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Real Techniques Starter Brush Set

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5 Reviews

Type: Brushes / Brand: Real Techniques / Set / Subcategory: Styling Brush

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    5 Reviews
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      16.02.2014 15:00
      Very helpful



      All you will ever need for your eye makeup

      Words cannot express how much I love the Real Techniques Starter Set.

      When Samantha Chapman (of Pixiwoo Youtube fame) brought out this set, I knew that they would be good but 'good' is not the word- they are phenomenal.

      The set contains five brushes-

      Base shadow brush
      Deluxe crease brush
      Accent brush
      Pixel point eyeliner brush
      Brow brush

      The base shadow brush is great for applying a wash of colour over the lid, leaving you with the perfect base.

      The deluxe crease brush is fantastic for adding depth to the eye by blending colour through the crease.

      The accent brush is perfect for adding a brow bone highlight, an inner corner highlight, and also for taking colour under the lower lash line. It's small enough not to give you panda eyes but big enough to create a smokey look that isn't too precise.

      The pixel point eyeliner brush is used for applying eyeliner, allowing you to create both thin and thicker lines with powder, liquid liner and gel liner.

      Finally, the brow brush is great for defining and filling in brows. It picks up just enough product to enable you to create great looking brows without going too heavy and all a bit 'scouse brow' looking.

      All of these brushes come in a handy little travel case that also doubles up as a brush stand.

      The brushes, as with all Real Techniques brushes have colour coded handles. All of the eye brushes have a purple handle so that they're easy to spot in your brush collection.

      As well as being eye brushes, you can also use a couple of the brushes in other ways too. The accent brush is great for concealing and the deluxe crease brush is good for powdering under the eyes to set concealer too.

      All of the brushes are made with cruelty free Teklon fibers. They do not shed and they hold their shape after washing. They wash really well and a very fast drying too.

      The Starter Set for eyes can be picked up for £21.99 at Boots an for even cheaper on Amazon.

      I love the set and it contains all of the eye brushes that I'll ever need. I take it everywhere with me and fully recommend it to everyone, whether you're a beginner at make up, or a pro.


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      23.10.2013 23:12
      Very helpful



      Real Techniques Starter Set

      = = = = = =
      The Product
      = = = = = =
      Many of you will be familiar with the Real Techniques range as this is around the 3rd product in this range that I have reviewed. Because of this some of the information may sound slightly similar. The product I am reviewing is a makeup brush set by Real Techniques. Sam Chapman whom is a well-known make-up artist has teamed up with Real Techniques to bring out this special range of makeup brushes. Although there are a few different brushes in this range I am reviewing the Starter Set. The set contains five brushes suitable for use on and around the eyes. The brushes are made from ultra-plush synthetic bristles which are hand-cut and 100% cruelty free. The brushes have extended aluminium ferrules for light, easy use. The brushes have names for easy reference and they have self-standing bases for countertop display. The brushes come in a case that also turns into a stand for the brushes.

      Sam Chapman is a makeup artist, blogger, beauty boot camp instructor, mother and more. She has been a professional makeup artist for 15yrs and has had the privilege of working at countless fashion shoots and editorials. Sam has teamed up with Real Techniques to bring woman high-tech tools that deliver high-definition results, alongside tutorials packed with techniques you can use to boost your look. She is in high demand as a makeup artist and is a top-rated YouTube beauty guru with 40 million hits and counting. The press acknowledges her as an expert in her field and she is frequently quoted and regularly appears in national and regional press. Sam's work has appeared in publications including Harper's, Elle and Cosmo. She also works with celebrities including Sir Paul McCartney, Peaches Geldof, Charlotte Church and more.

      The brushes comes in a plastic box in which you can clearly see the brushes and the small case that holds the brushes. On the front of the box it states that these brushes are from the starter set and are for use on and around your eyes to help enhance them. On the back of the packaging it tells you a little information about each brush and it also shows you a picture of Sam Chapman and it lists the website you can go to, to watch step by step tutorials on how to use the brushes. There isn't any real need to keep the main packaging which the product comes in so I put this into my weekly recycling box.

      (Please note some of this information, especially the above middle paragraph can be found on my other Real Techniques reviews.)

      = = = = = =
      The Brushes
      = = = = = =
      There are a total of 5 brushes in this set and they are all purple. This colour indicates that they are for use on and around your eyes. On each of the brushes it tells you what the brush is called so you can refer to this when watching the tutorial online. The set includes the following brushes:

      * Base Shadow Brush - This helps to apply a smooth, flawless foundation of colour so would be suitable for applying any type of base eye-shadow.
      * Deluxe Crease Brush - This brush is soft and over-sized for effortless contouring. This isn't something I was used to using so I would need to refer to the tutorial on how to use this particular brush.
      * Accent Brush - This is designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting and also smudging which means it would be perfect for help creating a smoky eye look.
      * Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush - This brush is tapered cut and is ideal for dense or fine eyeliner application.
      * Brow Brush - The distinctive shape of this brush easily defines eyebrows for that perfect finish.

