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Head Jog Heat Retaining Round Brush

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2 Reviews

Type: Brushes / Brand: Head Jog / Accessories - Brush / Subcategory: Styling Brush

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    2 Reviews
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      12.11.2013 15:12
      Very helpful



      I really like this brush

      I'm really fussy when it comes to my hair and I like it to be styled in a specific manner. Sometimes, though, I don't have much time to spend getting ready as I have to get Millie out of the house to school so if I can find something that helps to save time then I always like to do so! This hair brush is brilliant as it helps me to style my hair in a manner that I like but also helps to speed up the process too. It is a very practical hair brush that works really well and is brilliant quality oh and it's pink so I just love it and am so glad that I bought it!

      +++Style, style style!+++

      Several years ago life was all about having hair as flat as possible. I spent a long time trying to get all of the life out of my hair by straightening it and using as many products as possible to try to make it lie flat. I used to have the time then to sit in front of my mirror with all my lotions and potions and straightening machines but now i don't have as much time and also I have found that my taste and fashion has changed anyway. I don't like to have my hair poker straight all of the time now. I do hate it to frizz up so I do need to tame it somewhat but I really prefer to have some volume in my hair, it's not all about having flat hair any more but big hair! I always have to blow dry my hair though after washing it else it has lots of frizz and looks wild but sometimes blow drying can take 10-15 minutes which may not seem like a big amount of time for some- it certainly isn't a great amount of time compared to how much time I would dedicate to my hair before I had Millie- but some mornings I am in a rush so if i can save time then I really need to! I was told by my hair dresser that I should look at getting a ceramic brush which would help improve the drying time. I didn't really take much notice of her and thought she was just trying to sell me something but then after a few mornings of being rushed out of the house with my hair semi-dry and looking so wild I had to cover it with a hat I decided to look into buying a ceramic brush as advised.

      +++Choosing the brush+++

      I didn't go to the shops to look for a ceramic brush. I hadn't heard of them before and thought they must be specialised so wouldn't know where to begin looking so I looked online and was surprised by how much choice there was! I ended up on Amazon and when I read reviews for them I realised that they would be a good investment as the design of them helps to circulate air so will help improve the drying time. I looked at several different brushes before deciding on this brand. I will be honest and say one of it's main selling points was the fact that it is pink! I just thought it looked so different to the others and anything that is pink is always a hit for me! When buying it there were four different sizes to choose from these included 43mm, 50mm 60mm and 25mm. I wasn't too sure which size to get but I only have quite thin hair so decided to go for the second smallest size as I thought that the bigger ones would be too big and may give my hair too much volume. The reviews on this brush were a bit hit and miss, some people had scored it highly whilst others had scored it low but to be honest the low reviews seemed to be people complaining more about the fact they hadn't read the small print properly and had expected more than one brush.

      +++It's now mine!+++

      When this brush arrived I was really excited by it and wanted to try it right away. Millie's eyes lit up when she saw it too because of the pink! What surprised me was how light weight it was. When I looked at it it looked quite big, it's about 25cm long so pretty big and the bristles are 43mm long so it's quite a chunky brush compared to my previous ones but when I picked it up i was so surprised by how light it was! This was a big relief as I really dislike heavy, cumbersome brushes that make my arms ache first thing in the morning! There are holes all over the head of the brush where the bristles come out and this is to help the air circulate. It is ceramic so it helps the air to remain warm. The handle is rubber with little grips on and it is so comfortable to hold. It is round but chunky so if you have to hold this and a hair dryer you won't be worried about dropping it as it's very easy to grip.

      When using it for the first time it did take me a while to get used to how to position my hair on this to make it work properly. I had to work out the best way to pull it through my hair to have it work, if I had it too close to my scalp I would find bits of my hair would get tangles at the end and it was really painful and very frustrating as it would cause more frizz than previously! But after a few attempts I was able to work out how to use it best for me and now it's just effortless to use.

      +++Removing frizz+++

      The main purpose of this brush was to cut back time and to give me smooth hair without taking away volume and I can say without a doubt that this hair brush has done just that! I was really conscious about cutting back time but not wanting it to mean my hair looked a mess and I am so grateful for this hair brush! There is something about the way it is designed and the material used that makes it speed up the drying process as when you run this through your hair it uses the air within it to circulate and this helps your hair to dry. It definitely takes away the frizz too! Some of the reviews I read complained that it gave them more frizz in their hair but all I've noticed is it makes it really soft and sometimes a bit static-like but a little spray of a conditioning spray soon sorts that out and it then falls perfectly again. I am actually really amazed by this brush! At the moment I am using my old brush whilst I am in hospital and I really miss it as it takes twice as long without it and it has made me realise just how comfortable this hair brush is to use!

