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Elegant Touch Rapid Dry

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5 Reviews

Brand: Elegant Touch / Type: Other Beauty Accessories

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    5 Reviews
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      14.08.2012 14:56
      Very helpful



      A great spray that helps nails dry very quickly!

      I first came across the Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Nail Spray when I saw my friend using it on her nails. She let me use it a couple of times when I started painting my own nails and decided to look for my own bottle some time later. I can't remember the exact price I paid for this, but its current price at Tesco is £3.00 (as of this review it's on offer at £2.00) for a 125ml bottle, which isn't bad value at all considering Elegant Touch seem to be a fairly priced budget brand as a whole. The spray comes in a metallic bottle with a blue logo and lid which looks good enough for it to just stand out on the shelf, plus at least it's fitting with the rest of the Elegant Touch range. For those whom it may concern, the bottle is recyclable once empty and is CFC free.

      Basically, you spray this 10cm away from your freshly painted nails and they become touch dry after 60 seconds. It also contains Vitamin E which it claims conditions your nails too, which I think is always beneficial.

      But does the spray live up to its claims? Well for the most part it does- after applying it to my nails I do find that they are touch dry after 60 seconds, which means it isn't that much longer til when they are completely dry! Furthermore, even though the spray is oil-based and will get over my fingers (spraying this over just your nails is a difficult task!) it didn't leave my fingers greasy but just a little shiny. You can just rub your hands together to get rid of the shine, so they get moisturised as well.

      The only reason this spray may be disappointing is if you try to use it on freshly painted nail art. This is very much because they will be more than one layer of nail polish applied and they might be quite thick (e.g. for dots), hence nails will take much longer to dry. I've tried using this spray on some nail art before and it wasn't really that effective as after touching the top layer of polish it still felt slightly wet. It still helps them dry just that little bit faster though, which is never a bad thing in the long wait that is nail art!

      Overall, this is a great product that speeds up the nail polish process and is nifty for anyone doing their own manicures or pedicures. Unless I'm getting nail art done this is a necessity for whenever I paint my nails!

      (Review also on Ciao under the username Anti_W)


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      25.04.2011 15:50
      Very helpful



      Helps speed up the job and leaves nails looking more glossy.

      Elegant Touch Rapid Dry spray is a manicure necessity for me as I don't have a lot of spare time plus I am quite an impatient person so I always use this to quicken the process of drying my nail varnish.

      The spray comes in a 125ml silver coloured canister with a purple markings and a deep purple lid that just snaps on and off. I purchased mine in Boots for £3.57.

      This quick drying spray has added vitamin E to help condition your cuticles so that is definitely a bonus and gets 1 star alone as it does improve the look of the skin around you fingertips and cuticles.

      You should spray this over your nails at a distance of about 10cms. The claim is that your polish will be touch dry in around 60 seconds. This does not have much of an odour to it but like any aerosols you should not used in an enclosed space without appropriate ventilation.


      I think that the most important thing to remember with these quick dry sprays is not to confuse touch dry with completely dry. This does indeed help to speed up the process of drying your varnish and if after 60 seconds you gently stroke your nail the varnish will be dry to the touch but obviously if you then go and do anything whereby any pressure is put on your nails they may well smudge as the underneath is not completely dry although this does depend on the type of varnish you are using and also whether or not you have applied a base coat, two coats of varnish and then a top coat. In this case the layers are even thicker and it is only the top coat that the spray comes into contact with that it can dry quickly.

      Once administered, your varnish looks really glossy and shiny but this does wear off after a while to not quite such a glossy effect but nevertheless still adds sheen. Your fingertips will look a little wet at first but this soon absorbs and the vitamin helps to moisturise the skin around your fingertips and your cuticle making them look more cared for.

      I do like using this spray as it does speed things up considerably and if you are in a bit of a hurry to get somewhere, then this is a godsend as long as you bear in mind its capability in the drying process.

      Thanks for reading. x
      also on ciao


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        05.02.2011 15:18
        Very helpful



        Does what it says on the tin............

        ~The look of the product~

        The can is instantly recognisable with its vibrant purple lid and modern labelling which is printed onto the can (my can is different from the picture that Doo Yoo has but is the same product) The label also states how the formula contains Vitamin E which helps to improve the condition of your nails and the surrounding cuticles. The spray is easily used with the push down nozzle which is in the can and sprays like a deodorant or hairspray.
        It also gives instructions of the level at which you must spray the can from your nails (10cm) and also that it dries nails within 60 seconds. Finally there are the warnings like to keep away from children and that it is easily ignited so not to smoke whilst using the product.

        ~The price~ and ~Value for money~

        Many shops now sell the product such as Boots, Superdrug, Asda and Tesco. It is fairly priced at around £3.57. The amount of sprays is not stated on the can but I would say you could spray both hands at least 15 times (this is just a guide) which I feel is fair value for money at around £0.23 a spray (again this is just a guide as this depends on price paid divided by amounts of sprays in the can).