      The main barrel of each brush is purple but has a black handle which feels soft to the touch. The brushes all free-stand on their own is well which I find really handy. The bristles to the brushes feel nice and soft. I expected the brow brush to be quite stiff as they have often been like this in other make-up brush sets I have purchased how-ever it was nice and soft but still had a little stiffness to it. The brushes have their own place in the black case where they are held in place by strong and quite wide black elastic. The case can be fastened using the Velcro tab or the case can be folded and made into a stand for easier use of all the brushes. The case is made from a soft material and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or sponge and left to dry naturally.

      = = = = = = = =
      = = = = = = = =
      I purchased this set from my local Boots store for £21.99 which does sound rather pricey, how-ever the brushes are really good quality. You can also purchase these from the Boots website and I believe you can purchase the set and other brushes in the Real Techniques range from Superdrug. Some of the brushes are also available to purchase on Amazon, how-ever some of the individual brushes and set's on there are rather pricey compared to the price I paid in boots.

      = = = =
      = = = =
      When purchasing these brushes I always look on the Real Techniques website (www.realtechniques.com) to watch the tutorial that goes with this set. This is really handy if you are unsure what to use each individual brush for. There is also make-up ideas on the website as which I find really useful. If you click on the how to and then brushes simply find the corresponding brushes which in this case in the Starter Set. When you click on it, this should load up a short tutorial on how to use the brushes. I found this tutorial really good and I learnt some new things and also picked up some new ideas on how to create different looks using the different brushes in the set. I would definitely recommend watching the tutorials before using the brushes, even if you do know how to use them.

      = = = = = = = = =
      Using the Brushes
      = = = = = = = = =
      I actually have a brown eye-shadow set so I was going to use the brushes exactly how Sam show's you in the tutorial. I first took the lightest shade of the set and used the base shadow brush to apply the lighter colour of my eyelids. The brush felt very soft and was really easy to use. The brush didn't feel scratchy at all like some other brushes I have used in the past and I found that the brush holds the powder well until applied. I then used the deluxe crease brush with the slightly darker shade and applied this in the crease starting outwards and working my way inwards. If the crease to your eye is quite small so Sam does recommend you swapping the brushes over as the shadow set brush is slightly smaller than the crease brush. The first time I used the brushes I didn't do this, how-ever I would next time. When using this brush I found that I was able to apply the slightly darker shade in the crease quite easily without going over the top of the whole of the eyelid. I then changed back to the base shadow brush and blended it in. You can build this up as much as you like. Once I was satisfied I then used the accent brush with the next dark shade and applied this to the outer corner of my top lash line and upwards slightly so to form a triangle like shape. Again using the base shadow brush I blended this in carefully until I was satisfied. I actually never put this much though and details into applying eye make-up before watching this tutorial so I am really pleased I watched it and picked up ideas from it.

      The next brush to use was the pixel point eyeliner brush. I actually have some gel eye-liner that I have only used once so this was a good opportunity to test my skills with this brush. I have quite a steady hand so I was hoping I was going to be able to apply the liner quite well. I carefully dipped the brush into the liner and applied this very carefully along the top lash line getting as close to the lash-line as possible. As the brush handle is a good length unlike some of the one's which come with gel liners I found the liner really easy to apply. I then used the same brush to smudge it upwards a little to make the line a little softer. This brush was perfect for doing this as I didn't need to apply much pressure on the brush in order to do this. The last brush in the set is the brow brush which is very simple and easy to use. I normally have an eyebrow pencil that I use, how-ever on this case I was going to use some of the dark brown shadow I had already used on my eyes for my brows. This colour was suited to my dark brows and I carefully swept the brush across the dark shade and then applied it carefully to my brows to ensure they were filled in but looked natural and also defined. After using the brushes as the tutorial showed me, I was actually amazed at how different my make-up looked. Although I had have the eye-shadow set that I used this with set of brushes a long time I always apply it in the same way which is quick and easy. Using these brushes to apply the eye-shadow in a slightly different way really gave my finished make-up a different look which I loved. My make-up looked professional and it also looked pretty much perfect to me.

