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Fake Bake Flawless Self Tan Liquid & Mitt

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    3 Reviews
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      22.01.2015 17:40
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to apply "
      • "Smells good "


      Fake Bake Fake Tan

      I have been fake tanning for years and have always sworn by the same self tan. I always use the St Moriz mousse tan as it is cheap and gives you a gorgeous and glowing look. This is the first spray self tan which I have ever bought. I have always preferred mousse tans in the past as they are easy to apply and non messy. Liquid tan on the other hand can get very messy, it can go all over the place and be hard to control. I am really glad that I tried the fake bake flawless. This one really opened my eyes to the spray self tanner. I really love it, I used it with a mitt to apply this tan. You just need to spray it on your body and then rub it in using the tanning mitt. The mitt helps apply this tan smoothly and not streaky like some fake tans are. One thing that was really really impressive about this tan, is that it smells so good. This isn't usual for fake tans, they normally smell unpleasant and very strong. This one reminds me of the typical beachy, coconut and tropical scent. The shade of this tan has more of a red undertone in the brown rather than a green. A lot of other tans have a green undertone which can come across as more natural depending on your skin tone to begin with. I rate this tan a 4/5. I have found many which are a lot cheaper but this is really great quality and a trusted, well known brand.


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      02.09.2014 14:07
      Very helpful


      • "Works really well"
      • "Easy to apply"


      A brilliant product! Will be recommending it to friends

      A few months ago I had some salon fake tanning done for my wedding. I was really pleased with the results. I now have another wedding to attend – this time as a guest! After being so impressed with my previous fake tan I started looking into whether I could do this myself at home rather than visiting a salon and getting virtually naked in front of someone else!

      I did quite a bit of research before buying any fake tan. I asked friends and looked at what is available online. I decided on Fakebake because it is a well-known brand and to me it came across as a quality trusted item despite it now being the cheapest.

      I bought this Fakebake from Amazon at just less than £10 which I think is a bargain compared to other places I have seen it for sale. The instructions are clear and it is easy to use.

      You put on the blue plastic gloves that are provided and then put the mitten over one of your hands. You spray the fake tan on the smooth brown side of the mitten. I used about 3 squirts at a time on the mitten and this seemed to work well. The fake tan applied really well. It is smooth and easy to apply.

      It is recommended that you put this fake tan on in the evening and wash off in the evening. Not a lot washes off the next day so you get a good idea of what your tan will look like straight away.

      It smells lovely. At first I thought it was a tropical smell but then the biscuit smell seems to come out.

      I love this product! It gives a really natural streak free tan and it’s really simple to use!


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      26.07.2013 17:33
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Love it!!

      Right, first of all lets get one thing straight. Usually me + fake tan = disaster. I love the idea of having a tan and yet no matter how easy the adverts always seem to make fake tan application look easy, for me it would always end up as a disaster. It wasn't until my most recent fake tan disaster that I asked for tips on face book on how I could quickly get rid of the tan that loads of people commented saying 'use fake bake next time - it's the best one'. Still doubtful, I decided to give it a go and now I'm pleased to say that I am so glad I did.

      Off I went to Boots, heading straight for the fake tan section. I came across Fake Bake section and was amazed by all the different products available. In the end I decided on the Fake Bake Flawless one as I wanted my tan to look flawless. I was a bit miffed about parting £22 for something which I didn't think would work - yet I was desperate for a safe tan, so decided to go for it.

      The tan comes in a luxurious looking purple box. The tan itself is in a plastic bottle with a 'pump' lid. The tan is a deep chocolately brown colour and looks shimmery. The tan comes with a pair of blue rubber gloves and a tanning mitt. The tan has a lovely tropical smell which I find to be comforting. Apparently the tan doesn't smell like other fake tans with that 'typical biscuity' smell, although I find that it does smell a bit like fake tan. Luckily I love the smell of it.

      ~ * Are You Sure You Know What You Are Doing? * ~

      I'll be honest, even though I have tried fake tan and ended up looking a right mess every time, I never really knew how to put fake tan on properly. Before I had bought 'spray' ones where according to the amazing adverts on television (Ashley Roberts from The Pussycat Dolls, I'm looking at you' ) where you could just spray them over yourself (we're talking cans, like perfume cans) and then you would have an amazing tan so easily. Trust me, I know from several disaster experiences that they do not work. So this time I made it my mission to find out by watching you tube videos using this exact product, before putting it on. After all, if this wasn't going to work then I was giving up on fake tan forever as I was getting fed up of believing how easy fake tan was so put on and how amazing you would look after.....it wasn't easy and I never looked amazing after.

      ~ * Applying The Tan * ~

      Now I cannot believe I am actually saying this, but this fake tan is so easy to apply. As recommend, I have found that it is best to apply the tan straight before bed as it gives the tan time to 'work'. The tan dries very quickly and you can go to bed after a couple of minutes. Make sure that your skin is clean and free from other products (moisurisers etc) before applying it. I usually apply it after a bath - although leave it a few minutes for your skin to cool down and get back to a 'normal temperature'.

      Using the tips I learned from the you tube video I watched, I applied 3 squirts directly on to my thighs and using the soft side of the mitt began to rub it in. The tan has 'built in guide' which shows up where you have been with the tan so that you can see where you have missed and where you need to rub the tan in in certain areas. Make sure you are wearing the gloves when applying as you do not want to get it on your hands as it will end up looking bad! Also make sure that you use the mitt provided and nothing else to put the tan on as it does a great job.

      For 'below the knees', I applied 3 squirts of the tan onto the mitt and began to rub it in, using the guide to carefully make sure I rubbed it all in and hadn't missed any areas. Then when I got to my feet I applied 1 s squirt onto the mitt and lightly dabbed it, rather than rubbed it over my feet.

