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Newtons Chiropody Sponge

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Type: Sponge / Brand: Newtons / Sub-type: Foot Care / Accessory Type: Sponge

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    6 Reviews
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      31.10.2011 19:20
      Very helpful



      worth the money

      Anyone who has read any of my previous reviews will already know that both me and my other half suffer from a lot of foot problems, including heavy perspiration, fungal infections, corns, callouses, hard skin, athlete's foot, ingrowing toe nails and fallen arches and veruccas and warts. When we were courting it was often the topic of our conversations as we had a shared interest in foot odour and associated conditions.

      My chiropodist recommended to us both we try Newton's Foot Therapy Chiropody Sponge. She said this might help us to erradicate some of the hard skin and calloses we both have. We do a lot of walking and this does not help out foot problems despite wearing sensibe socks and shoes, we are part of a rambling club.
      This cost us £2.69 from Superdrug and it comes in a little hard plastic container with a flip top lid. It looks like a pack of scrubber sponges you buy for the kitchen to clean out your pots and pans. The sponge is very rough and hard to feel especially when it is new and feels much like a scourer pad - it is a dark grey, almost charcoal black in colour and feels like a lightweight stone.

      We soak our feet at night in our respective dishes (so we don't transfer the wart virus, which is very contagious). After about five to six minutes we each remove our feet and each using our own Newton's Foot Therapy Chiropody Sponge we gently slough away the dead skin, callouses and cracked areas around our feet - it is best if you rub soap into the wet sponge before you do this, however, to get maximum results.
      It feels rough on your feet and we often take it in turns to slough one another, just to add a little interest to the proceedings. The skin doesn't all come off at once, obviously, however, with nightly sloughing you can hope to achieve approximately 75% success in about two weeks of regular usage.

      This comes with a full instruction leaflet and you have to pay careful attention not to slough off your warts or veruccas as this can be painful and bloody if done incorrectly. We use separate wart remover for these areas.
      We apply athlete's foot powder to our feet afterwards and then put on socks. This is a nightly ritual in our house but a necessary one.

      I can recommend Newton's Foot Therapy Chiropody Sponge as it does work. Obvioulsly it does not give immediate results, but given time you will see a definite improvement in the health and quality of your feeet.


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      10.09.2010 12:06
      Very helpful



      Good product for removing rough skin.

      My feet ache at the end of the day and I have a build up of hard skin from time to time like everyone and when my feet get so bad, I like to soak them and take all the dead skin off and give them a good rub with this sponge to make them soft and so I can walk better and my feet then feel a lot more comfortable too.

      This is a hard block that is black in colour and it is hard and not like a sponge at all, it is a rectangle shaped block and it comes in a plastic container to replace it back into when not in use, it is easy to use, all that is needed is to soak the feet first in water to soften the skin and rub a little soap, either a bar or soap or liquid soap, but I prefer to use a bar as it can be rubbed onto the block more easily.

      It can then be gently rubbed onto the heel area of the foot and the ball of the foot and also the toes if they have hard skin on them too, once rubbed for a couple of minutes in these areas it is easy to rinse off, to leave the feet nice, smooth and soft and the dry skin removed, I then just rinse the block in some clean water and dab it dry and I then replace it into the container for the next time I need to use it.

      The block lasts a very long time and a lot of uses as it can be used time and time again, until the block becomes a little softer and then it is time to throw it away and buy a new one.

      I buy mine from Boots and it is usually priced at around only £2.70, which is an excellent price considering how long the block actually lasts.

      It is not recommended to use this on infected areas, or anyone with diabetes, or if you have bunions, or bad circulation and it is best to ask the doctor before using it, if you suffer from any of these conditions.

      It does not hurt the feet at all and it feels quite pleasant when using it and it does not irritate my skin at all but it must be rubbed gently and not used heavy handed as the block does all the work on the feet.

      It also works on calluses and corns, and the rough skin is removed immediately to leave it nice, soft and the feet in a good condition again.

      I recommend this one highly for anyone to try it, to keep the rough skin at bay and to have less aching feet at the end of the day, because our feet are very important to us all and we need to keep them in very good condition and this block works.

      I rate it 5 stars.


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        13.04.2010 09:13
        Very helpful



        good value and price

        I have a problem with my feet that makes me unable to walk far, hence having to use a mobility scooter when outdoors, I was having a really bad day with my feet a couple of years ago and my mother in law gave me this product to use and to see if it would help as the skin under my feet were continuously getting rougher although I did look after them.