        ~The smell~and~the look/feel of product~

        Upon spraying this product looks like a mist of water which then seems to form a smoky cloud look (a clear cloud more so) I would advise that pets and children are out of the room as I discovered when first spraying my dog tended to sneeze even when she was on the opposite side of the room. It has the usual artificial chemically smell that most products seem to have (although my boyfriend says that it smells like pear drops?!) The feel of the product when on the pads of the finger tips is fairly greasy and I always feel the need to wash my hands before the 60 second dry time is up. Once spray on nails, I feel as though it looks shiny and also has a water droplet effect sometimes which once dried has disappeared.

        ~Personal experience~

        I use this product on a regular basis as I apply my own acrylic nails, I often spray this once I have applied the acrylic to act as an activator and to dry the acrylic faster (some may advise against this, I have no certifications to say this is safe or good for the acrylic but it works for me and I have never had any problems) I tend to only have to wait for around 4 minutes until the acrylic has hardened and is ready for filing down. Once this has done and I have applied the top coat of nail polish I then spray a final mist of the Rapid dry and within 30/40 seconds my nails are dry and ready for me to carry on with daily life. However like normal nail varnishes even with the Rapid Dry nails are never truly safe from smudges and damage of the polish for 24 hours.

        ~Final notes~

        I would rate this product 5/5 with room for improvement with the smell and also I would prefer a bigger can size as well, currently the product can only be found in the 125ml size which means I need to regularly top up as I also do family and friends nails. Please feel free to comment on anything you wish to know about the product but which I have not put in this review, I have tried to write about everything I would wish to know but a few things may have escaped my mind.


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        17.05.2009 13:19



        A must have product.

        This is a fab product for anyone who likes to have perfectly painted nails but is quite impatient and doesn't want to loose an hour of their life waiting for them to set!
        It isn't a replacement for a top coat because it doesn't give the nails any shine or hard protection; it just makes the nails dry to touch. It also doesn't make them completely dry to pressure but it does make life a lot easier when you don't have to sit waving your hands in the air for ages to get them to dry.
        It is great value for money as it only takes one spray for each hand.
        It also has a really nice smell, not as chemical as you would expect.
        It is pretty much the spray version of Sally Hansen's Rapid Dry.
        It's the same style of spray used by manicurists in salons.
        It's perfect for pedicures as it means you can start walking around again almost instantly. It's great of your going out and only have 5 minutes to paint your toenails.
        Definitely recommended for people who paint their nails regularly.


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        03.02.2009 00:12
        Very helpful



        A defnate must have!

        Who will like this product:
        For nail fanatics this is a must use product in order to cut the time it takes for your nails to dry.

        Why I chose this product:
        I'm always rushing when i get ready for a night out. Makeup, hair, clothes, shoes on then i notice... my bare nails- so i quickly apply the nail varnish without toe sepertators because I don't have the time. Put on my shoes smudge them, ruining my shoes in the process,, getting really annoyed and wishing I hadnt bothered. Sound like you?? Okay Im not always that crazy when i get ready but I do think that little touches such as perfectly painted nails really improve your overall look and the way people percieve you. Im always on the look out for cheat product and tips. Ive tried 60 second nail varnish and other fast drying alternatives- which often do dry quickly but I find chip easily and produce a lack lustre effect, also the colour range often isnt as prolific as ordinary nail varnish products. I've also tried running my nails under freezing cold water to set the paint- which leads to smudging. Ive tried setting my nail paint quicker using hairspray which tends to make nails tacky and sticky. So most cheats dont work and i was on the lookou for one that would work for me.

        Where to find this product:
        Boots stores and superdrug stores sell the entire elegent touch range. Most supermarkets with a makeup counter contain elegent touch products. I would also recommend trying cheaper shops such as Savers which often sell this range at a much cheaper price.

        Cheap as chips at around £1.49 for 125ml of product.

        The packaging is in the style of other products in the elgent touch range. It is a silver can with a detachable purple lid. The product sprays ou in the way hairspray or body spray does.

        Shelf life:
        There is no shelf life indicator on this product.

        Butane, Isobutane, Propane, Paraffinum, Liquidum, Prunus Amygdalus Dulicis, Buxus, Chinensis, Tocophery Acetate, Tocopherol.

        Product Description:
        This product ensures to dry your nail polish in 60 seconds without compromising the effect. Rapid dry has added Vitamin E to condition cuticles. This product has been developed by the hand and nail experts at elegent touch.

        Other information:
        This product comes in a pressurised container, which must be protected from sunlight and must not be exposed to temperatures above 50c. This can must not be piecred or burned even after contents has been used. This product is highly flammable so must be kept away from naked flames (do not smoke whilst using). Also use in a well ventilated area as product inhalation can be highly dangerous.

        How to Use:
        Spray over your nails after painting at a distance of 10cm. Polish should be touch dry and glossy in 60 seconds. It is best not to re-apply polish after use.

        Product Performance:
        This product is an excellent solution to my problem as it actually works. However by trail and error i have discovered the drawbacks of this product. Do not use in between coats as it will effcet the quality of the look of the coat being applied on top. Also do not spray for too long as product will build up the nail and take longer to dry. If used correctly this product is a brilliant solution your nail drying woes.

        At a fantastic price you will be getting a very good quality product from a range you can trust. This should be added to any girls nail care set as it is so handy.



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