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Kleenex Collection Cube Tissues

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Brand: Kleenex / Dosage Form: Tissues / Subcategory: Tissues & Wipes

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    1 Review
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      29.10.2012 21:35
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      Kleenex Cube Tissues.

      The Product
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      The tissues are made by Kleenex and come in a cubed shaped box which are available in various different designs. The tissues are part of the Kleenex Collection cubes which come in a contemporary design containing tissues with all the softness and strength you would expect from the Kleenex brand. There were about 3 different box designs in my local Boots store which included a white box with red cherries, a beige coloured box with a stone type pattern on it and a duck egg blue box with brown flowers and leaf pattern on it. I was actually purchasing these for work so I wasn't too fussed about what box I purchased but I decided to go for the duck egg with the brown design as I preferred this design. The box of tissues is easy to open by pulling off the perforated circle shape on the top of the box to reveal the oval shaped hole in which you pull the tissues through. On the bottom of the box it states that the box contains 56 tissues, each of which are 3 ply so are stronger than some other own brand tissues. The tissues are a white colour and feel very soft when removing them from the box. I purchased these from my local Boots store where they are currently on offer as Buy One Get One Free, but are £1.95 per box. You can purchase these from the Boots website but you can't choose a specific design on the box. You may also find these available to buy in local supermarkets and other shops such as Superdrug. I may actually go back and get a few more boxes for home whilst they are on offer as the weather is getting colder and I am likely to get more colds over the next few months.

      Using the Product
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      I currently seem to have a slight cold (thanks dad!) so when I was in my local Boots store I decided to stock up on a few boxes of tissues as I hate blowing my nose on the cheap tissue at work as I end up with a sore, red looking nose and it's far too early in the year to have one of those yet! The tissues can be pulled from the box easily, without pulling 3-4 out at one time. The tissue feels soft in between my fingers and also looks strong. I put the tissue to my nose to give it a good blow. The tissue felt soft against my nose and wasn't anything like the cheap, rough tissue at work. I blew my nose and filled the tissue with . . . well whatever it was that came out my nose! The one thing I hate with cheap tissues is blowing your nose and the tissue then sticking to your fingers and falling apart. Luckily with these tissues, this wasn't the case. The tissue, although feeling a little damp, kept together and didn't fall apart or stick to my fingers. I am currently going through a fair amount of tissues a day due to the cold I have and I haven't yet got a sore, red looking nose. Every time I use a tissue it feels really soft and gentle.

      Overall Opinion
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      When it comes to purchasing tissues, I always prefer to buy the Kleenex brand as I find the products good quality and well worth the money. I don't think these tissues are very badly priced at £1.95, even when they aren't on offer. I know many shops do their own branded tissues but these are never as strong or as soft as the Kleenex brand. I know this because my boss always purchases the cheap Tesco tissues for work and I end up with a rather sore nose after a few days of using them. The tissues are strong and really soft and come in a great range of different designed boxes which can be chosen to suit different interior in the home. I would definitely buy these tissues again and will be popping back to my local Boots store to purchase a few more boxes whilst they are on offer.

      (review also on ciao)


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