      Applying the tan brought me so much stress. I was worried I would have another disaster. I was worried I would wake up orange and a mess. And I was worried about the bed sheets - especially as I was going straight to bed after applying it. It's a wonder I got any sleep that first time I applied it.

      ~ * Wake Up and TA-DA * ~

      I was quite nervous about taking the first peak at the tan. I was expecting another disaster and so I was absolutely gob smacked to see that there was no disaster!! I had woken up a lovely golden brown colour - with no streaks, no mess on me and no mess on the sheets either!! I looked amazing even if I did say so myself. I was also pleased with how natural the tan looked. The amount of comments I received that day at work telling me 'ooh you've been in the sun', 'ooh you've got a good tan' etc and I couldn't help smiling thinking yes, finally I have found a fake tan that actually works.

      ~ * What Happens After A Bath / Shower? *~

      I had a bath the next day and did notice that the colour did rinse off. However, I have read on the internet that it is actually the temporary colour guide (so you can see where you have applied it, need to rub in certain areas etc) that washes off but the tan itself stays. So that's good. So after a bath I was still a lovely golden colour.

      It wasn't until after a couple of 'leg applications' that I became brave enough to try it on my arms too. For my arms I applied the tan onto the mitt and began to rub it in. I also did my chest and back this way too. I was a bit nervous what it would look like, but it turned out great which I was so surprised about.

      I have found that the tan last a good day or two before it begins to fade away. It fades away quietly just like a natural tan would. As soon as I see it starting to fade then I start applying it once again. I have found that the tan is very easy to get off, especially when compared to other fake tans which have gone wrong and just won't come off. So it's typical that the one tan that does work comes off easily and the ones that go wrong just won't come off! I have found that with this tan moisturiser seems to disturb it and get it off easily. Although since using it, I have never wanted or needed to 'get it off quick' because it has always looked good.

      ~ * What Else? * ~

      When I first applied it I only applied it to my legs, as I didn't want to risk doing anywhere else in case it ended up wrong. I already had tanned arms (they always do but my legs never tan, they look like giant milk bottles) and yet the 'fake tan' on my legs looked exactly like the natural tan on my arms which was good.

      I have been using it for around 3-4 weeks now. I find that applying it 2-3 times a week is good enough. Although if I have a night out coming up on the Saturday then I will apply it Wednesday night, Thursday night and Friday night so that I have a lovely brown tan by the Saturday. I would like if the tan was a bit darker on the first application, as it does come out as being quite light and so I have to apply it a couple of more times to get the colour I want. Having said that, in the beginning I was very thankful that the tan didn't come out too dark on the first application otherwise it might not have gone as well as planned.

      Even though it has come out really well every time I have used it, I'm still not confident enough to try it on my face as knowing my luck it would turn out a mess and I would look orange. So for now I like to keep it on the areas which I can cover up if it goes a mess....however having applied it successfully a few times now, I don't think that it will go wrong which is great. I would definitely recommend this tan for those who haven't fake tanned before or if like me just couldn't do it properly. I would recommend watching a video on you tube first such as 'how to fake tan with fake bake flawless' as it really helped me.

      I have sensitive skin and I have found that this tan doesn't affect it. The tan is said to be suitable for all skin types and doesn't contain artificial preservatives or parabens which is good. I have found that my legs get a little dry after using this but I just make sure that I moisturise them. Don't put moisturiser or any other products (deodorants, baby oil etc) straight after applying as it will bring the tan off (as I found). I noticed a dry patch by my elbow and a few minutes after applying the tan thought 'oops I better put moisturiser on that patch so that it doesn't tan all patchy - it wiped the tan off so I had to reapply on that area. Luckily, with the colour guide it meant I was able to apply over that area without making a
      mess of it.

      The product comes with a pair of blue rubber gloves - make sure that you wear these as you do not want to get 'bits' and 'pieces' of the tan on your hands. One of the rubber gloves ripped as I was putting it on which is a pain, although it had had a few uses. Make sure you use the mitt as it is amazing and does a great job. I like the fact that the tan comes with gloves and a mitt as they are very useful and the mitt is a professional one.

      I have found that the bottle leaks - apparently this is a common problem. It's ok when the bottle is sat on your dressing table, it's just when you travel somewhere. So I would recommend that if you are going on holiday or something and want to take the tan with you then it is best to take a brand new one with you which won't leak, rather than an already opened one which will leak.

      ~ * Would I Recommend It? * ~

      Absolutely!! I feel like I am a walking advert for this fake tan going on about how amazing it is...but it really is. If you don't get on with fake tan, please make sure you try this because it will work. Don't bother with the other fake tan companies, I know, I've tried them all. This is definitely the best one to try. I can't believe how good it really is - it gives you such a natural looking tan. There's no orange and there's no streaks which I was over the moon about when I discovered this.

      If you are looking to fake tan, make sure you try this! You will be amazed!!

      Thank you for reading!
      July 2013
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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    • Product Details

      Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tan Liquid combines ease of application with intense professional colour development / Flawless is applied with a professional mitt (INCLUDED) in effortless gliding strokes for a perfectly even tan / The dual function cosmetic bronzer assists in making the application even easier (shows-where-it-goes) whilst providing an instant golden tan / The fast drying, fast absorbing formula is transfer resistant, so can be worn throughout the day / Formulated with Fake Bake's exclusive triple tan formula (DHA boosted by DMI & Erythulose) for an intense tan that lasts longer / Suitable for all skin tones and skin types / Pleasantly fragranced with a tropical scent / No artificial preservatives or Parabens /

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