      = = = = = = = = = =
      Cleaning the Brushes
      = = = = = = = = = =
      All make-up brushes need cleaning to prevent nasty bacteria and dirt transferring onto your skin when applying your make-up. There are a few different ways of cleaning your brushes and you don't necessarily have to buy expensive brush cleaner. I tend to clean my brushes after every use using a Boots No.07 brush cleaner as a quick cleaning method for cleaning my brushes. I also like using a brush cleaner as the brushes can be used again pretty much straight away. Once a month I also give them a good deep clean using a mild shampoo such as baby shampoo and then leave them to dry naturally. I find that the brushes dry over-night so if you don't have brush cleaner just used a mild baby shampoo to clean them and leave them to dry, instead of using a brush cleaner. The brushes must be left to dry naturally as if you use a hair-dryer this can melt the glue which hold the bristles of the brush in place. I always find that these brushes clean really well and I haven't come across any problems whilst cleaning them and using them the next day after they have dried over-night on a towel.

      = = = = = = =
      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = =
      I had high expectations of this set due to purchasing another set and also some brushes in the Real Techniques range. I actually only decided to purchase this set as I have been so impressed with the quality and the way my make-up looks after using these brushes and after following the online tutorials. I love that all the brushes are colour coded so that you know the purple brushes are used for the eye area. As these brushes are small I didn't think these would stand up like the bigger brushes I have, how-ever they free-stand without falling over which I was impressed with. The brushes are extremely light to hold and have a nice soft grip handle to enable you to get a good grip on the brushes when using them. The brushes are lovely and soft and feel lovely and soft when using them on my eyelid or around the eye. They don't feel scratchy or stiff like other brushes and they help to apply the make-up really well for professional results. With some brushes I find that eye-shadow and other products that I use such as eye-liner can get stuck to the brush hairs rather than transfer where you want it to, how-ever the make-up doesn't stick to these brushes much which means you don't have to keep re-applying the make-up in order to get good results.

      There are some brushes in this set that I use more than others for example the base shadow brush and the contour brush. Although I do use the eyeliner brush and brow brush, I don't use these as much as the others. The brushes wash really well and always come out looking as good as new after they have had a deep clean every month. They also clean well using a brush cleaner after each use. I love that the brushes comes in their own little case which also has extra space for more brushes or different brushes to use on your eyes. I also love that the case stands up as well and I often have it like this when applying my make-up. In terms of value, although the brushes seem rather pricey they are really good quality and are well worth the money. This is currently the 2nd set of brushes I have from Real Techniques and I also have an additional two brushes. I do plan on getting some more as I love them and find they give professional results that also look natural. I highly recommend this product and this range in general.

      (review also on ciao)


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        04.02.2013 19:00
        Very helpful



        love them

        I have been watching 'Pixiwoo' on YouTube for a few years now and when Samantha chapman mentioned she had brought out some new make-up brushes that would be available in Boots I practically ran to Boots to buy them. I have always listened to their recommendations and thought they were amazing at what they do, so I knew for a fact that Samantha chapman (part of Pixiwoo) wouldn't bring out some rubbish brushes.

        The eye brush set is called the 'starter collection', which means the main brushes you need for applying the eye make-up.

        On boots it says: '. This Starter kit starts you off with the essential tools for creating eye definition.'
        The box that the eye shadow comes in list exactly what eye shadow brushes do what, which is very helpful because some people who buy the set might not have much knowledge of make-up brushes and just know the very basics.
        The price of the brush set is £21.99, which for the quality of the brush and the amount of brushes you get, you really cannot go wrong. I would normally have to pay individually around this price for a MAC brush.
        On the box it says, "Boost your look with effortlessly enhanced eyes. Eye definition does high definition with my essential starter set: look pixel perfect even in harsh light, ultra plush talon bristles"

        The eyebrush collection
        The starter collection has five eye brushes, which comes in a black case. This handy case can be made into a stand (the directions of doing this are on a tag on the case. The brushes are made from synthetic talon bristles. When you feel them you can tell they are of excellent quality as they feel so thick and look well cut.

        The brushes in the core collection are: a 'Base shadow brush', a 'Deluxe crease brush', an 'Accent brush', a 'Pixel-point eyeliner brush' and a 'Brow brush'. All the brushes have purple handles.

        On the box there is a picture of the YouTube famous 'Samantha chapman' on there so you can have an idea of what she looks like. And if you are interested in watching her and her sister Nicki Chapman's videos just search 'Pixiwoo' into YouTube or Google.
        On the eye shadow brushes it states the brand: 'Real Techniques' on them.

