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Ecotools Brush Set

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Type: Brushes / Brand: Ecotools / Subcategory: Styling Brush

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    5 Reviews
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      07.01.2013 11:55
      Very helpful



      Excellent brushes

      I bought these make-up brushes last autumn, when I decided that I'd owned my previous brushes for so long that they were probably unhygienic. Despite washing them regularly, they were past their best and looking a bit misshapen, and as I was having problems with my skin at the time, I thought it would be worth updating my collection of brushes.

      I didn't want to spend too much on buying individual brushes, so I was pleased when I saw this set from Eco tools. I hadn't heard of the brand before, but the brushes looked to be good quality, and they were affordable costing £15.99 for the set. Although this is still more than I had intended to pay, I honestly didn't realise how expensive make-up brushes were, with some brands charging over £20 just for one individual brush!

      The set comes in a little pouch which closes with a velcro "belt" which wraps round it. If you open it up, the brushes are all lined up on one side, in elasticated loops, and on the other side there is a zip opening so you can store a few bits and pieces in it. You can't store anything too bulky or you'll either damage the brushes or not be able to close the pouch, but I find this bit useful for storing my lip brush which I bought separately as it wasn't included in the set.

      The Eco tools brand pride themselves on being environmentally friendly, with the following claims about their brushes:

      * Soft cruelty-free bristle
      * Natural & recycled material
      * Bamboo handle has a low impact on the earth's resources as it is a highly sustainable plant
      * Synthetic taklon bristles are 100% cruelty free
      * Sleek ferrule is made from recycled aluminum
      * Cosmetic case is made from natural cotton and hemp

      This made me feel quite good about my purchase as it's always nice to know you're doing your bit for the environment unknowingly. The style of this set does look very eco-friendly, with the bamboo handles and eco tools logo etched onto the handles. That aside, I was interested to see how the brushes would perform.

      The brushes contained within this set are:

      * Blusher brush
      * Eye shading brush
      * Eyeliner brush
      * Lash & Brow Groomer
      * Concealer Brush

      Admittedly, if I was to design this set to my personal preferences, I would have sacrificed the eyeliner brush for a lip brush. Obviously that's just my preference as I don't wear eyeliner, but it did mean I had to spend more money purchasing a lip brush.

      The brushes themselves are superb quality, I can honestly say I haven't noticed a single bristle being shed, and that's after using them daily for about four months. The one I use most frequently is the blusher brush (which I use daily), and I use the eye brushes a few times each week depending on whether I can be bothered doing the whole eye make-up thing each day. I find the bristles to be soft on the skin, and they encourage make-up to be blended rather than leaving streaks or dumping the product in one place on your skin. The brushes pick up the perfect amount of product, without overloading, and the handles are comfortable to hold.

      The pouch is very useful, and ensures my brushes don't get lost or damaged, and they are covered all the time so they're not collecting dust when not in use. The only annoyance I have is that the colour isn't very practical, being an off-white colour. As you tend to use make-up brushes when applying make-up, the chances are your hands aren't going to be overly clean, and I have found a few foundation coloured marks on my case which makes it look quite tatty. I haven't got round to cleaning it yet, but I might leave it to soak one night to see if the stains can be removed. The brushes themselves are easy to clean, I just use shampoo and leave them to dry naturally, ensuring I'm not forcing them out of shape too much as I've had this happen with brushes in the past and they're never the same again.

      Overall, I would highly recommend this brush set. The quality of the brushes is excellent, and they provide an affordable solution. Even the impractical colour of the pouch isn't enough to warrant losing a star.

      (Review may also appear on Ciao under the username Gingerkitty)


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        11.07.2012 13:05
        Very helpful



        A great set of brushes, all soft to the touch and durable for constant use. Highly recommended!

        I bought my set of 6 Ecotools brushes from Tescos for the competitive price of £8 about a year ago. Despite its claims of eco-friendliness, which is always an attractive trait in products, I didn't buy these brushes for that reason alone. I fell in love with the sturdy bamboo design, and the wonderfully soft brushes. To this day, this is till my favourite set of makeup brushes, and I'd only consider ecotools for my future brush purchases.

