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FCUK Polished Clutch Bag

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Brand: Fcuk / set / Type: Beauty Bag

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    1 Review
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      20.02.2008 20:57
      Very helpful



      Brilliant price goody bag!

      Never do I buy myself gift sets. I buy them for other people as gifts etc but I tend to buy pieces that I want but when I saw this cute little fcuk bag in Boots on offer for £6.66 instead of the usual £10.00 price tag and realising I had enough points to cover it suddenly I could justify my purchase! I only wanted the bag to go with a pair of shoes I've got so I was well chuffed when I realised on closer inspection when I got home that inside was fcuk mascara, lipgloss and bodyspray!

      The Products...

      The Bag....

      As on the photograph. A light brown colour with beige flowers and at the bottom a silver fcuk badge. The bag is textured a bit like sheepskin and the pattern is printed on. Inside its black material and it does up by a silver clasp and the top is like a steel silver rim. On he left hand side is a beige strap which matches the overall colour scheme which makes this something you could wear around your wrist and at the end is a round mirror which is a decent size (and it's a proper mirror). Now I don't think many people would want to use it as a bag around the wrist cos of the mirror but as it's attached you can put it into the bag and do it up and use it as a clutch bag which is the reason I purchased it! I love the bag and its a decent size to shove quite a few things in but still remaining dinky looking!

      The Lipgloss....

      10ml recyclable black tube with a kind of shiny black flower pattern on it and in white writing on the front tells me it's fcuk lipgloss and it's 24ml in size. It has a screw on lid at the bottom, remove that and the product comes out of a moulded in into the tube slant. This is as stated a clear lipgloss. I love this cos it's incredibly shiny but not plastic looking on the lips and Instead of being gunky and sticky it kind of matts into the lips creating a nice shine and a nice feel. It doesn't taste or smell of anything and it stays on longer than many lipglosses I've used cos of I assume the matting effect it gives brilliant shine alone or on top of colour and stays on a good hour even with drinking and smoking. Easy to apply and doesn't show up loads of imperfections and is very moisturising. I really, really like it!

      The Mascara....

      6ml black plastic recyclable tube which twists undone to give us the brush to apply it with. The whole thing, like the lipgloss has a shiny black flower print on it and tells me in white writing that it's fcuk mascara. I'm always dubious with macara's as I have no luck at all I find them rubbish and a waste of money but like most of us I do need them! The brush is excellent and a nice quality. It's quite long but isn't too thick and it applies like a dream. The black is glossy and it isn't too thick, no clumps at all and very easy to apply. It doesn't agitate my sensitive eyes and does separate and lift my eyelashes without them looking or feeling gunked up. It's a natural look and to me eyelashes look dyed rather than full of a product. It's just excellent for everyday and night use really. Very easy to remove with ordinary cleansers and toners etc we use. I would definitely suggest this to someone who wears glasses in which they're eyelashes are much more visible to people!


      Called fcuk polished bodyspray it describes itself on the front of its 75ml recyclable see through bottle as ' A warm and sensual scent that blends sparkling manadarin and osmanthus flower with creamy vanilla notes' and on the back tells me 'indulge your senses with this captivating deoderising body spray' and lists ingredients, caution and contact details for fcuk. The liquid inside the bottle is a blush colour and it's dispensed by a grey spray action pumper with has a matching colour safety cap. To me the smell is kind of like a coconut smell. It must be the mix of the flower smell with vanilla creating that. You can smell each of the smells fcuk say its made up of and it's one of them the more you sniff each time the fragrance kind of changes. One time you'll think it smells of flowers the next you think it smells more of vanilla! The spray somes out quite fast and quite a lot lands on skin. It is fairly wet and you need to spray from a distance. It's cooling on contact with the skin and the fragrance isn't for the faint hearted. It's strong and for a body spray it stays strong and is a long laster. It's very deep and very rich but to my nose one of nicest bodysprays I've ever used and just reeks of good quality really. I wore it as a perfume one day cos I wasnt going out and everyone commented how good I smelt so I would definetely wear this as a summer fragrance. I love it, sopisticated and womanly.


      This is a fabulous little goody bag. Every item is the best quality I could expect. It's definetely put me on to fcuk products and its one of the best, and most useful things I've bought in a long while! I'm using the products daily, I just love every single one of them.

      As I said I purchased it for £6.66 in Boots with my points and it's on offer at the moment but will be going back up to the £10.00 prce tag soon. Whatever the price I would advise anyone to have a little treat, the bag alone is fabulous and chic! Also after this experience I would advise you to take a look at other fcuk products as they're on offer too!

      Brilliant fcuk, I love you!


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    • Product Details

      Stylish and elegant bag includes: Mini Black Mascara, Clear lip gloss, Mirror and / Mini body spray /

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