        It is a square black kind of hard charcoal bar of soap, it is approximately 3 inches x 2 inches oblong shaped and all you have to do is soak the feet for approximately 5 minutes to soften them and then rub any soap into the black bar and rub gently on the area that has the hard skin, and it goes black onto the area and after the amount of time you need to soften the skin, it can be washed in the usual way and all the hard skin has gone.

        It is abrasive and it is painless and the sponge contains sulphur which combats bacteria and fungus naturally.

        It works on calluses and corns and it does not hurt the skin if rubbed gently.

        It is recommended a Chiropodist and it is meant to be a sponge but it is not it does not soak like a sponge, I would say it is like a bar of soap but with tiny holes.

        It comes in a hard plastic container, with a paper wrapper and once used it can be stored back into the container and used time and time again, and I would say it lasts at least 15 maybe more applications.

        I have only bought or seen this product from Boots but it may be available elsewhere but I have not seen it anywhere else.

        It is priced around £2.59 or even less but it is worth the money.

        Do not use on bunions or infected areas and people with diabetes or bad circulation should consult your GP or Chiropodist first before using this product.

        I do recommend this to anyone who has rough skin on the feet as it is a very quick and effective product.

        I give it 5 stars

        Thank you for reading my review.


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          22.01.2010 21:43
          Very helpful



          This product works. Don't waste your money on expensive lotions and potions.

          This product is fantastic. I have suffered from cracked heels for as long as I can remember. I tried all sorts of creams, scrubs soaks etc some costing over £15. But the very first time I used this sponge my feet were perfect. That's right... PERFECT! No cracks or dry skin. I own my own salon and when I get customers who come with cracked heals for pedicures and I always use this product. It leaves the skin so smooth after using it only once.

          The best way to use it is to first soak your feet in warm water for about 5mins. This will soften you skin. You don't need to add anything to the water. Then massage soap to your feet generously. Next take the sponge and soak it in warm water and very gently scrub the skin using soft circular motions. When all the dead and rough skin is removed rinse and dry your feet. Apply a moisturiser on the feet and put some socks on over night. Wake up to perfect smooth feet.

          After use rinse the sponge and let it dry naturally on the bathroom shelf before putting it in the container. It removes painful corns, ugly callouses and rough skin. (Although I can't comment on this as I have suffered from corns etc)

          It is priced at £2.69 and the bar lasts over a year. Value for money too.

          I recommend this product for anyone who has cracked heals r dry skin on their feet. If it was my product I would even put a money back guarantee on it!


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          06.03.2008 09:20
          Very helpful



          The best 'at-home' treatment I have used.

          - Packaging -

          This isn't attractive or fancy. It comes in a hard plastic container with a lid that opens up, inside of which is the sponge. The same style as cassette boxes of old!
          Inside the box / container, there is a leaflet that displays the product name and the uses of it.

          The Packaging isn't ideal - I don't mind about it being quite dated or unattractive, it's just that the hinges can be easily cracked if not stored carefully. The paper leaflet surrounding the sponge and inside the box isn't ideal as it gets wet and smudges if you put the sponge back in before it dries out.

          - Price -

          Currently on offer at Boots for £2.15, usually £2.69.

          - Appearance -

          For me, the name sponge conjures up pictures of soft and smooth sponges. This is totally opposite.

          It is dark grey / black in colour, hard to touch and very, very rough and prickly to touch. Like the packaging not a pretty looking thing!!

          - What do the manufacturers say about this product? -

          The following is a brief outline of the information given on the packaging:

          - This chiropody sponge has been accredited by the British Chiropody & Podiatry Association.

          - One of the best remedies available for the removal of hard skin, corns and callouses.
          - Contains sulphur which combats bacteria and fungus.
          - A quick, easy and painless way to bring relief to your feet.
          - Leaves the skin soft and completely smooth.
          - Works in minutes, lasts for months.

          - Foot problems -

          I don't have bad feet at all, well in comparison to some of my friends little pinkies that are squashed and squeezed in to ill-fitting high heeled shoes on a daily basis. My feet only have to suffer those type of shoes on a night out so as a result mine aren't bad. However I do have some stubborn hard skin on the outer side of my big toes and what I think is either a lot of hard skin or a callous on the top of my left big toe - it's just a big lump which annoys the life out of me!

          What is a callous? - These often develop on areas that have repeated friction. It is an larger area of thickened skin and is a result of the body's reaction to pressure or friction and aren't exclusive to your feet.

          What is a corn? - They are five different types of corn which usually occur on parts of the foot that don't bear the weight, e.g. tops and sides of your toes and the balls of your feet. Corns usually have a 'core' which makes it more obvious to determine whether it's a callous or a corn.

