. The material is called Aquis microfiber which is similar in touch and feel to Terry Towel fabric and it is used to make super absorbent hair towel turbans that you can buy online instead of using an everyday towel.

      The facial mitt is also pink in colour and is much bigger than my own hand, but this doesn't make it difficult to use because there is an opening for your hand to fit into and you wear it like a glove, or in this case an oven glove to wash your face with. Again the material is really soft on the skin and is especially useful for removing any lat traces of a face mask you might be wearing or simply for using during part of your everyday wash. Now it does say that this Mitt is just for using on the face only, so that is the only part of my body I have tried it on.

      As I got this as a Secret Santa gift, I was naturally not offended because it was done in good humour and it is actually really useful and something I use all the time. Having had it for just under a year now I am pretty pleased it is still in one piece and the Velcro fasteners are just as effective now as they were when I first used the headband and whenever it needs to be cleaned I put it in the washing machine with my towels and both the Mitt and Headband dry wonderfully. So if you are looking for something to keep your hair off your face when using a face mask, or even a little stocking filler this is really good.


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