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Magic Wand Facial Massager

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    1 Review
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      25.08.2009 14:27
      Very helpful



      Adios bags

      Magic Wand Facial Massager

      ~About the Company~
      Opal of London are the actual company behind the Magic Wand Facial Massager.

      They also sell products including:
      Home Spa
      Face, Hands and Feet
      Bath and Shower
      Heat and Treat
      Home and Garden
      Retro Range
      and much more.

      They have an online catalogue that you can download and view all their products.

      Opal of London we're founded in the 1970's. They first started with bath and body products, giving excellent customer service, quality products and ethically sourced products.

      ~About the Product / What the Product Says to Do~
      Like most women who awake in the morning and they look into the mirror you will notice your face is properly pale, puffy and more wrinkled and creased than usual?

      Some of the wrinkles are down to how you slept on your pillow, your pale skin however is down to slow circulation.
      With Facial Massager you can get rid of the sags and bags you have and all traces of the slept in look within a few minutes before you leave the house.

      With this little device you will be able to wave good buy to puffy morning after eyes and watch eye bags disappear. You're facial lines will soften and it will help to loosen your worry lines on your forehead and stress lines will quickly be demolished.

      Use a couple of minutes a day, especially in the morning to help the way you look and feel.
      With this device your facial mussels will be relaxed and feel more tones.

      It helps to detox and oxygenate the facial area.
      As it is a massager it will help with circulation and help bring you glowing skin back to life.

      Tense facial mussels can bring on unwanted headaches, which can spread down to your neck and shoulders. (Tension headache)

      With all muscles in your body they have the ability to absorb and store stress and tension, thus creating more wrinkles.
      If the muscles don't relax they get stiff, hard and look strained, which shows on your face.

      This product helps to stimulated the muscles helping with circulation and getting better flow of blood and oxygen leaving you're face looking more radiant and glowing.

      Studies have shown that a facial massaer can help tighten and tone saggy skin by encouraging your natural collagen and elastin in your body, which is why this type of treatment is very popular in beauty salons.

      This product also helps around the eyes to drain and stimulate the lymphatic drainage and helps to remove toxins and fluid that collects around the eyes resulting in bags.

      A AA battery is included with this device and comes complete with instructions.

      This product has also won the WOMAN'S OWN 'This Works' seal of approval 28th May issue.

      Use this product first thing in the morning after cleansing. Work from the centre of the face sweeping outwards towards the lymphatic drainage points at the front of the ears. Repeat until the whole face and neck have been covered.

      When it comes to around the eyes, don't use the entire wand as this can be too much. Simply use the tip of the wand and sweep around the eye contour area.

      ~Texture / Packaging / Colour~
      The texture of this product is very smooth, even the tip. The tip is big enough for the face but is small in size, which is a good thing. It has some ridges to help with the massage.

      The actual size of the product is 3.5cm x 3.5cm x 21cm

      The box this product comes in is eye catching. It has magic wand at the front, which has been cut out and you can see the product though it. The box is also girly with a mixture of silver, pink and peach colours.
      The back of the packaging tells you a little about the facial wand and how to use.
      The box is recyclable.

      The colour of this product is in baby pink. At the moment I don't think they have any other colours to choose from. So I don't think your other half will be using it, unless your not looking.

      ~My Opinion~
      I bought this product 6 weeks ago, I was looking for something else and came across this. The description sounded brilliant and what I was looking for, and because they won a Woman's Own award I thought it has got to be good and too good to be true.

      Since having my daughter a year ago I always wake up looking a mess, especially on the facial area. I am nearly 27 but things just aren't what they used to be and I can see that!

      I bought it from Amazon and it didn't take long to arrive at all and I couldn't wait to start using it. First of all I thought I would just see how it is before I tried it on my face. I removed all packaging and looked on the instructions on how to apply. I opened the bottom of the device and tried to look to see which way I insert the battery. This I couldn't see and still cant so it can be tricky but if it doesn't work one way it will the other so not to worry. It's not the best battery in the world but if it works, who am I to complain?

      I pressed the little on/off button at the side of the product; as soon as it is turned on you can feel the powerful vibration. After a bit it makes your hand tingle. I placed it on my face and straight away I can feel my face moving with the vibration. As I moved it across my face like the instructions I found it very relaxing indeed.
      A few minutes if this everyday and you will feel great, mostly because it is so relaxing and you know you are doing some good to your face.

      Because it is so powerful you need to be careful around the eye area and don't use all of the tip as it can be to much and may irritate. Use the tip of the wand and lightly sweep it across your eye contour area. Again it feels lovely and relaxing, you want to do it all the time.

      After 6 weeks of using this everyday I can see and feel a difference to my face. It actually doesn't look as puffy and my eyes look for fresh and toned. At the moment I haven't noticed a different on my neck but I can say it is more smooth so that has got to be a good thing, right?

      It's a lovely product to use and I will be keeping on using this for a long time to come.

      ~Price and Where to Buy~
      This product costs £17.57 from http://www.magicwandfacialmassager.co.uk themselves. Alternatively you can get it cheaper from www.amazon.co.uk for £14.99

      ~Would I Recommend / Purchase Again~
      Defiantly it is a lovely product to use.


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    • Product Details

      This clever new facial massager diminishes puffy eyes, dark circles and wrinkles, and promises to make 'morning-after' eye bags a thing of the past / Despite the fairytale imagery, Magic Wand relies on sound massage principles / The high-speed (sonic) vibration of this hand held massager mimics the fingertip 'tapotement' movements of a trained therapist to stimulate lymphatic drainage, relax the muscles,and increase circulation / Reducing puffy eyes and improving facial definition /

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