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Philips HB171 Facial Solarium

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2 Reviews
  • Helpful with problem skin
  • Starts off a tan
  • Takes a long time to build up a tan
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    2 Reviews
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      13.11.2014 01:29
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Helpful with problem skin"
      • "Prolongs a tan"
      • "Starts off a tan"


      • "Takes a long time to build up a tan"

      Artificial Sunshine

      WHY BUY?

      I purchased this Philips Facial Solarium years ago and it’s still working. True, I don’t use it very much as I don’t believe that tanning systems are good for one’s skin BUT I do think if you are very cautious with their use and follow instructions carefully then for occasional use they CAN be useful.

      I bought mine at a time when my complexion wasn't at its best. As a mother of four running a home and working part time I think I must have been a little run down and this began to show in my skin. I decided to purchase what I knew of as a sun lamp.


      The Facial Solarium can tan the face and possibly other parts of the body. It doesn't spread that well and isn't really suited for most of the body as it would be very time consuming to develop a tan on one’s body as the area it can cover is small.

      It can be used on the upper back but it is sold as a facial solarium.

      Good for treating acne and complexion problems.

      Can be used to maintain a tan

      HOW TO USE

      When using this lamp the special protective glasses which are included MUST be worn to prevent the UV light from damaging the eyes.

      I find it best to sit at my dressing table at the required distance from the lamp with the timer set.

      On first use there is a recommended time and then a short course of tanning can be followed. Full instructions are given,

      I don’t use this lamp for long enough to acquire proper tan but only use it over a few days before going on holiday abroad. I do this to start off my tan so that my pale face is less likely to burn while I'm on holiday.


      It’s not a bad product but not great. I really think it boring to use. It isn't as if you can lie down when using, read or watch TV as the red goggles must be worn. Really all you can do is listen to the radio or meditate; I only have the patience very occasionally.


      The lamp has two sets of memory counter dials enabling two people to use lamp for a course of tanning.

      Shuts off after 60 minutes

      Reflector system

      Two position stand


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        30.12.2007 14:32
        1 Comment



        i like mine

        This facial solarium has more than one use. It is designed to give you a lovely sun tan all year round which i must say using this solarium for just 15 minutes 3 times a week doesnt give a dark tan, the tan i have from this just keeps my tan from my holliday topped up all year round, this way i dont get the paleness of winter.

        The best thing i have found with this product is that it has worked brilliantly to keep my skin free of spots. It does this by helping to dry up the oil on my t-zones which has been a great help to my unbalanced skin.

        There are black goggles provided with this to stop the uv light from damaging your eyes but i cannot say how well these work as i have never tried them for fear of ending up with white patches around my eyes.

        I brought mine from argos about 3 years ago for £49.99 but would imagine these would be a lot cheaper now.


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      • Product Details

        This facial tanner gives you an attractive tan all year round / The 4 Philips Cleo lamps and reflector system ensure you get a nice, even tan / The tanner features a memory function for two users, a timer and two stand positions /

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