          - How to use Newton's Foot Therapy -

          Soak your feet in warm water for at least 5 minutes then wet the sponge. I thought that this would make the sponge soft and sponge-like but it remains the same as when it is dry.
          Rub some soap on the to the sponge and with a gentle but firm motion, rub the sponge over the problem area.

          Once you have used it, rinse the sponge to remove the soap, leave to dry and store in the case.

          - My Experience -

          Aside from being surprised that the texture of the product didn't match the title, 'sponge', I soon got used to it.

          I followed the instructions and rubbed away, expecting instant removal of the problem area but this didn't happen despite the claims. Despite being very disappointed I persevered with this each time I had a bath and after 5 to 7 days the hard skin had considerably diminished but hadn't totally diminished.

          It isn't a pleasant feeling when rubbing away at the hardened skin area, not painful just a little rough.

          Not all of the soap comes off the stone as bits of it become embedded in the tiny little holes in the sponge.

          This lasts a very long time, I've had mine for two years now but only tend to use it when the weather improves and my feet are on show a little more.

          This has improved the condition of the hardened skin I have in certain areas of my feet and has certainly been more effective than the other remedies I have tried over the years. However in my experience it didn't leave my skin soft and smooth after only a few minutes. It took a lot more perseverance than that and the area, though improved was still there!

          I would certainly be interested to hear from anyone who has had more success with this product, perhaps I'm using it incorrectly.


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            01.09.2006 17:57
            Very helpful



            An easy to use foot treatment which works

            Chiropody sponge

            Having spent the summer in sandals, I decided that my feet needed a really good overhaul, so I bought several "feet beautifying" products (on a buy 3 get one free offer at Boots) and this was the first stage in the improvement of the old feet.

            This actually promises to remove hard skin, corns and callouses and is supposed to work in minutes and last for months...we will see!

            THE PRODUCT

            The chiropody sponge comes in a nifty little plastic container, complete with all instructions, so once you have learnt how to use it, then it can be carried around minus instructions, in its own little box, ready for action.

            The sponge itself shouldn't be called a sponge because when I think of a sponge, I think of something soft. This is HARD, and has a texture like that coarse sand paper…ouch…this is going to hurt! Even when fingers are rubbed across it, there is absolutely no give.

            So there it is, ready to hurt my feet- a hard black "sponge" about 7cm by 5cm. I don't even like the feel of it on my hands, but, it does promise to be a painless method of removing hard skin, so worth a try.

            HOW TO USE IT

            First, you have to soak your feet in warm water for a minimum of 5 minutes. Wet the sponge, rub soap on the sponge and gently but firmly rub the sponge over the hard skin, corn or callous until it has magically (and hopefully painlessly) disappeared


            I bought mine from Boots for £2.69, and at the moment, there is a buy 3 get the cheapest free offer so no need for nasty feet.

            OTHER PRODUCTS

            Hard Skin Pumice Scrub
            Cracked Heel Repair Cream

            Actually, when I had a look around, it was incredible how many foot products there actually are.

            WHAT I THOUGHT

            Amazingly, and thankfully, it really didn't hurt at all, although I was convinced that it would. I think the soap softens things along, but once all soaped up, it's surprisingly gentle. I don't quite know how gentle it would be without the soap.

            It doesn't say how often the sponge should be used, so I have been using it every other day, and my feet are all soft now. The sponge is really easy to use, and all it takes is some gentle rubbing- I wouldn't like to see the after effects of harsh scrubbing on skin.

            The sponge does start to wear down, because as you use it, bits come off, so if you do this in the bath, you will end up with black particles in the bath…not a good look but easy to clean away!

            So, after a couple of months of regular use, I would imagine that a new sponge would be required; when I first bought it, I imagined that it was one of those things which would last forever, but it is a replaceable commodity. When I read the instructions fully, this should have become clear because it does say that the surface of the sponge is washed away with the hard skin, so that it doesn't become a breeding ground for bacteria. On the subject of bacteria (nice) it also contains sulphur which apparently combats bacteria.

            So… this is a little sponge which really does work. It doesn't work immediately (what does?) but for anyone wanting soft feet, then it's easy to use, painless, and the results are evident after using it a couple of times. I haven't used it on corns or callouses but I would imagine it has much the same effect as on hard skin.

            One thing I would suggest is that after you have used it, put lots of cream on your feet, otherwise they may feel a tad sore.

            For a quick and effective foot "pick me up", this does the job!

            Thanks for reading.

            Daniela xx


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