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Flo Atomiser Fragrance

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Brand: Flo / Type: Atomizer

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    1 Review
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      14.08.2012 12:38
      Very helpful



      Okay, I think it will get easier to fill the more you get used to it.

      ---------- Introduction ----------
      Recently I purchased a new perfume, however I noticed that it never lasted on my skin as well as I had liked it to so that after a few hours you could barely tell I was wearing perfume. I wanted to top up my perfume throughout the day; however I didn't want to carry my big bottle around with me. I took to the internet to try and find some kind of perfume transporter when I came across perfume travel atomisers on Amazon. I thought it looked a good idea and so I told my mum about them as my birthday was coming up and I thought that it would be a very useful gift. My mum bought me one by a brand called 'Flo'.

      ---------- What is Flo Atomiser Fragrance Refillable? ----------
      Well as you probably know by now, it's a small bullet shaped bottle that you put your perfume or aftershave in so that you can transport some of your fragrance around with you without having to take the bottle. I find that this fragrance refillable is a very handy idea, for whether you want to simply take it to work with you to top up during the day, or if you're going on a plane journey and can only take a certain amount of liquid with you.

      ---------- Claims? ----------
      Flo claims to work with all perfume bottles, these include spray types and pour types. This means that everyone, no matter what perfume bottle they have, should be able to spray or pour their perfume from their original bottle into the Flo Refillable Atomizer. It also claims that Flo keeps your perfume fresh; it has fully washable parts, it can be used over and over again without mixing of scents and that filling is easy with no mess. A lot of claims for one small product!

      ---------- Design ----------
      The Flo fragrance refillable is a small bullet shaped bottle made out of aluminium casing, measuring 88mm tall and 20mm wide. It can hold 4.7ml of product, which gives 55 sprays. It comes in three colours: silver, black and pink. I have it in silver. I find that the design of the bottle is nice and sleek, and it looks quite expensive. If you want it to look more girly then you can get it in pink. I find that the black and silver are more unisex colours.

      The bottle is basically split into two sections. The top half is the lid; you pull this off to reveal the spray pump. And then there is the bottom half which you unscrew to reveal the area where you pour or spray your perfume into.

      However although I think that the design of the bottle looks nice and sleek, I do have a few problems with it. Firstly you can't really tell how much perfume you have left in the bottle, what I mean by this is that in other designs I have seen a small window running all the way down the bottle which lets the user see how much perfume is left, however with this Flo fragrance refillable there is only a small see through section right at the top of the bottle, which isn't very helpful as you still don't really know how much perfume you have left, this is a big letdown for me as it means I don't know when I need to refill the bottle.

      Another problem I find is that I get confused about what section is the lid, and what section is the bit where you pour your perfume into, so sometimes I can take off the wrong section which is tad annoying, especially if I accidently spill out some perfume.

      Although I have criticized the design quite a bit, I do find that it is a great size and it looks sleek and expensive, however it could be improved.

      ---------- Using Flo Fragrance Refillable ----------
      Okay so there are two ways in which you can put your perfume into Flo. You can either spray it in or pour it in. At first I thought that it would be easier if I sprayed it in as it might be easier to control how much perfume went in. To spray it in, you unscrew the bottom half and take off the lid, you then will see a white plastic type of funnel, if you want to spray it in you are meant to securely connect the funnel up to the spray head of your perfume bottle, you then spray your perfume straight in, and twist back on the lower cap to close it.

      Sounds easy doesn't it? Well looking at the instructions on the packet (which may I add didn't have a lot of information on it) I decided to dive right in thinking that it couldn't be that hard. Well I pushed my perfume spray head against the funnel, it didn't seem to attach or anything like that so I just held them close together and started to spray the perfume in, however I think I started to spray too fast as perfume came pouring out the edges of the funnel and running down my hands. I hate waste and especially when it's an expensive perfume this is the last thing you want happening.

      I gave up on the idea of spray as it became too frustrating and so I decided to try the pour technique. This requires a steady hand so be careful if you try this method. I started to pour my perfume in instead, everything was going fine until suddenly the perfume started to overflow out of the funnel, I didn't even see the perfume rise! Again very annoying as it resulted in me wasting my perfume.

      I have come to the conclusion that it is not that easy to fill up Flo, I think the more you fill it up the easier it gets, and next time it comes to filling up I think I will use the pouring technique.

      When I use Flo throughout the day, I push down hard on the spray pump and the perfume comes out in a fast and even spray. I find more perfume comes out from the Flo bottle than my normal perfume bottle so I don't need to spray a lot. I also find that if you push down quite slowly on the spray pump, then the perfume can come out in more of a dribble, but I rarely find this a problem.

      ---------- So does it live up to its claims? ----------
      Flo works with all perfume bottles: Yes.
      Flo keeps your perfume fresh: Yes.
      It has fully washable parts: Yes.
      It can be used over and over again without mixing of scents: I would think so.
      Filling is easy with no mess: I would have to disagree as I don't think it's 'easy' but I think I will get the hang of it.

      ---------- Price and Availability ----------
      You can buy Flo from Amazon for £7.10, or from Boots for £10.

      ---------- Overall ----------
      Overall I am going to give Flo 3/5 stars. This is because the design looks sleek and expensive, it's a nice size to take around in your handbag, and when you push down on the spray pump my perfume comes out in a nice even spray. However there are disadvantages such as I find it quite hard to fill and so it resulted into me wasting some of my perfume, you can't really see how much perfume you have left, and I often get confused about what section is the lid, and what section is the bit where you pour your perfume into.

      Although I only scored 3/5, a lot of people on Boots scored It 5/5 so you might want to bear that in mind.


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