        All the brushes are made with sustainable bamboo handles, which are very smooth and strong. They are incredibly unlikely to break, like some plastic handled brushes, and feel good in your hand. The brush bristles connect with an alimunium clip, and then we get on to the good stuff: the brushes themselves.

        Blusher: My favourite of the pack. A really thick, rounded brush with the softest feel I have ever found in a blusher brush. Gives really even coverage and feels luxurious on your skin.

        Eyeshadow: Compact rounded tip with the same wonderfully soft bristles. Thick hairs allow for fast application.

        Eyeliner: I use this brush more for applying powder to my eyebrows, but the bristles are suitable stiff and well contained by the metal clip. They stay perfectly in line even after washing.

        Foundation: Smooth long bristles shaped in a flat rounded edge - great for blending and gives very even application.

        Eyebrow Brush: The plastic edge is very much like every other eyebrow/eyelash comb out there. The bristled edge has very stiff bristles which comb beautifully through your eyebrows, making it much easier to shape and apply wax/gel.

        Concealer: Smooth bristles with a small rounded edge - good for spot application and picks up a good amount of product each time.

        All the brushes apply a good amount of product with each sweep - but do so evenly, and can be blended with minimal fuss.

        I've noticed that none of the brushes shed their bristles - which is an issue I've had with almost every other makeup brush I've ever had. They clean very easily - washing them with a little soapy water and letting them dry whilst lying flat on a piece of kitchen paper does the job easily and quickly.

        These are by far the best makeup brushes I have ever purchased. I won't ever look back!


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        13.03.2012 11:42



        Excellent quality brushes

        I bought these brushes off Amazon.co.uk and I paid £13.98 for them.

        The brushes are made from natural fibres which make them suitable for all skin types. The pack contains a selection of five brushes, the largest brush being the blusher brush. The smallest brush is the eye shading brush, which you can use to apply eyeliner. The pack also contains an eyelash and eyebrow comb, an eyeshadow brush and a concealer brush. All brushes have natural bristles and they can be used for a whole range of make-up uses.

        The thing that I like the most about these brushes is that they are SO soft. These brushes really are the softest brushes on the market and they feel lovely when brushed against the skin. The brushes pick up make-up well, although you will need to shake off the excess with the blusher brush as it can sometimes pick up too much blusher. The brushes are easy to use and the handles are comfortable to hold. Your fingers don't slip from them and make-up application becomes a whole lot easier with these brushes as opposed to the cheaper ones out there.

        The brushes can be washed if desired. Just soak them in a little warm water and shampoo for around five minutes, allow the brushes to dry naturally and use them again. The brushes are excellent quality. None of the bristles fall out and the handles are really strong and durable.

        Excellent quality make-up brushes. Well worth the money.


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        04.11.2010 18:22
        Very helpful



        A great set - very highly recommended! :)

        Eco tools set

        I saw these brushes in boots about a week ago and they looked really good and I needed some new brushes so I got them. I have been using them for about a week and I am really happy with them

        *About the brand*
        It is a brand that is really green, uses recyclable materials and it is a member of the 1% for the planet movement where companies donate 1% of their sales to a network of 2271 environmental organisations all over the world!

        *About the product*
        This set comes with five brushes which include, a blusher brush, eye shading brush, eyeliner brush, lash and brow groomer and a concealer brush. It also comes with a reusable pouch/bag that it comes in and comes with a cosmetic brush tool. And it comes with one extra product in this set which is a 5X magnification small mirror too!

        *Blush applicator*
        All of the brushes in the set have the same design which is a bamboo handle with eco tools printed at the bottom and the metal between the handle and the brush fibres is made from recycled aluminum. The brush bristles are made from synthetic taklon and are 100% cruelty free.

        I don't wear blusher, so I use this for my powder foundation and it is really great for the purpose I want it for. The brush is really really soft and it holds onto my powder foundation well with little fall out.