        Eye brush purposes
        1. Base shadow brush- Applies a smooth, flawless foundation of colour.
        This brush feels very soft, it is a fairly good size so it can cover the base of the eye more. It is very easy to use as it can be simply used to add a splash of colour or base on to the lid.
        This brush has been created specifically for base eye shadows. However, It could be used for adding a splash of colour as stated before. For a base colour I recommend something light. A lot of make-up brands have brought out eye primers or eye shadows that are specifically for a base. I would recommend the lightest colour you have as a base like a nude colour that wont tamper with the rest of the colours you add, unless you want it to.
        This eye shadow is good for applying cream base eye shadows as it has thick bristles so it blends the cream nicely.

        2. 'Deluxe Crease Brush' - This brush is designed for cream, powder eye shadows and also concealer. I tend to use it for concealer as I find it much easier to apply using a brush. It is very soft like the other brush and is a good size. It makes applying concealer easier because you can blend it in better than using a finger. I always use this brush, because I wear concealer everyday and because it blends the concealer well it makes it look less caked. Despite using the brush for concealer remember that it can be used for eye shadow as well, it is a great multi purpose brush.

        3. 'Accent brush'- This brush is designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting, and smudging according to the 'real techniques' website. It can be used on the lips as well as eyes (another multi purpose brush) I would definitely wash the brush if you were to do this after every use if you are swopping from eyes to lips. I do tend to use this brush to smudge my eye shadow at the end of my eyelids. It smudges my eye shadow in well so the colour I apply at the beginning of the lid and the eye shadow colour I apply at the end blend in well together. It is also good to use as a highlighter brush for highlighting areas such as the brow bone and the starting point of the eyelid. It is a great brush but it isn't in my eyes a necessity in my brush kit, I could quite easily live without it.

        4. Pixel point eyeliner brush- "Tappered cut is ideal for dense or fine eyeliner application." I personally on't like this brush and wouldn't use it to apply my eyeliner, I find it very difficult to apply my eyeliner with because its quite thick. I usually use gel liner just for my top lid and because I like the eyeliner to be thin there it doesn't really work well because it is too thick for the job.

        5. The brow brush- The name gives it an away( for the brows.) Distinctively defines eyebrows. This brush is my least favourite of them all. It is far too thick for me to apply my Benefit brow set. Which is in powder form. I never use this brush because of my eyebrows been too thin to use it, not that there really that thin compared to most peoples. For those people who have thick eyebrows it would be quite a good brush to have but unfortunately for me I would prefer to stick to the free Benefit brow brush instead which is much thinner.

        The stand/case
        The stand is something that I really liked the idea of, but to be honest I'm not entirely convinced it isn't as good as I thought it would be. The brush case no longer even stands up properly anymore and when it did it seemed fairly pointless really. However it does keep the brushes clean and I would prefer to have one than not because of this. So I'm definitely in between on the case idea. It isn't as good as it's made out but isn't not too bad either.

        Great set of eye brushes, good quality and very useful to have. The price is exceptional and the quality is really good. I definitely recommend these brushes and my expectations have well and truly been reached!!! Must have!


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          29.01.2013 19:09
          Very helpful



          Super starter set!

          I have been into makeup for many years now and although I own many different make up brushes I still continue to add them to my collection. My most recent purchase was this 'Real Techniques starter brush set' which is a selection of brushes designed to apply eye make up. Real techniques brushes are designed by Samantha Chapman, who along with her sister do makeup tutorials on YouTube. I had only even previously owned one Real Techniques brushing before buying this set, the stippling brush, and was very impressed with both the quality and how beautifully it applied make up, so I had high hopes for this set.

          ==~~Price and Availability~~==
          These brushes are more commonly available in Boots stores, particularly the larger ones as I have found that the smaller ones don't stock these brush or they have just one or two different brushes available. They are also available on the Boots online store, along with the Real Techniques website where they cover the full line. I have also seen a few sets of these in eBay at a marginally cheaper price.

          This set costs £24.95 for 5 brushes, which I think is a very good price. Especially so when considering that these brushes are used by professional make up artists and are therefore of professional quality and some other branded brushes can cost this much per brush!

          ==~~The Brushes~~==
          As previously stated there are five brushes in this set. Them being; pixel-point eyeliner brush, accent brush, brow brush, deluxe crease brush and the base shadow brush. They are all synthetic brushes which means you can use both powder based and cream based products with them. I really like the fact that they are a metallic purple colour as it makes them stand out and is different to the usual brush, I also like the fact they are extremely lightweight.

