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Elemis Quiet Mind Room Mist

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Brand: Elemis / Mist / Type: Face Mist / Subcategory: Aesthetics / Contents: 50ml

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    1 Review
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      08.09.2011 11:02
      Very helpful



      A room fragrance to soothe the mind and assist sleep

      I love my sleep. Infact I hate getting out of bed in a morning and hitting the snooze button numerous times is a regular occurrence, unless I am suffering from the dreaded insomnia.

      On the whole I have no problems going to sleep, something which annoys my husband intensely because as soon as my head hit's the pillow I am fast asleep within minutes, sometimes less and I don't even have to be tired. But on rare occasions I find it hard to sleep I can toss and turn all night and it's usually when I am highly stressed and have a lot going on at work and my mind just will not switch off. So I end up incredibly tired and being pretty awful to be near or be around when I am suffering from a lack of sleep.

      I have tried many things over the years to cure my restlessness and insomnia and nothing has really worked that well. I try my best not to result to tablets, even if they are herbal because it doesn't feel natural to me. I like to try and relax by having a bath or reading a book in the hope I will eventually drift off to the world of nod. Then one of my volunteers at work suggested I try a room mist which she swears by, like me she often suffers from bouts of insomnia and refuses to take medication to help, instead she likes to try absolutely anything else.

      The spray she referred too and thankfully gave me a bottle of is Elemis Sp@Home Quiet Mind Room Mist is sold in a 50ml bottle and it retails from £15 upwards to over £30 online. The bottle itself is quite slender, tall and totally see-through, although the mist itself is a lovely purple colour and you can see that inside the bottle. Elemis as a range is one I am familiar with but not one I use a lot of products from but they were founded back in 1989 and are well known within the spa industry wherein they opened their own professional salon just two years later in 1991. Today in 2011 they sell their products in over 1200 spas across the UK and many of their products can be found in high street stores such as Debenhams and John Lewis. As for their products range, well you start with skin care and within that range you can expect to find anti-aging, skin solutions which is everything from acne and oily skin to dry and sensitive skin. They also do a range of men's products, products for the body, pre and post pregnancy ranges and the list is endless, I think they probably have something for everyone and everything including the most wonderful gift packages which I am always happy to receive.

      As I said I am quite familiar with Elemis as a range because I was once given a 'Think Pink' beauty gift set and I also now use the product I am writing about which is the sp@ Home Quiet Mind Room Mist. The Room Mist is described as being able to 'help de-stress, soothe and comfort the mind to promote a sound and restful sleep' which already sounds perfect and it claims to do those things by using three essential oils which are combined together. So as ever with essential oils, I love to look into what they are all about before using them and I was surprised at the main three within this product because anything that aids sleep usually uses Lavender, well not Elemis they have chosen to go with Patchouli oil which is often found in products which claim to combat cellulite and prevent scarring on the body but in a product such as this it promotes a balancing effect on emotions and helps fight depression and anxiety. Eucalyptus oil which helps to clear the mind and has a soothing effect on the whole body add to both of those Ho Wood oil, something I had never come across before, it is said to be emotionally calming, it also helps to relax muscles and assist sleep.

      So with those oils all working together the scent is not quite what I was expecting, Eucalyptus oil is normally quite dominant in any product because it does smell quite antibacterial but the overall aroma of this product is quite floral but not so overpowering it is unbearable which is often how some products like this can make you feel.

      Anyway having looked at the ingredients the easy part is using it. Following the instructions you simply remove the pull off lid and spray a fine mist onto your bed linen and around your bed and allow the mist time to settle and in some cases dry (especially if you are a bit spritz happy) before you get into bed. I always allow a window of 15 minutes between spritzing this and getting into bed. Once I was in bed I was surprised at how lovely this fragrance was and within a few minutes I had begun to yawn and managed to fall asleep. There was no lying there waiting to feel tired and to drift off, I did drift off into a lovely deep sleep.

      I've used this spray for over three months now, thankfully the insomnia isn't so bad that I have to use it every night but in those three months I have used it three times to help get me to sleep or relaxed enough that I fall asleep and it has been brilliant to wake up feeling fresh and alert and ready to battle on another day and it something I will continue to use until the bottle runs out and then I purchase some more because I like it so much. The bottle as I've said contains 50ml and it does depend on how often you need to use it on how long it will last, having only used it a few times I have more than ¾ of a bottle left and suspect it will last me right into the New Year before having to purchase another one. However, if the room spritz doesn't really grab your attention you can also purchase a bath soak or a temple balm from within the same range which promises to do exactly the same thing as this spritz and they contain the same ingredients thought the bath soak has added Cocoa Butter to moisturise your skin.

      However for me I like the room mist and thankful that it has helped me get a good nights sleep.


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    • Product Details

      The aromatic oils in this soothing room mist will infuse serenity and peace into the space around you / Patchouli, eucalyptus and ho wood oils blend effortlessly together to help soothe and comfort the mind, whilst promoting a sound and restful sleep / How to use:Spray a fine mist onto bed linen and around the room / Allow to dry before use / Spa Tip:Quality sleep is so important for skin health, mental alertness and general well-being / Creating a relaxing bedtime ritual can help establish a peaceful sleep - eat early to aid digestion, take time out to relax and follow with a warm bath or shower / Try sleeping with your head slightly elevated to avoid a build up of fluid under the eyes, this will help reduce puffiness and dark circles, you will wake up bright eyed, rested and ready to face the day / Take 5 minutes to indulge in some meditation and deep abdominal breathing exercises /

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