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Kent Small Narrow & Oval Cushion Style Brush

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Type: Hair Brush / Brand: Kent / / Suitable for: Children

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    1 Review
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      28.03.2013 11:32
      Very helpful



      A gorgeous hair brush to use, and the perfect size to keep in my hand bag too!

      A few months ago I won a competition with the Feel Unique website, the prize being a £25 voucher to spend on the website. I'd promised my partner that I wasn't going to fill our bathroom with *even more* cosmetics due to the fact that we were moving soon and I already needed a removal truck just for my girly stuff, so with the voucher burning a hole in my pocket I decided to buy a hair brush - I needed a new one and my hairdresser had recently recommended brushing my hair more regularly through the day as wearing it up pretty much constantly (thanks to my sticky handed toddler!) was damaging it in places where I use the bobble and this is maybe why I'm losing so much hair.

      The hair brush I eventually chose was the snappily named Small, Narrow and Oval Cushion Style Brush from Kent - at £21 this is far more than I usually pay for a hair brush, usually opting for a much cheaper Avon or Boots option. The small size of this one appealed to me however, also the fact that it uses natural bristle which the hairdresser had told me was best for my hair type (if not all hair types) and the fact that I have such long hair.

      It's a lovely looking hair brush, when new it had the pristine white cushion you can see in the piccie above and golden yellow bristles. Over time however these have become discoloured as I regularly colour my hair and the dye remnants have made themselves known to the fabric of the cushion, so it's now a veritable rainbow of dirty-brown and dirty-red smears. No matter, it doesn't affect the brush at all but it's worth remembering if you colour your hair too and prefer your things to look cleaner for longer. The handle and body of the brush are actually plastic, which surprised me when it arrived as judging from the photo on Feel Unique I thought it was dark wood - it has a pretty tortoiseshell finish which I think looks stylish and attractive, although personally if I were the designer I'd have made the handle a little lighter in colour to accentuate this design as it's only really visible in strong lighting.

      The hair brush is highly comfortable to hold as it's shaped to fit into the hand beautifully, at a shade under 20cm long (the handle being around 9cm) it makes stretching round with my poorly elbow easy when I want to brush the back of my hair. The website suggests this would be a good child's brush and I agree to a point, in terms of size I think it would fit in a kiddies hand perfectly - although I must admit I'd draw the line at spending over twenty quid on a hair brush for a five year old!

      The bristles are reasonably long at 1.5cm and this allows me to get into the bulk of my hair without having to spend too much time separating it into sections. I don't really style my hair as it's too long for that (and life is too short) so brushing is all it needs really, the bristles on the Kent brush are extremely soft so I can't use it after I've washed my hair as it simply isn't strong enough to get all the tangles out - I tend to keep the hair brush in my handbag for a quick spruce up during the day, or if Hollie has come out of school looking particularly bedraggled so it's not too embarrassing walking home with her! Don't get me wrong, it'll sort out the odd tangle or section of hair that has become a little matted during the day, but I suffer with hair which tangles to the point of making me cry as soon as it gets wet and this brush simply can't cope.

      It's proving to be sturdy, I've been using it at least daily for a quick brush and probably twice weekly to give my hair a more lengthy going over. My daughter, always in a rush for college uses dry shampoo a lot and tells me this brush is great for brushing the powder through her hair - I know sweet FA about dry shampoo but the texture of the bristles feel perfect for this use. None of the bristles have fallen out as far as I can tell and aside from the staining on the cushion there's no outward signs of the brush having had such regular use, by most of us in the house at one time or another.

      I've recently started using the Kent brush to coax some semblance of normality into my two year old sons barnet; the boy has a Boris Johnson-like thatch of flyaway hair which takes a hell of a lot of patience to make tidy, and bucketloads more to maintain tidiness. I tend to just leave it 'quirkily' messy. The natural bristles seem to be suiting his hair and it's losing some of the static, I could still enter him into a Babies-Who-Look-Like-Boris competition but I'm managing to detangle and tidy his hair much more easily.

      I probably wouldn't spend £21 cash on a hair brush, any hair brush, but can see and feel the quality of this Kent brush to a point where I can understand the inflated price as it really is a lovely (and useful) thing to own. My previous hair brush was a cheapie Avon cushion brush, much larger than this one but with the same principle - the bristles on the Avon brush (which I still have) are stiff plastic and while they cut through the tangles far better, I can feel the bristles tearing at my hair as I brush. The Kent brush feels far more gentle and for this reason I intend to keep it in usable condition for as long as possible, just in case I'm not in a position to replace it when needs be.


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    • Product Details

      Finest is a worthy description for these hand finished natural bristle hair brushes / The collection has been designed to allow for a variety of techniques from traditional brushing to blow drier styling providing classic hair care / Regular brushing keeps hair clean, shiny and healthy / Traditional oval rubber cushion hairbrush / Child or handbag size, tortoiseshell effect handle, soft white bristle for fine or thinning hair / Perfect grooming without tugging the hair or damaging the scalp / The cushion pad assists with hair penetration / Brush length 195mm, width 53mm, bristle length 17mm /

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