          ===The Deluxe crease brush===
          This brush is the one that I perhaps use most out othe whole set, it is the largest brush in a domed like shape where the bristles are very tightly compacted. Although this is describe as the 'crease brush' I actually found it difficult to use in the crease of my eye and I think this due to the fact that the brush is slightly too big and therefore it creates a false crease line. However, due to its soft bristles and large size I do find that I can b,end out eyeshadow I have previously applied with this brush to create a much softer look

          I really like this brush for applying concealer; due to its larger size it can blend in make up such as concealer under the eyes far better than it can actually apply an eyeshadow. I really like the fact that even when applying cream based products with this brush, such as that if a concealer there are very few brush strokes left, creating a flawless look. I also like the fact that the brush really blends the make up in and find that I use much less make up when using a brush than when using my hands as it seems to go much further when using a brush. I have never had any problems with any of the bristles falling out of is brush, which is another bonus. Although it is designed for use with both powder and cream products I do find that this particular brush works much better with that if cream based as I find that it doesn't transfer powder products quite as well.

          ===The Accent Brush===
          This is the smallest brush in collection and is a fairly flat headed, yet rounded at the edge. It is very similar in shape to the MAC 239 brush, but on a much smaller scale. This is perhaps my favourite brush in the collection due to the fact it is very much a multi purpose brush and I have therefore found it the most versatile. Unlike the deluxe crease brush, I personally find this brush to work much better with power based products and when doing so I find that the brush is able to pick up just enough product, so that it doesn't overload which would end up in fallout.

          Due to its smaller size its great for applying makeup underneath the eye, or in the inner corner which often larger sizes brushes can not. I find that the small size gives a really crisp, smooth line of eyeshadow and as previously stated there is almost no fallout when using this brush. I do however find that sometimes find that due to the fact the brush handle is very thin and small it can sometimes not sit quite right in the hand and can be a little difficult to get a grip on it that is comfortable to hold, nonetheless it still remains one of my favourite brushes - which also doubles up as a great lip brush!

          ===The Base Shadow Brush===
          This is another brushing that I use on a daily basis, it is slightly smaller than the deluxe crease brush and is a slightly less rounded shape. I find the bristles on this brush to be especially soft and are in a tapered shape. This brush worked great for applying both cream and powder based products and find tha alike the accent brush it picks up just the right amount of product to ensure that there is very little or no fallout. This brush creates very soft eyeshadow looks, which almost makes the brush great for blending out previously applie eyeshadow and I find much of the properties of this brush very similar to that of the MAC 217.

          Alike the deluxe crease brush this brush also works very well with cream based or liquid based products, in particular that of concealer. It again creates a very flawless finish with minimal brush strokes and again find that I only need a light coverage of the product to achieve a flawless finish when using this brush. I also find that when using a concealer to cover blemishes with this brush it again creates a flawless finish and works to hide the blemish, whereas some brushes I have used in the past just tend to push the concealer around.

          ===The Brow Brush===
          This brush as suggested by the name is used for the brows, despite this like many of the brushes in the set I have found it is again a multi purpose brush. This is an angled brush, where again the bristles are tightly compacted, however are quite wide set which means that it is very hard to apply gel eyeliner with this brush, like you can with some other angled brushes. The bristles are slightly firmer on this brush, which actually works in the favour of this brush as it makes it much easier to sculpt browse and give them a natural finish.

          I really like the size of this brush and find it sits very comfortably in my hand; making it very easy to use. I find that unlike some angled brushes I have used in the past I am still able to create a natural looking brow with this brush, which I think is due to the fact that although the bristles are firmer they are still soft so they do not create them harsh, drawn on strokes. However, I do find that sometimes this brush does not transfer the shadow quite as well as some of the other brushes and find that I do have to work it into the brush a little more than what I have to do with the other brushes.

          ===The Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush===
          This is by far my least favourite brush in the set and is the one that I get the least use out of it. I think this is due to the fact that it is described as an 'eyeliner' brush, yet I find it almost impossible to apply eyeliner with which is due to both the size of the brush handle and the shape of the bristles. Similar to the accent brush, the handle on this brush is again very small and skinny which again is hard to get a grip on due to is sitting uncomfortably; this makes it very difficult to apply something as precise as gel / liquid eyeliner. I also find that there are 'too many' bristles, in that it is is far too large to apply eyeliner, therefore creating a thick, uneven line of eyeliner. The bristles also seem to be a little too soft to apply eyeliner, meaning that as soon as you try to apply eyeliner they tend to splay out.

          Although, unfortunately, I am disappointed in this brush I have found that it can be used to apply eyeshadow to the underneath of the eye or to the inner corner, though does not do this anywhere near as efficiently as the accent brush. Due to the fact that finding a use for this brush is very hard, I do tend to end up avoiding this brush, which is a shame as I do love all the other brushes in this set.

          I have washed all these brushes numerous times now and find that they come up as food as new each time. The bristles have all remained in their original shape and are still just as soft as when they were new. They are extremely easy to clean due to them being synthetic which means the make up products do not tend to cling to bristles as much. I do find that the name of the brushes (the name if the brush is written down the side of the brush) does tend to rub off and although it is not that big a deal, I would prefer it if it didn't rub off.

