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HoMedics MB 1TAB Snuggly Bear Massaging Slipper Boots

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Brand: HoMedics / Suitable for: Lip / What it does: Rejuvenates / Type: Massager

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    3 Reviews
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      26.01.2011 14:27
      Very helpful



      A beautiful stress reliever

      I am on my feet a lot during the day, and I often find they ache a lot. I do get pedicures and foot massages to help keep my feet soft and relaxed, but this can get costly, so I needed to find something different that would help my feet but not cost the earth.,

      It was when I was looking for new shoes one day I came across the answer. I was searching on Amazon when I saw the Homedics Snuggly Bear Massaging Slipper Boots. All ideas of searching for shoes went out of the window, and I had to have a closer look at these massaging boots.

      I took a look at some reviews from other who owned them, and I decided it seemed like a brilliant idea to buy them, so that is what I did. They cost me £19.99 and with free delivery, it seemed like a total bargain.

      My boots soon arrived, and I instantly opened them as soon as the post man bought them to my door. They come in a box, which has a picture of the boots on the front, and there is also a circle of cloth which is the same as the one on the boots, so you can feel how soft they are before you open the box. This is obviously more helpful to you if you are buying them from a store.

      When you open the box, you will find the slipper boots inside a sealed plastic bag, along with 4 AA batteries, a manual and a guarentee leaflet. The bag is easy enough to open and then you are ready to set up the boots for use.

      The boots have a zip on the heel part on the inside of each boot, and when you open this zip you will find the battery holder. Each boot takes 2 AA Batteries, and the holder is easily labelled so you know which way to place each battery. Once you have put the batteries in, just pop the holder back inside the boot, zip it up and you can then use it.

      Just pop your feet inside the boots, and then do up the velcro strap. The strap is threaded through a plastic buckle, and then comes back on itself to do up at the front of your ankle. There is an on/off button on each boot, just at the top next to the ankle, on the inside of each boot. This takes just a gentle push to turn on, or turn off. The massaging action starts instantly when you press the button, so there is no delay.

      The massaging will last for 15 minutes before it turns itself off. If you wish to keep this going on longer, just press the button again. The boots themselves are a creamy colour, with an embriodered teddy bear on each one. The bear is brown, and he is wearing a green and red scarf. The bear is actually quite cute, and adds nicely to the cosiness of the boots. The boots are really warm and comfy, and I find they are pretty good slippers even when I do not have the massaging on.

      These slippers have a rubberised sole too, so that you can walk around in them, whether the massaging action is on or off. I was really worried that you would not be able to walk around in them, but it turns out you can, so happy times!

      The massaging action is amazing! It really does work at relaxing and soothing the feet. I didn't expect it to be as good as it is. The massaging can be felt from the tips of my toes right to the back of my heel. The massaging is a mixture of vibration and pulsing together, which makes a wonderful feeling on the feet. It is strong enough to make a difference to the feet, but not so much that it hurts. I am also glad that it is not so weak it feels like it is tickling, I have very ticklish feet, but these do not tickle me, so they should be fine for even the most sensitive of feet.

      I really feel my feet are relaxed and soothed when I have worn these slipper boots. Just the 15 minutes feels wonderful, and you can really feel the stress just melt away! I have used these every day since I bought them, and it really does make such a difference to my feet. I no longer spend all evening with sore, achey feet. They are actually the best thing after a night out dancing in painful shoes and boots.

      If you are on your feet a lot, or if you just like a really good foot massage, I totally recommend the Homedics Snuggly Bear Massaging Slipper Boots. They do exactly what they are needed to do, and they look good doing it. I give these a 5 out of 5.

      I bought these on Amazon.co.uk for just £19.99.

      *This review is also on Ciao under the name of Hailee*


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      09.01.2011 23:55
      Very helpful



      A nice product shame they are not washable and quieter!

      Just before Christmas my bestmate/flatmate asked me what things I wanted as Christmas gifts from her. I was really pleased as I had my eye on these in the Kays catalogue priced at £20.00 so I dropped the hint I wanted them and she ordered them and I got them for Christmas and I was so pleased lol!

      The Packaging:

      The slippers come in a white and brown box where we are told what they and are that they of course a Homedics product etc and shown lots of photographs of the slippers all over the box and contact details for Homedics are given. Nice enough box which is informative enough and I do like a piece of the slipper material that is on the box to which we are told to feel the comfort of which is a handy feature say if you see these slippers in the box and not out of the box in shops etc.

      The Slippers:

      These slippers are just so beautifully well made and soft and furry inside and plush on the outside, they really do warm the feet up brilliantly and are a gorgeous beigy colour with a brown bear on the side of each. They both have black thin rubber, waterproof soles and do up with velcro straps to the top of them which are adjustable with 2 little poms poms on each.

      These are vibrating slippers and so each slipper to the side of them has a zip up section, you simply pop 2 double a batteries into the little battery holders, zip it back up then when you want a bit of vibration and relaxation there is piece of satin material on the top inside of each slipper and on that it says on/off and you simply press it and away you go!

      Simple to use these are very warming and soft and of good size in my opinion. I am a size 6 and I have got plenty of room in them and of course the strap being adjustable means that providing you foot is 4-8 it doesn't matter whether your legs are skinny or fat really!

      The vibration is rather deep, you do need good batteries and for me these are a wonderful relaxation tool. These are designed to not be simply worn all the time as they are not washable (just wipe clean) and so I use mine just for a bit of pampering on feet that need a bit of refreshing from time to time!

      I love the style and fit and most of all I like the fact they give me a massage as I sit watching the tv! A great product once again from the people at Homedics.

