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Type: Hair Comb / Brand: JML / Sub-type: Hair Accessories - Stretchable Comb

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    4 Reviews
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      14.07.2013 16:32
      Very helpful



      A ok hair slide

      Ez double comb

      I think I first saw these on a tv, and as I like buying different things for my hair I fancied getting them. I liked the idea of having one product I could use to make different hair styles. I found them on sale in a small local shop for around £3, and decided to buy them. Mine are the brown one, and a silver one, they came in a twin pack.

      The Ez Comb
      These are classed as a double comb as they have 2 comb sections to go in your hair these are attached to each other by 10 elasticated lattice patterned strings decorated with beads, in my case silver and white beads on one, and different shades of brown on the other. These are marketed as being easy to use and wear, and with them you can create several different hairstyles easily, and they won't fall out even if you are jogging. The idea is that you put in one side of the shaped comb and then stretch it across your hair to hold your style in place and then secure it with the other comb. It is also not supposed to pull your hair, and to be comfortable enough to sleep in. This comes packaged in a plastic holder with some instructions and a link to a video.

      So is it Ez ?
      Well not as easy for me as I had hoped for. My hair is long and fine, and when in good condition pretty silky, and despite the promise I do have problems keeping these in my hair, and that's with normal everyday movement. I have attempted the standard just sliding it in my hair and across to form a low ponytail, and I'm lucky if this lasts 15 minutes before it starts to slide free. I've also tried this same approach higher up but it tends to pull my hair, and still slide free quite quickly. I like to style my hair and forget about it so I find this quite annoying. I have had slightly more success with putting my hair through the lattice to use it for a ponytail, and twisting the clip in a "butterfly" style to make it a bit tighter, and with using it to hold all my hair up in a bun like style, again I have to twist it to get it to stay in. Doing this I have had occasions where I have caught my hair in the beads, which as well as being painful means I have to start again so that my hair looks nice after.

      So do I like my Ez comb?
      It's ok, I do use them quite a bit as they are pretty, and unlike some complaints online I've had no problems with them snapping, and I've had them about a year. I am disappointed with the range of styles I can make though and with the longevity of any style I make. I don't wear hairspray and maybe this would help, but then there's other clips out there where I wouldn't need to use additional products, which reminds me I need a trip to Boots to buy some hair clips I used as a kid which were great, they've just got them in. I will continue to use these, but am still lokking for that perfect hair grip :) I think 3 stars for this as I like them, but on reflection they're not great.

      These retail on ebay from about £2, and Amazon from around £5, I've also seen them in various shops. There is a video online which also shows you how to use these.


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      02.11.2011 15:28
      Very helpful



      A good idea..that fails unfortunately


      I had seen these hair slides advertised on the television in one of those irritating infomercials, and as tacky as the advert was it certainly grabbed my attention as here I am writing about them.
      As I have longish hair that is fine (but with lots of it) I tend to struggle when it comes to finding something suitable for tying my hair back as regular ponytails with hair bands seem to last the minimum amount of time before my hair starts looking 'tatty'. These appealed immediately as they promise to "...work on any hair type and offer a comfortable secure fit..." that was enough to sell it to me!

      *~*What makes it different to regular hair combs*~*

      As my hair is quite fine I find that 'regular' combs/ slides/ bobbles etc don't offer a secure enough feeling once my hair is tied back and this leads to much annoyance, particularly when out and about if I find my hairstyle starting to come loose or undone. These slides promise to be a revolutionary new hair accessory and create exciting new hairstyles instantly all whilst keeping the hair firmly in place.

      The combs are suitable for thick, thin, short straight or curly hair - so basically cater for most hair types and claim they stay securely in place even during brisk exercise.