          The brushes also come with a case/stand to keep them in, I'm not really a fan of this as the quality is not all that great and it is fairly cheap looking, however it does keep them in place and makes them easier to carry round due to the fact they each have their own 'space' to place them in. I also find that it is a little flimsy and although it does double up as a stand I do find that it can sometimes collapse or is very easily knocked over. Nonetheless, it is very slim and therefore fits very easily into my bag and keeps all the brushes together.

          Overall this set is not without its weak points, them being the pixel point eyeliner brush and the stand, though I feel the quality of the other products far out way these and are of much more superior quality. I would recommend this setter for both professionals and starters as I personally feel it is fairly affordable for most people and the set is definitely worth the price - I would even pay more for this set I love it so much! Most of the brushes in this set have fast become my everyday brushes and when doing makeup on others using the brushes (I am currently in training to be a make up artist) I always get comments on how soft they are and how nice their makeup looks when using them.

          After having great experiences with both this set of Real Techniques brushes and my Stippling brush I definitely intend on buying more from this range and therefore, despite the fact one brush was a little disappointing, award this set 5 stars!

          ***this review was written on my tablet and has not yet been processed so very sorry for any odd word replacements of funny spellings/ sentence but as soon as I get home I will process it properly!!***


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            14.05.2012 19:40
            Very helpful



            A fantastic set at a fantastic price!

            Real Techniques Starter Brush Set (eye brushes set)

            I bought this set along with the core collection set from boots about a month or so ago and I bought these sets in particular as they were created by the professional makeup artist Samantha Chapman. Samantha Chapman along with her sister make makeup videos/tutorials on YouTube (pixiwoo) and I have been watching their makeup videos for about two years now, so when she created a range of synthetic brushes I had to have a look.

            - Product description (from boots.com and packaging)

            "Real Techniques high tech brushes by Samantha Chapman help make you the expert. This Starter kit starts you off with the essential tools for creating eye definition". Product description from the box is as follows: "Boost your look with effortlessly enhanced eyes. Eye definition does high definition with my essential starter set: look pixel perfect even in harsh light, ultra plush taklon bristles".

            - About the product

            This set contains five eye brushes and it also includes a case/stand for the brushes as well which I didn't think I would use but it is actually fantastic in my opinion. The brush bristles are made from synthetic taklon bristles which in turn means that they are not made of animal hair and are cruelty free, which is always fantastic and just another reason I had to buy this set. The brushes come in the case that doubles up as a stand and the actual packaging the brush set comes in is quite nice, simple and the text is easy to read.

            - What comes in the set?

            This set comes with the 'panoramic case' which doubles up as a stand and a brush protector. The brushes in the set include: a 'Base shadow brush', a 'Deluxe crease brush', an 'Accent brush', a 'Pixel-point eyeliner brush' and a 'Brow brush'. All of the brushes have black/dark brown bristles but four out of the five brushes do also have white bristles too (like the duo fibre brushes from MAC). The brushes have purple handles (the core collection brushes have gold handles) and they have a black rubber section at the end of the handles. The brushes have 'Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman' printed on them and they also have the name/use of the brush printed on the handle too but as the text is printed in purple and the handles are purple, the text is difficult to read - this is the only negative point that I have about these brushes really! The brushes will be reviewed individually, as the case will be, and are as follows:

            'Base Shadow Brush' (for cream/powder eye shadow or liquid/powder highlighter)

            "Applies a smooth flawless foundation of colour."

            I really like this brush and it is really, really smooth and soft on my skin, therefore it is really gentle and does not pull the skin. I have been using this brush almost daily as it is just a really handy and useful brush to have in my makeup brush collection. This brush is fairly similar to the 'Deluxe Crease Brush' as it has a similar rounded shape but this brush is not as thick/dense with bristles. This brush has been designed for base eye shadows and that is what I use this brush for. I have been using this brush with my 'painterly' paint pot from MAC which is a skin tone coloured base/eye shadow primer. I love using this brush with my MAC paint pot in the shade 'painterly' as it applies the cream eye shadow really quickly, easy and evenly. Before I bought this brush set I had just been applying cream eye shadows with my fingertips as it was just easier than a brush but now that I have this brush it is easier to apply them with this brush. Also this brush makes applying cream eye shadows a lot less patchy. As well as applying cream eye shadows, this brush is also really great for applying and blending regular pressed powder eye shadows, such as the MUA single eye shadows. This brush is one of the best brushes in this set in my opinion as it is a multipurpose brush as I use it for cream and powder eye shadows and also liquid and powder highlighter, on my brow bone and cheekbones. This brush is also really smooth, soft and easy/comfortable to use. Overall I really like this brush; it is great for applying a number of different products. I would rate this brush, 5/5.

