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Red 5 Headonizm Head Massager

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Brand: Red 5 / Type: Massager

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    1 Review
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      12.01.2010 22:41
      Very helpful



      Noun: (hed'n-iz'em) for the self-indulgent pursuit of pleasure as a way of life

      One of my smaller (and more fun) presents that I got from the hubby for Christmas this year was a Headonizm head massager.

      The massager looks very weird - a little like a whisk actually! It has a metallic thin holder at the top and out of this sprouts lots of spindle-type prongs which are made of a flexible metal with small bobbly bits at the tips. It works by simply pushing the massager down over your head and then raising it back up again. The weightless spindles, or fingers, take on the shape of your head and they press into the scalp, massaging it. The comfy spindle tips stimulate nerve endings wherever it touches which release 'feel good' endorphins.

      I thought this would feel purely like having a normal head massage but it is nothing of the sort. You have to try this just to experience that funny feeling it gives you. On the top part of the head it feels pretty normal and just like someone else giving you a head massage or scratching your head. But when it's moved lower down towards the back of the head and the top of the neck, this is when the nerve endings really begin to enjoy themselves. It feels slightly different every time but always includes a very strong tingling sensation and the feeling that your nerve endings are moving about inside your head trying to get some more of the spindles. At times it sends shivers up your spine all the way up to the top of your head and this is the hilarious part as it always causes me to throw my head back and shiver. It's lovely when it feels like a normal head massage but, when I get the shivers with it, I sometimes find myself saying that it feels horrible, even though it doesn't actually feel horrible at all. It's the kind of nice and pleasurable but intense feeling that you want to stop but, when it does stop, you just want to feel it again.

      It feels so weird the first time it's used and we went around trying it on everyone after I'd opened it on Christmas day and everyone had the same reaction - pulling their shoulders up to their head with the shivers and laughing out loud. It's also extra nice when someone else uses it on you rather than doing it yourself, as you can just relax and enjoy it. I always have a huge smile on my face when it's being used on me and then I'll suddenly jump up with the shivers when it touches a few excitable nerve endings!

      These head massagers can be found in different gift and gadget shops and are usually sold as novelty gifts, but this certain Headonizm is from RED5, a gadget shop. They're great value at only £5 (currently being sold on red5.co.uk for only £3 in the sale) which makes it a fantastic and fun stocking filler or just for a little pleasurable treat for yourself.


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