      *~*Appearance of the combs*~*

      The pack contains 2 'devices' which are made up of two identical metal combs. The prongs are rounded and doubled over in a loop so although they are a metal material they do not feel hard or even abrasive when used close to the scalp. The two hair combs are positioned facing outwards and are connected via a thin (but sturdy) stretchy plastic material which is decorated with small coloured plastic ornaments (one bronze and one silver) - more for covering the stretchy plastic than for decorative purposes as to be honest they seem to cheapen the appearance somewhat but hey ho if they work I cant see them anyway so don't really care!

      *~*Price, Packaging & Availability*~*

      Though I originally became aware of these on an informercial they were being sold at a rather hefty £14.99! As much as I liked the sound of these my bank balance certainly didn't so decided against purchasing them feeling they weren't worth almost £15. Several months later I was in my local Poundstretcher store when I happened upon them at the end of an aisle costing a much more purse friendly £4.99.

      I decided to buy them there and then and have since seen them at various other shopping outlets at just £2.99 so if interested then do look around.

      The packaging is nothing overly exciting so doesn't need much mentioning only to say that it is in the form of one thin piece of cardboard with an overlapping flap that houses the combs. The packaging is 'open' as the combs are just slotted inside which I don't find particularly secure as they could easily fall out or be damaged. On the front are several images of the back of ladies heads with their hair in different styles all sporting the stretchy combs.

      *~*My experience of using the stretchy combs*~*

      Up until recently I had longish hair and I found that the easiest thing in a morning was to end up tying it back whilst sorting out my boys/ the school run/ general day to day chores etc without it getting in my way. I tend to opt for a soft hair bobble and tie in a basic (and boring) ponytail so when I heard about these combs I was genuinely keen on using them as they promise an array of different hairstyles with minimum time and effort required - perfect.

      The combs work (apparently) by holding a section of the hair (like the top half) or indeed all of the hair as if tying in a ponytail. The hair is then put through the centre of the stretchy elastic and the combs are then pushed into the hair against the scalp facing towards each other. The combs can be twisted and placed at different positions on the head to create the different styles and although it sounds complicated they are actually quite easy to place in the hair once you get the hang of using them.


      Well..er..no not really!
      After finding that they were relatively easy to use I was quite surprised at how sturdy they felt and my hair always started off feeling securely pinned up. After about 5 minutes though the combs started to loosen their grip on my hair and the hairstyle soon fell out leaving it looking messy and basically being a pain, as the combs needed to be taken out then put back in again resulting in annoyance and frustration.

      I thought maybe it was just because my hair was fine that the combs simply weren't gripping enough (despite the claim they are for all hair types) though a friend also bought some of these combs for her daughter's hair which is very thick and curly and she has had similar problems. I've also recently had my hair cut shorter with lots of choppy layers which have added a thickness to my hair that it lacked previously and after trying these combs on my shorter and thicker hairstyle I have still found them disappointing, so I can't blame my long fine hair as they fell out of position within a similar time period with my new shorter style.

      I was very disappointed with these combs as they promised so much but gave so little and were a complete waste of time and money, though I am so glad I didn't get carried away and buy them when I originally saw them at £14.99!

      If you want to try them for yourself then I suggest if you can get them around £1 then give them a go but they are not worth any more than that unfortunately.


      Disappointing hair product that just doesn't stay securely in place..


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        28.08.2010 23:42
        Very helpful



        unfortunately left in the drawer with so many other fancy hair ideas that just don't work

        After seeing an advert on television for the JML EZ comb I decided they looked like a good idea. I have fairly long hair and am always looking for new ways to wear it up because I get bored of a ponytail but leaving it down takes too much time and effort to maintain for everyday.

        The JML EZ comb comes in a pack of two and they are sold at all the usual JML retailers such as Boots, Wilkinsons, Asda, Argos, Tesco, superdrug and TJ Hughes and the recommended retail price is £14.99.

        The EZ comb is basically two slide in hair combs joined together with elastic and plastic ties that are decorated with beads. You slide the two combs in one on either side of your head and your hair is held in place by the elastic that stretches between. The beads come in various colours such as gold, silver, bronze and black. You can arrange you hair in a few different ways and twist the elastic to create different styles and it is all held in place by the EZ comb.

