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HoMedics Compact Percussion Massager with Heat

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Brand: HoMedics / Type: Massager

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    2 Reviews
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      04.09.2013 12:40
      Very helpful




      At the time of purchasing the Homedics massager I was very much into sport. I used to train at martial arts several times a week, jog on the other days, and run round after two kids and a lazy husband in between! So, needless to say, I often suffered with aches and pains, particularly in my kegs and lower back region. I thought massage would be a good solution, to both remedy the aches but also loosen up any tightened muscles, but I wasn't about to start paying for expensive massages so decided to invest in a hand held massager with the added bonus of heat.

      The massager has a long handle which makes it ideal for reaching your back when alone. On top of the handle are too two massage head which pulsate when switched on. There is a button on the handle to enable the setting of the machine to be changed from low to high- the same feeling is provided but the pulsation on the lower level is a bit more gentle. I generally opted for the higher level in the hope it would achieve better results. It is also supplied with several interchangeable heads of differing colours to represent a different feel - soft, medium and firm. To be honest these all felt very similar to me so I just ended up sticking with the medium heads. They are easy enough to changed if desired though as they simply screw on and off.
      The heat element of he device was originally quite a big selling point for me but I was a little disappointed. The sheer inconvenience was the main problem. It takes a good 5 minutes for the massager to reach the desired heat, but because of the pulsating as well as the increasing heat I felt it necessary to sit and hold the device whilst waiting. Perhaps this isn't completely necessary but I felt I needed to do it, and 5 minutes feels a long time to be sitting doing nothing!! I

      The results I achieved from the product were not particularly good either. Novelty value meant that for the first week or so I used the massager religiously, waiting to feel a benefit from it, but to be honest I didn't. Aches were still present, and I didn't find it particularly relaxing whist doing it either. I think this is mainly due to the fact that it is quite heavy for a hand held massager - it feels more like lifting a small dumbbell! The heat is quite pleasant on a cold day, but then again the feeling of warmth when your a bit cold is always nice. From now on I'll stick to rubbing my leg in front of the fire, cheaper and more enjoyable!
      I paid almost £45 for the massager a couple of years ago, and although I still have it, I never use it, so to me personally iit has been poor value.


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      14.01.2011 18:57
      Very helpful



      An effective massager from Homedics - but with some caveats

      Just before Christmas, I was fortunate enough to win in dooyoo's "Ten Days of Christmas" competition, and I have received several prizes. The top prizes included a radio and a massager and as my fellow winner was male, I felt pretty sure I'd get the massager - which proved to be an educated guess.

      It's been some time since I have owned a massager. I had one about ten years or so ago but my husband used it far more than me, although I did use it if I had particularly stressed out or tired muscles. It was something that got disposed of after my husband died and I was clearing stuff out of the house however, and I must admit I hadn't really considered buying a massager again.

      Fate of course stepped in, and I found myself owner of a new massager at a fortuitous time - the cold weather has really played havoc with my muscles, never mind a fair bit of stress in my life of late. What particularly appealed to me about the massager however was the fact it provides, according to the box, "soothing heat" - something I am a sucker for when dealing with pain in a cold climate.


      The massager comes in a cardboard box. Inside you get the massager, attachments and an instruction manual.

      There are four different attachements offering different levels of sensation - soft, medium, firm and heat.

      The massager itself it silver in colour but made of plastic. I was surprised at how heavy it was - it comes in at 1.6 kilos. The attachments screw on to the massage panel at the top.


      The Homedics Percussion Massager has two settings so you can use it at high or low. As a bit of a wimp, I prefer to use it on low because this isn't a massager that merely vibrates - as a percussion massager it actually beats on your muscles to target pain and tension.

      I have used the massager on all settings - I wanted to find the best setting for me but also wanted to test it thoroughly too. I was also curious to see if the attachments, which all felt exactly the same to me when I handled them, made the blindest bit of difference.

      Placing the attachments on to the massager is very easy - you just screw them on at either side. To switch the massager on, there is an on switch on the handle, along with a heat selection button. You merely slide the on switch to either low or high, and the massager will start pulsating. If you are using the heat attachments, you need to ensure the heat button, which is red, is switched to on.

      I tried the massager first using the black attachments, which are supposedly soft. I tried the massager on my neck and back at all times, as these are the areas which tend to give me the most stress related pain. The soft attachments provided good results for me - although I found even on soft, that the high setting was just a little too much for me because this massager really does pulsate!

      The medium heads, which are coloured medium grey (probably to help you remember they are for the medium setting) didn't feel much different to me I must admit, but you do notice a more robust massage when the light grey firm attachments are added.

      The red attachments which are used on the heat setting do feel a little softer than the ordinary attachments and I must admit I do prefer a bit of heat with my massage so these are my favoured attachments when using the massager. Unfortunately, they do have some limitations, despite making the massager look a little like Pixar robot Wall-E when they are in place.

      Firstly, you have to run the massager for a minimum of five minutes for the heat to kick in on the massager. There's no option to leave the machine to warm up without doing so, and given the way the massager moves around when it's running, you have to keep it in your hands while doing this. I tried putting it down on a desk but it moved all over the place (alarmingly so at the high speed setting) so the only way to safely do this was to hold it and wait.

      You also have to bear in mind that this massager is quite noisy - so you have to sensation of it pulsating as you hold it combined with a low hum (which becomes much louder on the high setting) as you hold and wait for it to warm up.

      As for the heat it produces, well that's a bit of a let down. I fully understand that the attachment heads cannot get too hot - they are, after all, coming into direct contact with your skin - however the heads become tepid as opposed to warm so if you are expecting a lot of lovely heat in your massage after your minimum five minute wait then you will find yourself disappointed.

      I must admit however that I do prefer to use this with the heat attachments however - despite the low temperatures offered - I simply find that they work best to help relieve tension and pain.

      The massager does definitely help relieve pain, particularly at the back of my neck, but the addition of heat seems to hurry the process along and is a little more pleasant too.

      Maintenance is fairly basic. Homedics state the cord should not be wrapped around the handle for safety reasons, but there is a velcro tie on the cord to enable you to keep it neat and tidy. The attachments should be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth. Obviously the massager and it's components should not be immersed in water.

      ~~Final Thoughts~~

      I must admit I have some mixed feelings about this massager. It's undeniably heavy and as such I have to limit the amount of time I use it on myself before my (admittedly weak) right arm seizes up. I also really dislike both how long it takes the massager to heat up when using with the heat attachments and how I have to basically sit with a pulsating massager as I wait for the heat to arrive - never mind the fact it doesn't really get THAT warm.

      However there is no denying that this does work well. Compared to the old vibrate style massager I had in the past, this is far, far better and much more effective. I don't have to have this running for long to feel a difference either, as the deep tissue massage effected by the pulsating heads kicks in.

      The long handle is good too if using on yourself, enabling you to massage the small of your back relatively easily without turning yourself into a contortionist to do so.

      The massager is durable too and has a useful long flex, meaning you don't have to stand right beside a plug socket to use it.

      So if you suffer from muscles aches and pains, particularly tension pains, I would recommend you consider this massager - for the price (just over £20) it's an effective piece of kit but it does have some disadvantages too which should be kept in mind.


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