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Hair Art Wood Boar Club Brush

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Type: Hair Brush / Brand: Hair Art /

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    1 Review
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      13.10.2012 17:14
      Very helpful



      Brilliant product, highly recommended

      Do you want smooth shiny hair without having to fork out on lots of hair care products? If so, then look at getting yourself a boar bristle brush!

      The brush I have has a smooth black wooden handle/back. The handle is slightly fluted giving it a more comfortable grip.

      The brush fits on the full length of my palm so it's not that large but I find it doesn't really need to be.

      The bristles are firm but flexible, tightly packed in groups.

      For those of you who are vegetarian / vegan or just prefer a non-animal derived product, there are now alternatives that have synthetic bristles but work and feel the same as boar brushes.

      Mine came mounted on cardboard and protected by a plastic cover. Not overly excessive in the packaging and at least some of it was recycleable.

      The reason boar brushes are so good is because they are designed to distribute sebum. This is the natural oils produced by the scalp. When they remain at the root they give hair that greasy unwashed look. However when brushed through, this oil is designed to be a natural conditioner to your hair.

      The thicker density of bristles on a boar brush allows it to catch and spread the sebum down your hair. Not only that these brushes are designed to catch dust and dirt particles we get in our hair.

      When using there are a few things you need to take into account.

      Always brush dry hair, not wet. Wet hair is very elastic and if you use a boar brush (or any other tightly bristled brush) your hair will be more likely to break. It's actually better never to brush wet hair, though combing gently with a wide tooth comb is okay it you need to tease out any tangles.

      Boar brushes are best used on brushed hair (these are not to replace your existing hair brush but to add to it).

      First you remove the tangles in your hair either with a regular cushioned brush or a wide toothed comb. Then give your hair a few good brushes with your normal brush until it's tangle free.

      Next press the brush into the hair at the top of your hair and in slow smooth motion brush down. I like to put my free palm against the bristles as they poke through the hair as these keeps the hair tight to the brush.

      The more you use your boar brush the less conditioner you will need to use and in the end I stopped using conditioner all together.

      NB: Remember any over brushing can cause split ends to your hair. Brush until the tangles are gone and then boar brush it smooth, that's all you need.

      ~Hair Types~
      I have long, fine hair so this brush works great for me. However please be aware that the finer the hair, the thicker the spaces should be between your bristles.

      For very thick hair or very curly hair, these brushes may not be up to it. Though I think there are alternative boar brushes that will do the trick.

      But for long or short fine to medium, not to curly hair these are great.

      As mentioned since boar brushes are designed to spread oils and catch dust particles they will need cleaning. The best way is to use a comb and gently comb it through the bristles to catch and remove any hair.

      Next put some warm water and about a penny sized amount of shampoo in a bowl or sink. Put in the brush and use your fingers to work it into the bristles to clean them. It is best if you can avoid submerging the handles as it can be the wood swell. Never soak the brushes either.

      Rinse the bristles with clean cold water and then shake out the excess water before leaving to dry naturally.

      I love this product, I've had it for years and find my hair is smoother, shiner and less frizzy now when I use this brush. This was a big plus especially when I started to become allergic to many conditioners.

      If you can, give it a try as you will be impressed with the results!


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