        It applies my foundation evenly, it is also easy to blend my foundation in with this product and it is super soft and smooth on my skin. Also the brush is nice to hold and it is light weight.

        *Lash and brow groomer*
        I don't really use this product so much but it is good at what it is supposed to do. It is good for tidying brows and it is also super light weight, it is use to control and it feels really durable and hard wearing.

        *Eyeliner applicator*
        This is my favorite product out of the set as it is really great with my clinique cream brush on eyeliner. It is angled so it is great for straight lines and it is super thin so that it get my eyeliner right up close to my lashes so that there is no gap.

        Again the bristles are soft but firm so that it does not lose its shape when being used or when being washed. It is light, feels durable and it is really easy to control where the product is going.

        *Concealer applicator and eye shading applicator*
        I like both of these products but they are really similar - the only difference is that on one the bristles are slightly shorter than the other and the colour is the bristles is different but other than that they are both really similar.

        I use the darker brush as a eyeshadow brush and it is great for applying and all over base lid colour and it is also good for blending shadows into each other to create a more seamless transition of colour.

        I use the lighter coloured product as a concealer brush and it is again really good. I use a powder concealer and like the blush brush it holds onto the product well and applies and blends the product I use really well.

        *Cosmetic brush roll*
        It looks really cute (pictured above) and it is made from 55% hemp and 45% cotton. All of the brushes fit into the roll good and securely. It covers and protects all of them and it would be really good for traveling.

        The only thing I don't like about this roll is that it is quite fiddly to tie the thing up so that the brushes are not exposed. The tie is at the side and it has to be tied around the back. But it is still really great and the material is natural and soft.

        *5X magnification Mirror*
        This was an extra in this pack which I got from boots and I don't think all stores have this in the sets. But I have it in mine and it is really quite good. It has the same bamboo material on the back as the other products do.

        And it also has two suction things on the back to attach it to another surface which is great if you need to apply your make up and need something to hold the mirror. So it would be great for traveling for to keep in your bag - as it is quite thin and light weight.

        It quite a good price for the amount of products you get and the high quality of the products too. I got it from a boots store for £14.99 which is ok and it is a great company too which is helping the environment.

        Good points
        *Easy to use and light weight
        *Very soft smooth brushes
        *Great eyeliner brush and blush brush
        *Made using natural and recyclable materials
        *Company that helps the environment
        *Good price for the amount and quality of the products
        *Good travel pouch, roll and mirror
        *Available at boots
        *Cruelty free synthetic bristles

        Bad points
        *The roll is a bit fiddly to tie but other than that there are no faults with the product what so ever!

        Thank you for reading my review


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          20.08.2010 13:07
          Very helpful



          The perfect brushes for anybody.

          About Ecotools:

          The brushes are vegan friendly - the handles are made from sustainable Bamboo, the brush heads are made from synthetic materials and are taklon - making them 100% cruelty free. Even the aluminium used is recycled. The cosmetic case that comes with them is made from natural cotton and hemp.

          This makes them the perfect brushes for vegans, vegetarians or the eco-consious. These brushes are gaining a number of celebrity supporters, including Alicia Silverstone (Clueless, Batman & Robin, Scooby-Doo 2).

          Now onto the brushes themselves.

          I bought these from Tesco for £12, when I was fairly new to makeup, I'd never heard of the brand, I just wanted a complete set and these looked nice. I wasn't expecting lots as I "knew" they were far too cheap to be as good as the brands where you pay as much for a single brush! Oh how wrong could I be.

          At that point I'd got a couple of Ruby & Miller brushes, a No.7 brush and lots of other cheaper ones.

          The brushes come in a plastic bag which seems, so can be reused. On the front is a material match saying "ECOTOOLSTM earth-friendly beauty", a description of what's contained (such as "6 piece brush set", it says "-soft, cruelty-free bristles -natural & recycled materials -convenient travel case". there's also a logo saying "1% for the planet _ member". The back described the different brushes and their uses as well as stating the cruelty free and recycling information mentioned in my first paragraph, and also a "green tip". It also has the manufacturer info and more about 1% for the planet.