      +++Any drawbacks?+++

      I do love this hair brush but I can see that there may be a drawback or two to be had. One is that it is such a long handle that it was difficult at first to hold it properly as it was hard to control it but you do adjust to this. I find that holding it closer to the head the better as you get better control. Also, if you do get this stuck in your hair if you don't concentrate or you're not sure how best to use it then it's really painful and can be difficult to get it out of your hair as you may be uncurling some of your hair from the bristles and then another strand of hair next to it can get caught up in it! This is so frustrating but now that I have got used to this hair brush it doesn't happen very often at all. I don't think that there are any other drawbacks.

      +++What I love+++

      Well I absolutely adore that it cuts down on my drying time! Time suddenly seems to run away with me, i don't know what it is about having children but there are not enough hours in the day! I find it hard to believe that before Millie I used to spend an hour or so every morning getting ready. Now i'm lucky if I have ten minutes! I really miss being able to spend time on myself but it is great that there are products out there that can help to save time and this one definitely does. It is a great help and really does improve the drying time, I would say it now takes about 8 minutes to dry my hair whereas previously it was more like 12 and every minute counts for me in the mornings! I really like how comfortable it is to hold, the handle is really well designed with the rubber grooves in it so you can grip it really well. I think that the size of the bristles are perfect for my hair and help to tame it, if i had thicker hair or wanted lots of volume then I think the next size up would be good but for me this size is just right. It definitely helps to keep it straight, I don't use straighteners now as this really helps to keep it straight but wthout all the fuss of using something which is frying my hair! I also love the colour of it, it's pink and black but the pink is like a raspberry pink and this has little stripes of it through the handle too and it just looks really lovely, so much more interesting than a normal hair brush!


      I spent £6 on this brush and I think it was more than worth it! There are similar brushes in my local supermarket at the moment for twice the price so i think I got a really good deal. I really like this brush it has so many positives. I think if you're fed up spending lots of time trying to dry your hair and then have to spend time straightening it too then you should look at buying one of these as it cuts down how long you need to dry your hair for and also means I don't have to straighten mine either as this works well at taking the frizz away. The only thing i would suggest is buying some conditioning spray or straigtening spray so that it helps to take the static out of your hair as sometimes this brush likes to add it in and that isn't a good look! I also like the name as it sounds like hedgehog which this brush is like as it's so bristly! I am really pleased that I bought this and highly recommend it. It's available on Amazon now in the four different sizes starting from £4.95 which i think is a very reasonable price to pay indeed. I am very pleased with this brush.


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        19.10.2010 23:22
        Very helpful



        A great brush that does a nice style

        As I have recently started a hair dressing course at college, I have a large selection of brushes and combs and one of those brushes is the Head Jog Heat Retaining Round Brush.

        I say one of, but actually I have 3 of these brushes in my college kit, of 3 different sizes and they come in a few other sizes too.

        These brushes are used mainly for blowdrying as they are perfect for creating straight hair with volume, root lift and a wonderful smoothness. These are also great for adding a curve to the bottom of the hair, whether you want it to curl under or flick outwards.

        The Head Jog branded brushes are well known through out the hairdressers world as they are top quality tools made by the company Hair Tools. These brushes are brilliant, and I find them irreplaceable when I am working on clients. The handle is a great size for holding in your hand with a good grip, but smooth enough to easily rotate through the hair when you are blow drying.

        The heat retaining technology of these brushes help to dry hair quicker, as the heat really is well retained and helps to dry the hair from the underneath whilst you aim the blowdryer at the top of the hair. The brushes easily run through the hair, smoothing it as it goes with the ionic bristles that aid you into a brilliant smooth finish with no static in the hair.

        The smaller brushes are great for shorter hair and tighter curls. There are larger brushes available for a more loose curled, glamourous look and these brushes are better for longer, thicker hair.

        These brushes can be bought in Sallys Stores across the UK, from Capital Beauty online and also you can buy them from Amazon and many other online stores. They are available in singles, or you can buy them in packs - and they do come in different colors too. The main color is black and silver, but you can also buy them in brown and cream, purple and pink.

        Single brushes vary in price from £3 - £9 depending on the size of the brush you buy, and sets are usually priced at around £15 - £20 and you normally get 4 different sized brushes in a set.

        If you want to get a nice style and an easy blowdry from your hair, I recommend the Head Jog Heat Retaining Round Brush.


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