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Gorgeous Tweezers

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1 Review
  • Nicely designed
  • Makes it simple to pluck away the occasional hair
  • Rust has started to develop
  • The ends aren't very pointed
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    1 Review
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      04.12.2014 20:20
      Very helpful


      • "Nicely designed"
      • "Makes it simple to pluck away the occasional hair"


      • "Rust has started to develop"
      • "The ends aren't very pointed"

      Tweeze Me!

      I have absolutely no idea why I'm using these tweezers or where they came from, I've never heard of Gorgeous Shop before and certainly didn't buy them myself so I can only assume they came in a beauty box at some point.

      They're nicely designed with a navy blue wrap covering the metal tweezers, the ends are stripped back to the plain metal although to be honest this doesn't have a particularly neat finish and despite the fact I'm hardly an expert when it comes to tweezers I can tell these aren't really the best quality in terms of appearance.

      The ends are slanted which makes them ideal for both plucking stray hairs from my eyebrows and also my other main use - digging splinters out of the kids fingers and elbows. The slanted end doesn't have a terribly sharp point so using them for splinters is a little hit and miss, I imagine the same issue would be a problem if you regularly tweeze your eyebrows as from what I can remember of this job you do need a rather sharper pair than these to grab and tug each small eyebrow hair.

      I have used them on my eyebrows and they're fine for plucking the odd one or two hairs but they don't seem to snag each hair too well so I think they'd be a bit painful to use if you were to shape your eyebrows from start to finish. They have a tight closure so once you've grabbed the hair it stays grabbed unless you loosen the pressure on the tweezers, a quick pull is all you need to remove the errant hair and job done.

      I'm not a big user of tweezers and can't say these are worse or better than any others I've tried out, I've just now spotted a tiny bit of rust starting to develop on one of the unwrapped edges - understandable as I keep them uncovered in our steamy bathroom but I haven't had them all that long so it's surprising how early this rustiness has started to show itself.


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    Gorgeous Tweezers are the perfect accompaniment for your cosmetic bag to remove stubborn hairs with precision and ease / '

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