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Royal & Langnickel Travel Essentials 5 Piece Cosmetic Brush Travel Set

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Type: Brushes / Brand: Royal and Langnickel / Subcategory: Styling Brush

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    2 Reviews
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      21.03.2012 23:21
      Very helpful
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      Great travel set, easy to use and very convenient.

      -- Reasons for buying --
      I'm am a self confessed make-up addict and everything that comes with it. I have had the same make-up brushes for the past year and half and not wanting to admit it, they are looking extremely grubby now. Just before Christmas I decided to have a search around to find a new set for myself to put on my 'Christmas list'. I wanted a set instead of separate brushes from different brands, as I thought this would work out cheaper and more convenient. I was pleased to find this set on Amazon which also came in a handy pouch, this way I thought It would be easier for me to use my brushes and not have to rummage around to find them as they would all be together. So please to say, my mother bought this travel set for me.

      -- Price and Availability --
      I have never seen this brand advertised before and haven't seen this travel set presented in any stores. But I came across it on various websites online such as Amazon and Cheapmakeup.org.uk. I believe my mum purchased this off Amazon as she had some Amazon vouchers to use up. The set is on Amazon for about £12, the price does vary slightly between websites.

      -- Royal and Langnickle --
      I have never heard of this brand previously to this travel set so I decided to have a little look online and find some useful information. Royal and Langnickel are a brand which manufacture and market superior grade art and beauty brushes and have over 60 years of brush-making experience. Their products are carefully conceived and designed to meet and exceed the needs of the market.

      On there website http://www.royalbrush.com is some very useful 'How to' videos and great tips for your brush storage and care.

      -- Appearance --
      You receive 5 brushes with this set:

      1 Foundation brush
      1 Powder brush
      1 Eyeshadow/Lip brush
      1 Angled eye fluff/blender brush
      1 Brow/sponge smudge brush

      Three of the brushes are also double ended, so this gives you 5 brushes with 8 heads. The brushes are available in four different colours silver, black, pink and purple. I decided to go for the purple, as it's my favourite colour and my make-up bag is also a very similar colour. The black pouch which contain the brushes is very smart looking, side is the compartments that the brushes fit into snugly and a zip which you can undo and place anything you would like to go inside. I tend to put my eye brow pencil sharpener, q-tips, tweezers and some other little accessories which come in handy. The pouch is secured together by Velcro, this ensures that the brushes are kept together and in place.

      -- My experience --
      I have come to really adore this travel set for many reasons. Firstly the amount of brushes you receive, as there are 5 brushes and amongst there being 8 heads, this is extremely handy because there is a brush for every possible need. My favourite brush would have to be the foundation brush, not only can I use it to apply my foundation but I can also use it to apply my blush/bronzer. The size and shape of the brush enables me to contour perfectly, leaving me with an even finish. I tend to use my fingers to apply my foundation instead of the brush, as I find the heat of my fingers leaves me with a smooth and more natural looking finish. I have always had problems applying with a brush as I feel it looks very layered and too textured.

      Secondly the pouch being travelled sized is great for when I carry it around in my handbag, go on holiday or stay at a friends. I also like that the size of the handles are smaller, to some people you may think this would be more difficult and fiddly, but in fact I find it so much easier and more convenient.

      The brushes I find extremely easy to clean, I tend to wash them once a week to limit the risk of spreading bacteria and in my case cause more acne. I decided to purchase some make-up brush cleaner, I found a reasonable priced one costing £3.50 on Amazon. There are a variety of different types of cleansers and methods of cleaning.

      I simply add a small amount of cleanser in a bowl with a reasonable amount of water and leave the brushes to soak for a couple of minutes. After this I gently massage the brushes in the water and then leave them to dry on a clean, dry towel. This has seemed to work for me so far and is the most convenient way for me.

      I have found in the past with some brushes that they tend to malt whilst apply my make-up, but these seem to be of brilliant quality and honestly can't say this has been a problem. I use to find that after washing, the brushes wouldn't be as soft and would turn slightly hard, but again this has also not been a problem. The brushes are extremely soft against my skin and working perfectly to apply my make-up.

      -- Conclusion --
      I absolutely love this travel set, it's easy to carry around with you. The price is extremely good for such high quality. You also receive a variety of useful brushes, which cover all your needs and all comes in a cute handy little pouch, with a little bit of storage space for them all important accessories. Excellent purchase, would definitely recommend and I can honestly say there are no faults!


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        31.01.2012 17:14
        Very helpful



        A high-quality set of travel sized cosmetics brushes in a neat little pouch.

        I love my make-up, and all its accessories, and take great girly (sorry, womanly) delight in experimenting with new products and different shades and colours. I've been thrilled to follow the advice of many reviewers on Dooyoo, which has helped me discover new treasures - from budget and premium ranges and everything in between.

        I am already thinking ahead to my summer holiday, and also to a visit to my husband's family in the spring. On both of these occasions, my usual 'travel brain' will click into place, where I try to combine cosmetics and toiletries into as small a place as possible while still providing me with everything I'll need while we're away.

