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Pillar of Fizz

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Brand: Lush / Type: Other Beauty Accessories

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    1 Review
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      22.09.2011 11:59
      Very helpful



      A poor packaging product from Lush

      I love Lush's bubble bars and their bath items are my favourite treats. The bath bombs are good fun as well and I buy these from time to time as the fancy takes me. The only problem I've run into is that I often end up with a big stash of Lush products waiting to be used after my shopping sprees, and as they are fresh, natural products it is better to use them quickly so they don't begin to deteriorate or lose their high level of quality. You can buy this Pillar of Fizz packaging product from the Lush high street stores, via mail order, or online at www.lush.co.uk. It costs £3.25 and this is for the tube itself only, there are no bath bombs included.

      Product description: "Blow the other packaging out of the (bath) water with our Pillar Of Fizz! Made from recycled black pots, this is an exciting new way to package your explosives. Just add it to your basket and choose three Ballistics to fit inside (sold separately). Every time you fancy a trip to a Lush shop, take it along with you to save on packaging!"

      Lush are well known for being a company that cares and they have an incredibly strong set of green credentials. They are very forward thinking when it comes to reducing the impact their products have on the natural resources of the planet, and one way that they achieve an eco friendly status is by reducing and recycling their packaging. Some Lush products are sold in black plastic tubs, and customers are encouraged to take these back to the store after use for a trade-in where you can then get a free Fresh Face Mask in return for 5 cleaned out empty black tubs. What Lush do with these black tubs is turn them into other packaging materials, including this Pillar of Fizz bath bomb tube.

      Lush's bath bombs are displayed on stores shelves with absolutely no packaging used. There are small paper bags that can be used to pop a bath bomb inside if you so choose. This is normally a very sensible idea unless you have some other way of storing the bath bomb, as they can spread dust everywhere if stored loose, and you really want to be able to slip it inside a bag to keep it dry so it doesn't start fizzing away if you happen to be caught out in the rain. The Pillar of Fizz bath bomb tube was a clever idea designed to help you store the bath bombs. This can be re-used at home and there is also the suggestion that you take it into the store with you and pop the bath bombs inside it to carry home with you after you've made your purchase. This is all a very nice concept, and I like the idea that Lush are being pro-active in their goals to reduce waste and use fewer raw materials in their packing processes. It also stops excess plastic from needlessly going to landfill; I know for certain that although my local council recycles plastic they will not accept any black plastic products so the little black Lush tubs would end up going in the bin if it weren't for Lush's recycling policy.

      The Pillar of Fizz is a long cylindrical tube that can fit three bath bombs inside (or so they say). It has a removable base and lid, and is sort of like a Pringles tube in design. There is a seam along one edge which creates a bit of an odd bulge. The base of the tube is plain black and is decorated in typical Lush style with little stick figures and cartoon images. Lush produce a free newsletter called the Lush Times which also doubles up as a mail order catalogue, and if you have ever read this then you will recognise the styling as it is very similar to the illustrations and themes used in the newsletter. I don't find it particularly attractive, but it's not completely ugly either.

      Now here comes the bad news. Unfortunately, in my experience this product just does not work. I like to vary my bath products and try out all the different bath bombs that Lush have on offer. The often release special edition items, particularly around the holiday seasons, and these will include bath bombs that have a special 3D shape to them rather than the usual plain sphere of most Lush bath bombs. These fancy shaped bath bombs do not fit inside the tube at all. I have a very cute "Hippy Chick" bath bomb which is in the shape of a baby chicken and unless I felt like snapping the poor thing in half it just will not go in the tube.

      I also found it very difficult to even get the ordinary spherical bath bombs to fit inside. I usually opt to have the paper bags covering the bath bombs when I purchase them, so that the bath bombs stay intact and as it helps to preserve the scent of the product. When they are wrapped in the paper bags this makes them a little bit larger and it is pretty hard work trying to stuff them down inside the tube. I have ended up with the bags ripping and scuffing the edges of the bath bombs which makes the edges crumble away. After the struggle getting it in there is also a full on mission to get them back out again, which usually involves trying to find some sort of implement with which I can push the bath bomb out of the bottom of the tube.

      So, why not just forgo the paper bags altogether and put the unpackaged bath bombs in there as intended? Well, the simple answer for that is because it absolutely wrecked the quality of my bath bombs. I noticed that by having a couple of unpackaged bath bombs sitting inside the tube they both experienced some damage and as a result were pretty crap when used. The colours of both bath bombs had faded, which isn't a huge deal I know but part of the fun of using a bath bomb is that it makes the bath water turn a pretty colour, so part of the experience was affected by this. The outer layer of the bath bombs also seemed to go soft, which I assume means that there must have been some way that a bit of moisture had managed to penetrate the tube. Again, this affected the bathing experience as I didn't get a full on fizzy bath bomb explosion. Finally, the worst part. The amazing, gorgeous, unique scents that Lush are known and loved for had been completely ruined. I think that the bath bombs had sort of "contaminated" each other by being sat on top of each other without any extra packaging to act as a barrier. This meant that neither of the bath bombs had retained their proper fragrance and instead each one was a weird mingled affair that was not pleasant at all. Maybe this would not have been a problem had I been using the tube to store identical bath bombs but I have certainly learned my lesson now.

      All in all I was disappointed that this Pillar of Fizz did not work effectively as a storage unit, and I have since got rid of mine (don't worry I didn't bin it, a "lucky" friend ended up taking it off my hands). I will continue using the paper bags to store my bath bombs and I always recycle the paper after using the bath bomb anyway so I don't have to feel too bad about taking that bit of packaging away with me. I would not recommend purchasing one of these, it may not be very expensive but it is completely ineffective and for the price you could just buy yourself a bath bomb, pick up a paper bag to put it in, and then enjoy a lovely bath.


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