            'Deluxe Crease Brush' (for concealer and cream or powder eye shadow)

            "Soft, oversized design for effortless contouring."

            This is the main brush that I wanted in this set, and I did want to initially buy it individually but you can only get this brush in this particular set. I wanted this brush as Samantha Chapman (the makeup artist that created these brushes) had made quite a few makeup videos on YouTube using this brush for concealer and it looked really good. This brush is similar to the 'Base Shadow Brush' but this one is thick which makes it great for blending concealer, in my opinion. This brush is incredibly smooth, soft and gentle on the skin - it is the softest brush in the set, although they are all really soft. I have been using this brush almost everyday since I received this set in the post as it is just fantastic for concealer application and blending and it does not make my concealer look heavy, cakey or flaky - this brush just blends my concealer so well and makes it look natural and almost flawless. I love this brush for blending concealer (I have used this brush with my Bobbi Brown creamy concealer and my Lierac concealer too and it works fantastically) but this brush is also great for eye shadow application and blending - especially for applying/blending eye shadows into the socket line. Overall, this brush is fantastic, especially for blending in concealer (and also applying powder to the under eye area) and it is really good for eye shadow blending too. I would rate this brush 5/5!

            'Accent Brush' (for concealing, smudging and highlighting - or as a lip brush?)

            "Designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting, and smudging."

            This is one of the brushes that I wasn't really excited about, like the 'Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush', but it is quite useful. I have been using this brush for quite a few things and it does work really quite well in my opinion. I have been using this brush for concealer minor blemishes, for highlighting my brow bone and for smudging eye shadow close to my lower lash line, for a smoky effect. I like using this brush for highlighting and I also really like using this brush for concealing as it is smooth and it is quite dense and firm. I also think that this brush would work fantastically as a lip brush. So it does not really matter what the name of the brush is or what it is supposed to be used for, I just use them for what I think they would work for. Overall, I really like this brush for concealing and highlighting mainly, but it is also quite useful for smudging eye shadow or eyeliner along the lower (or upper) lash line. I would rate this brush 4/5.

            'Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush' (for tight lining)

            "Tapered cut is ideal for dense or fine eyeliner application."

            When I received this brush set this is the brush that I was least looking forward to using as I like my eyeliner to be really thin and this is the biggest eyeliner brush that I have. The size and thickness of the bristles of this brush is the only negative point about it, as it is super smooth, soft and easy to use. But as the bristles are thick and wide it means that this brush can only really create thick lines (unlike the description of this brush) so I don't really use this brush very often for eyeliner. I do however use this brush for tight lining - applying eyeliner to my upper waterline. Applying eyeliner (I use the Clinique brush on gel eyeliner) makes my lashes look really thick and full and this brush is just fantastic for applying liner to the upper waterline. Tight lining is the only use I have for this brush but I think it would be quite good for pin point concealing as well - for concealing really small spots/areas. Overall, the bristles are really smooth, soft and they do not pull the skin but I personally do not like thick eyeliner so I don't really use this brush very often. I would rate this brush 3/5, just because of the size of the brush - if this brush was thinner, then it would be perfect for me!

            'Brow Brush' (for brows and smudging)

            "Distinctive shape easily defines eyebrows."

            This brush is really quite big and it was bigger than I thought it was going to be as brow/angled brushes are usually small but this isn't. The bristles of this brush are all black, unlike the rest of the brushes, and the bristles themselves are so smooth, soft and gentle on the skin - as are all of the other brushes. The bristles are quite firm and fairly dense but it is still flexible and it makes filling in my brows really easy and the effect is really natural too. As this brush is not really dense it allows the dispersion of the eye shadow that I use to fill in my brows (I have been using a Bobbi Brown eye shadow in 'Concrete' for months now for my brows), resulting in a more natural but defined appearance. Before I bought this set I had been using the MAC 266 angled brush to fill in my eyebrows (or I would use my MAC eyebrow pencil in Lingering) but I found that because the MAC 266 is so small it would take a while to fill in my brows - but this brush is just fantastic and it makes filling in my brows really quick and easy. Overall, I really like this brush as it makes filling in my brows quick, easy and fuss free and I also sometimes use this brush to smudge out eye shadow/eyeliner along my upper and lower lash lines. I would rate this brush, 4/5, as it is great but there are similar brushes to this.

            'Panoramic Case/stand'

            "Dual carrier and stand keeps brushes organized on your counter or on the go."