        I have a good collection of make-up brushes, which I store in my Boots No7 brush bag (which I have also reviewed). However, I thought it would be useful to have a mini-sized set, with shorter handles, for when I am travelling, so a little while ago I began my usual internet search for something suitable. When I saw this Royal & Langnickel Travel Essentials 5-piece Cosmetics Brush Set on Amazon, I was impressed. Three of the five brushes are double-headed, giving a total of eight brush heads, and they are all contained in a smart black pouch. The set is available in four different colours (the brushes, not the bag) - silver, black, pink and purple. I thought this little set looked really nice, and very useful, and decided to treat myself with some of my Dooyoo Amazon vouchers. I chose the silver set, which is lovely, and it cost me £16.99 with free delivery. I have been delighted with my purchase, and of course I could not wait for my travels to start using the brushes, which I have had for a while now.

        I had not heard of Royal & Langnickel before I began my internet search, but have since discovered that they are a company who began by making art brushes (which they still make), and who then branched out into creating make-up brushes. Their range begins with the Essentials range, which as their most basic option is also the cheapest, and which includes this travel set. The home page on their website shows the following statement: 'At Royal & Langnickel we take beauty seriously. This is why we designed our lines alongside some of the industry's top professional make-up artists to ensure the quality and craftsmanship would stand up to intense daily use, while providing a flawless finish. So whether you are a professional make-up artist or looking to achieve a professional look, Royal & Langnickel offers a line for your needs.'

        The brushes and sets from their other ranges are really expensive - their Silk range 12-piece travel set costs £99.99! - which I think makes my little set such good value for money. All the brushes can be bought separately, or contained within different sets. The other ranges include Silk Green Line (their eco-friendly brushes), and Master Pro, but again, these are considerably more expensive than the Essentials range. The Silk Green Line 12-piece set of full-sized brushes, for example, currently costs £79.99 on Amazon.

        The Travel Essentials 5-piece set contains a selection of superb travel-sized make-up brushes in an elegant black faux leather case, which has Velcro fastening. The handles of the brushes are curvy, and although short (as you would expect from a travel-sized product), they are still sturdy. The handles of the Powder and Foundation brushes are more substantial than the others in this set, and these brushes are held in their own little pockets. The other three brushes (with six brush heads) are held in place by their own individual black elastic loops. There is also a narrow clear zipped compartment, which would be handy for storing tweezers, a few cotton buds, or some folded tissues. There are two plastic 'covers', at the top and bottom of the set, which slip over the brushes to keep them clean and protected. The brush collection consists of the following:

        1 x Powder brush
        1 x Foundation brush
        1 x Lip/shadow brush
        1 x Angle eye fluff/blender brush
        1 x Brow/sponge smudger brush

        Because I like to apply my favourite foundation (Max Factor's Ageless Elixir) with my fingers, I use the Foundation brush for my blusher instead. The quality of the brushes is gorgeous - beautifully soft and silky when they need to be, while the brow brush and smudger are nice and firm. So far I have seen no sign of any shedding. The only brush I do miss from my normal set is my narrow eyeliner brush, which I use to apply a line of eye shadow beneath my bottom lashes. I tried using the brow brush for this purpose, as it is nice and narrow, and it works well but feels a bit harsher than I would like on the delicate eye area. So then I tried the lip brush instead, and it does the job nicely. Although this then leaves me without a lip brush, I have a spare retractable lip brush which fits neatly into the zipped compartment, so that problem is solved.

        The brushes are constructed of a 'sleek and sturdy black aluminium ferrule...designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use; kiln-dried, silver [or purple, pink or black] hard wood barrel handle'. The brushes in this range are made either from professional grade natural hair or synthetic hair, which allows 'for smooth application of cream and liquid product, as well as powder'. Each brush carries the Royal & Langnickel name and their crown logo, as does the front flap of the case.

        The Royal & Langnickel website gives detailed tips for brush storage and care, and there is also an extensive collection of 'how-to' videos for those who would like to learn more about how to use their make-up brushes. I was especially interested in the Bronzer video - this is a product I have never been able to get the hang of.

        The case feels lovely to hold, and is of a high quality. When closed, it is 15cm wide and 7.5cm deep. When open, the case is 22cm wide. It slips easily into a medium size cosmetics bag - I am currently using a clear make-up bag which I bought from Superdrug. I like a clear case, as it means that I can spot what I am looking for very easily. I recently read Lulu's 'Secrets to Looking Good', and was pleased to see that having a clear cosmetics bag was one of her suggestions. So I'm doing something right, although I suspect my opportunities for needing a quick and easy access to my selection of make-up is, I imagine, rather more limited than hers!

        I bought my set from Amazon, for £16.99 with free delivery. At the time of writing this review (31st January), the black set has been reduced from £16.99 to £9.77, which I think is a stunning bargain. The set is also available from Royal & Langnickel's own website for £16.99, but they have a UK delivery charge of £3.95.

        There are other - larger - sets in the Essentials range, which cost from £20 for a 7-piece set up to £48 for an 18-piece set. You can also buy full-length versions of these brushes, and a large selection of individual brushes can be found on Amazon.

        Royal & Langnickel say of their Essentials range that 'This basic assortment of brushes offers the novice make-up artist and student an awesome range of the tools they need'. Now, I'm not a make-up artist, but I'm not a novice either, and I have been delighted with the quality of this set. It's a beautiful piece of kit, a pleasure to use, and I believe it's definitely worth five stars.

        (This review is also on Ciao, under the same user name.)


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