      Google these if interested they on sale on Amazon for £20.00 a pair.


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        21.12.2010 19:25
        Very helpful



        Foot massaging cosy slippers which keep your feet warm

        After all this Christmas shopping has been done and I feel like I have walked the length and breadth of London twenty times over, all I want to do is come home, close the curtains, put my Pjs on, light some candles, open the wine and have someone massage my poor aching and throbbing feet better. This however points to problem number one - I hate having my feet touched, even if it is accidental, I hate it and it makes me feel queasy. Throughout my time here on Dooyoo I have done review after review about foot lotions, potions, creams and other foot related cures and basically I look after my feet so I don't have to go and see someone like a Chiropodist who might have to touch them, no thank you, I would rather suffer.

        Anyway, my feet are literally throbbing and I want to sit here in front of the TV with a nice chilled glass of wine and with my new book which is so fantastic I cannot put it down, but I want my feet to be cured so what do I do? No way I am asking hubby to massage them, yuck, instead I settle for a belated birthday gift from a friend of mine who thinks nothing of whipping her feet out to be touched by anyone daring enough to go near them and knowing I am the complete opposite she bought me some HoMedics MB-1TAB Snuggly Bear Massaging Slipper Boots.

        HoMedics were founded back in 1987 and market themselves as being the Market leader in health and wellness and state "Our extensive range allows you to relax, new your spirit and simplify your life. From spa treatments to massages, we provide you with products that help you create that extra special 'me time' needed to keep you free from the stresses and strains of everyday life" and from here HoMedics have produced an array of products which centre around massages with products such as the slipper boots I am reviewing to back massagers, neck massagers, hand massagers, massage mats, eye massagers, foot massagers, foot spa massagers right through to products that check your blood pressure, weight scales and pedometers to name but a few. I was quite surprised to see how extensive their catalogue of products actually was and it doesn't just stop and start with massaging products. HoMedics also have Sensory products such as a Lullaby SoundSpa which has been designed to create soothing sounds for babies for example and their list of products goes on through weight management to sleeping products such as memory foam pillows to a section called Champneys within which you will find products from Champneys the spa company. More information about all of these products can be found on the HoMedics website.

        So what are these slippers all about I can hear you all asking? Well they are exactly what the name states they are, they are slippers which massage your feet for you whilst keeping them all snug and warm and the answer to your prayers if you hate your feet being touched by other human beings like me.

        Now to look at these slippers are not the most attractive looking things, they are cream coloured looking booties with a Velcro fastener on them to ensure your feet are as snug as they can possibly be and added to that inside they are fake fur lined which adds to the extra warmth feeling for your feet. To date I have only seen them available in the cream colour.

        They are available online through places like Amazon and retail between £10.99 right up to £25, so worth shopping around if you like the sound of them but they are only available in UK sizes 4-8 adult sizes. I am a size 6/7 in shoe and they fit me very comfortably. Back to their look, on the front of each slipper is a bear that looks extremely cheery. Each slipper is individual and there is no cord strapping them together which is brilliant, although they are not designed to walk around the house in because with the massaging components make them very uncomfortable to move around. In my mind they are made for someone to wear when they are sitting completely still in an upright or laid down position and then they are used just to massage and warm your feet.

        To work these slippers you simply need to use the switch which can be found on each slipper within the collar part of the actual boot and it is simply an on and off button. There is no mechanism that allows you to speed up or slow down the massage, it is a standard movement which rubs the whole of your foot in one go. Thankfully again each slipper has its own button, so should only one of your feet weirdly need a massage then you don't need to use both slippers to do so. Once you slip your feet into these slippers the soft faux fur is instantly warming on your feet and within a few seconds they begin to warm up. Once you are sitting or laying comfortably you switch the on button on and you will feel a vibration movement which is quite loud at the first time of using them and not particularly relaxing, however as soon as you apply some pressure from your feet onto the massager the noise quietens down and your feet are massaged. The massage itself is not like having two hands massaging your feet and although I haven't taken these slippers to pieces to find out what it is that does massage your feet, it does feel like a small roller ball that moves backwards and forward along the slipper, the more pressure your feet put on the slipper, the more intense the massage actually is.

        These slippers work using batteries which do come included within your box. When the slippers arrives they are packaged in a huge over the top box, there are no instructions that accompany the slippers, only what is written on the box and 4 AA batteries, which is two for each slipper. The batteries last depending on how often you use your slippers to be honest and I actually don't use them that often for massaging my feet, more to warm them up if I am sat on the sofa reading because whilst they are warming to my feet they are big enough on my feet to allow my toes to curl and stretch and not be restricted like they would in a sock or my other slippers. However you can always replace the batteries yourself as they are AA batteries.

        When it comes to keeping them clean, although it doesn't state that you cannot put them in the washing machine, I have to confess that I actually have washed them by hand in the sink with some washing up detergent and then I did put them inside the Dryer, although inside a pillowcase to stop them from clattering around and making a noise for about 15 minutes by which time they are almost dry and ready to use again, naturally I did remove the batteries before washing and drying them and no harm has come to the slippers, instead they are clean and fresh smelling and still in good working order.

        So for anyone who hates to have their feet touched by anyone other than themselves but needs a solution to poor tired and achey feet then these are a really good alternative because the massage that is offers is sufficient enough to cure your tired and aching feet whilst keeping them snug and warm and whilst they are not the most attractive or cutest slipper that you can buy, they have their own independent benefits that other slippers don't have to offer and I really like them and probably should use them more than I already do.


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        Homedics / HoMedics Cosy Massaging Slippers is designed with ultra plush material with faux fur trim and lining for exceptional comfort /

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