        I felt that £14.99 was drastically over priced for a hair slide so I went onto www.ebay.co.uk to see if I could find a cheaper version. I found exactly what I was looking and paid £3.99 for a genuine EZ comb with free postage.

        In the pack you get two sets of combs and an instruction leaflet. I got black and gold in my pack and as my daughter has fairer hair than me we decided to share the combs between us.

        The instructions are easy to understand and include pictures to show you what to do. The thing I found difficult was trying to follow the instructions but on the back of my own head. I found this quite tricky with some of the suggested styles and so have tended to stick to just twisting my hair up into a pleat and pulling the combs across the back. I can do all the styles on my daughter's hair and the beads look nice but as my daughter's hair is very shiny the combs slide out after a few minutes much to her disappointment. Her hair is thick but shiny and we haven't found a single style yet that will stay in for more than a few minutes. I have quite course thick hair and I don't have any problems with the combs staying in place. I could do with the elastic being a bit longer so that it fitted around my twisted up hair a little easier but it all stays in place very well and lasts all day.

        My only complaint about the EZ comb from my point of view is that where the elastic is stretched across my hair the pressure pulls the combs back towards each other and the teeth of the comb dig into my scalp. This gets very uncomfortable and I have had to remove the comb because it becomes unbearable.

        So overall I would say this is a great idea and it looks lovely when it's in place but the recommended price is outrageous and make sure you have a spare scrunchie with you in case it hurts your head .


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          12.08.2010 11:14
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A poor product from JML

          My daughter has been talking about these JML EZ Combs for absolutely ages after seeing an infomercial on TV, and during a rather expensive trip to the Metro Centre recently I succumbed and bought her a pack that contains two of the hair accessories.

          I purchased these from Boots, and paid the princely sum of £14.99. The pack contains two combs, one in silver and the other in a bronze colour. They look a little bit, as the name suggests, like combs. Each grip has two combs attached by a series of strong thin elastic, called bungee bands, covered in pretty beads. The general idea is that these can be used to create a number of glamorous up-do's with ease.

          I must say that the general idea is pretty good, and depending upon hair type I think on some they would work pretty well, however, my daughter has very fine soft hair, and while the styles look good at first they don't last very long before the combs come loose and the hair slides out.

          It is going to be pretty difficult to explain exactly how they work, but here goes!

          To create one of the syles, the classic, you attach one side of the comb to your hair above your ear, then stretch the comb to the other side of your head and insert into your hair. In turn the elastic now contracts and pulls hair back from the face creating a nice pulled back hair style.

          I hope from that description you get a rough idea of how these EZ Combs work. They come with an instruction leaflet, giving in great detail, guidance on how to achieve the syles contained in the book. Everything from the classic style which I have tried to describe above, to a simple pony tail, French twist, fountain effect and many others.

          We have tried all the syles and once you master the comb they are pretty easy to achieve, and depending upon hair type, this will dictate how long they last. Great for thick hair, but not so good for fine hair.

          I help my daughter, who is only 8, to do her hair with these combs as they are far too fiddly for younger children to master on their own. The stretch of the bands is very difficult to get the hang of, and to get into the hair evenly. When I've tried them my hair bunches up and the styles don't look even. I can't get used to the constant feeling of the 'pull' from the bungee bands and I've ended up with a headache, but again, that's only me, I hate having my hair tied back at the best of times.

          I also think that £14.99 is extortionate for this product. That works out at £7.50 each, but I would much prefer a simple hair clamp which cost as little as £1.00 and can produce many of the syles more effectively and at much less cost. Also what happened to a simple bobble to put hair up into a pony tail.

          Would I recommend these combs? Well the answer would be no. Like I have said the styles can be created just as effectively with cheaper alternatives. The thing that attracted my daughter is that they look really pretty in the hair, much nicer looking than simple clips, clamps and bobbles, but that said they are certainly not worth nearly £15.00


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