          First impressions:
          I opened up the packaging, removed the brushes and - as you do - felt them. I was immediately very very pleased - they were far softer then my original brushes, and yet they also seemed firmer. No bristles were sticking out. The handles erre beautifully smooth and say "ecotools" on them. The case is 55% hemp linen and 45% cotton, exclusive of trim. It also says Made in China. It was obvious by this point that the quality was much, much higher than you'd expect for £12 brushes.

          First usage:
          As said I was new to makeup, at this point I'd only been using it a couple of months and had only just about got to grip with applying it, so I expected new brushes to make it tricky - but they didn't. They appeared to pick up just the right amount of product, something I'd been struggling with, and applied it very smoothly. On top of that the softness was fantastic.


          The blush brush:
          This is a large blusher brush, which I've also used to my powder mineral foundation and as a general powder brush and also once or twice for bronzer. It holds enough that you don't have to kepe back and forth, nor that you look like a clown in one sweep. The brush is quite firm, which makes applying it surprisingly accurate, as the bristles aren't going everywhere. The powders don't travel right down to the base of the bristles like on the existing blusher brush I'd tried, so a qick wipe off on a tissue and I used it then for my finishing powder with no pink residue.

          The concealer brush:
          This is the brush that the tips go down to an offwhite colour instead of staying brown - 2nd from the left in the picture. It's a nice sized brush, small enough for accuracy around the eyes and such, but also large enough for blending in bigger areas - the thin, controlled tip also help this. This brush is quite firm as well for easy control. I've used it for kiquid foundation in a squeeze as well, and while obviously the size isn't suited, it did an ok job of that as well.

          The eyeshadow brush:
          This is my favourite of the brushes - but probably only because my eye makeup is what I love spending time to do. It picks up a good amount of pressed powder without destroying your palette and getting it everywhere, it's a perfect size. The end again is fairly narrow, perfect for doing the creases of your eyelid and such. I've also used this with my powder foundation when requiring a concealer-type coverage and not having any concealer, as it has the ability to pack it on quite well. Best of all I can apply my loose eyeshadows without water - my other brushes I'd tried just made a mess, while this doesn't entirely eliminate the mess of loose eyeshadows, as they're not wet any spillage is much easier to remove as well.

          The angled eyeliner brush:
          Probably the least used brush for me, but it does exactly what it says really - it's quite a thin brush, but quite firm again. I've used it on several ocassions with pressed eyeshadows dry as a medium impact effect, it can also be used wet for bolder colour.

          The lash and brow groomer:
          The lash side I've only had cause to use when I've applied too much mascara and it's clumped - it's a fairly standard plastic comb, but it does the job. The brow groomer I use as my only one - it's quite stiff, so not as soft as the other brushes, but still not as harsh as the others I've tried. It's useful for the purpose it was made for, other uses I've not tried.

          Having cleaned my "good quality" brushes and found the bristles fell out or gone frazzled, I was pleased when not a single bristle fell out of these - in fact they were just like new again. Months later and this remains the case, the blush brush has lost 2 bristles - yes really only 2 - in the months they've had use, which I feel is fantastic! As they deposit colour well I usually clean them quickly by wiping off on (clean!) toilet paper to remove any colour I've not used, just doing washes when I htink they may need it, or if I've used them wet with colour. This hasn't caused any issue as of yet with them.

          I've since tried brushes from many other brands including the designer brands, and i've not found any as good as these. They do other brushes and sets which are - slowly - becoming available in the UK, I've got nearly all of them now - and they cost me less than 3 big name brushes (such as elizabeth arden and other similar league brands) would have, as in total I now own the 3 sets they do and 4 individual brushes, as well as some powder puffs and nail files.

          Overall these are fantastic in every possible way, and I honestly cannot think of any negatives about them. Very highly recommended - and if you search youtube you'll find several comparisons including with MAC brushes where they come out as being just as good - or sometimes, better.



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