            To be honest I didn't think I would like this case/stand as I thought that I wouldn't need it and I also thought that it would not be of a high quality - but I was very wrong on both counts. I really like this case/stand and I have been using it to store the brushes in since I bought this set. This case holds all of the brushes really well, it keeps them all neat, tidy and in one place so there is no way of losing the brushes. The case also makes sure that there is no/minimal dust on the brushes too, which makes them cleaner. Also it will make the brushes last longer as they are protected in the case and the risk of them being damaged is lessened. The case also doubles up as a stand too, which again I didn't think I would have a use for but it is a fantastic idea and it works really well, surprisingly. To make the case into a stand you just lay the case spread out with the label facing the right way and you just need to pull the toggle and the case will fold in half horizontally to make the case into a brush stand! I like this idea and I haven't seen anything like this before for brushes and as a stand it is great. The stand allows me to view all of the brushes easily and it makes it easy to remove the brushes from the elasticated holders. I have also found another use for the case as well - as a holder while the brushes dry. When I wash any of my makeup brushes I leave them to dry upside down so that the water/brush cleaner does not go into the ferrule and loosen the handle. So with this case I just stand the case upright, like a book, and it stands on its own (see photographs) and I place the brushes upside down to dry! Overall, I really like this case/stand/brush holder as it works really well, it is easy to wipe clean, it is made to a high quality and it would be fantastic for traveling as it is very light even with the brushes in it. I would rate this case/stand, 5/5!

            - Additional information (storing and cleaning)

            I have two methods of cleaning my makeup brushes, firstly a spot clean and secondly a deep clean. To spot clean these brushes I just soak a cotton pad in my MAC brush cleaning solution and I just wipe the brushes on the cotton pad thoroughly. This method is great for these brushes as it is quick, easy and as these brushes have white bristles in them so you can tell when they are dirty and need cleaning - and you can tell when they are clean as the white bristles will obviously show through more if they are clean. To deep clean the brushes I just spot clean them, then I rinse then with soap and water in the sink to make sure that there is no residue of brush cleanser or makeup in between the bristles that the spot clean missed. Also after a few cleaning sessions and much use these brushes have not lost/shed one bristle! Overall, whether it is a spot clean or a deep clean these brush are very easy to clean, they maintain their shape after they have been washed and they dry quite quickly. After a spot clean these brush tend to be fully dry within a few hours and after a deep clean I leave them to dry upside down over night and they will be dry in the morning ready to use. After the brushes are fully dry I store them in the case that they came in as it keeps them neat, in one place and protected.

            - Overall positives

            The overall positives in my opinion are as follows: The case is a surprising positive point for me, as I didn't think I would like or use this case but I have been storing the brushes in it since I received it and it is made to a really high quality. The brushes themselves are also made to a really high quality as they are very smooth, soft, gentle on the skin and they are easy and comfortable to use, in my opinion. The brushes work really well for the tasks they have been designed for but they are also multipurpose too. My favourite brushes from this set include: the 'Deluxe Crease Brush', the 'Brow Brush' and the 'Base Shadow brush'.

            - Overall negatives

            The overall negatives in my opinion are as follows: There are hardly any negative points about this set and the couple of negative points that I can think of are minor. The first minor negative is that the names of the brushes on the handles are printed in purple - and the handle is purple! Therefore it is difficult to read. I think it would be better if the text on the handles was printed in black or white, in my opinion. The second minor negative for me is that the eyeliner brush is too thick, as I like thin eyeliner and this brush to too big for what I want.

            - Price and availability

            I bought this set from boots.com along with the real techniques core collection brush set (for the face) which is equally as fantastic (will be reviewed shortly!). This set is priced at £21.99 which I think is fantastic value, especially when compared to MAC brushes which can cost up to £30 or more for just one brush! The quality of these brushes and the case/stand has far exceeded my expectations and I would definitely recommend this set! This set can be purchased from boots in the UK and a list of international stockists can be found on the link at the end of this review.



            *Fantastic quality brushes - very smooth and soft
            *Synthetic brushes so they are not made of animal hair and in turn they are cruelty free!
            *Available in boots (boots points too) and the sets are really great value for money and worth every penny in my opinion!
            *The case/stand is great as it can be used to store the brushes, hold the brushes and protect the brushes - and it would be great for traveling as it is compact and very light even with all of the brushes inside!
            *Made to a very high quality and the real techniques brushes range was created by a professional makeup artist - Samantha Chapman


            *None in my opinion! Although the liner brush is not thin enough for me personally to use with liquid/gel liner on the lash line but it is great for tight lining

            Link to real techniques stockists: pixiwoo.blogspot.com/2012/03/real-techniques-stockists.html

            Thank you for reading my review - this review is already posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992


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