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Ruby & Millie Cheek Brush

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7 Reviews

Type: Brushes / Brand: Ruby and Millie / Subcategory: Styling Brush

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    7 Reviews
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      26.11.2012 16:57
      Very helpful



      a fairly good brush

      ==Ruby and Millie Cheek Brush==

      A few years back I purchased a whole ton of these Ruby & Millie cosmetic brushes from Boots. At the time they were not the cheapest brushes that were available to buy but they also were far from the most expensive too. I was drawn to these particular ones not only because of the look of the brushes but also because I was buying a fair bit of the Ruby and Millie make up around that period.

      This brush is one of the ones I tend to use the most and when I purchased it at £12 if I remember rightly it has been money well spent I feel. Unfortunately I don't think these brushes are available from Boots now although that said it would appear you can pick them up still band new from various other sites for around half the price that I paid for them a while back.

      This particular brush is a cheek brush although on the handle of the brush it just states "Face". It came in a little plastic bag type of packaging which also housed a hard piece of card which acted as the backing and support to properly protect the brush.

      The brush itself is nothing overly special and when buying a cosmetic brush such as this you really wouldn't expect it to offer much more than a nice handle and good quality bristles. This is however exactly what this brush offers. The handle which is a tough yet lightweight plastic material is smooth and easy to hold. Attached to the handle is a metal section which binds the bristles to the handle. This is less tough than the handle appears to be although is still in a tip top condition even considering I have washed the brush and been using it for some years.

      The bristles that the brush has are what makes it so nice as they are super soft and made to a high quality. I have never experienced any of the bristles coming away on my face like some of the cheaper brushes I used to use tended to do. The size of the head of the bristles isn't very large and this brush although advertised as a cheek brush is more suited to highlighting the cheek bones area rather than applying a ton of bronzer or blusher and I will still use a larger sized blusher brushes when I want to apply to a larger area and get better coverage. Even with a good deal of cleaning with brush cleanser the soft bristles do not shed at all and for this reason this brush is a very good item to use long term.

      The tip of the bristles has a nice rounded shape to it and give a more definitive area of coverage as opposed to using a larger, less accurate blusher brush. The denseness of the bristles does mean that it will pick up a lot of product without any effort at all which can often work against it as it is then rather easy to apply any blusher, bronzer or highlighter a little too heavily. I have worked around this by of course not working the brush so much into any compact powder that I use. The trouble is that when using a loose powder or mineral product then too much is picked up by the brush and even after a tap out there is way too much on the brush to get a natural cover on the face. Blending is not particularly easy because of the dense bristles and overall I find it is easy to be too heavy handed whilst using the brush.

      To conclude I must say that I have come to work around the problems that this cheek brush has and although I really like this brush because of its lightweight feel and small accurate brush head it doe shave its draw backs and I feel that a far better brush could probably be sourced for around the same price I paid. Of course seeing as how I am sure these brushes have been discontinued now they are not easy to find and I don't think I would recommend that anyone try to hunt this particular brush out to purchase as it is not that good.

      I think I will award a more than fair 3 out of 5 stars for this Ruby and Millie Cheek brush as I am pretty happy with it and personally continue to use it working around its faults. The fact that the brush is still looking more or less as good as new with the amount of use it has had does work in its favour and I would think that there is plenty of use left in the brush and I will certainly be getting all the use I can out of it.

      A fair brush but not one I would recommend that highly.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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      21.04.2012 16:50
      Very helpful



      This brush gives me cheek!

      I am a big fan of all types of make up brushes, from those for eyeliner to those for foundation and over the years have accumulated a few of the brushes. I have found that the higher end ones, such as those of Clinique, MAC and even number seven tend to be the better ones, both in quality and the length of time the last, though at Christmas I received a Ruby & Millie brushes set. I have to say, although I did recognise the brand, it wasn't one that I had heard a lot about and was therefore not too sure what my expectations of the brushes were, nonetheless I decided to give them ago. One of the brushes within this set was the Cheek brush.

      ~~Price and Availability~~
      As I got mine for christmas I am unaware to the price of this brush and could also not find it on the Boots website. I do, however know that mine came in a set with 3 or 4 other brushes in which the set cost £25 and knowing that buying brushes in sets normally work out better value for money I knew that it wasn't necessarily a cheap brush, but neither did I think it would be too expensive. As said, with brushes I do tend to find that you get what you pay for and so this did lead to me to believe that perhaps the brushes were not quite as good as quality of others I had used.

      I am unaware as to where you can currently buy this brush as after checking the Boots website I could see that it was no longer for sale on the website. I know that Ruby & Millie items can be picked up on eBay and Amazon and there tends to be more Ruby & Millie items released in Boots around christmas time.

      ~~What is the brush used for?~~
      The title of the brush makes it pretty obvious to anyone who isn't even really into make up what this brush is used for. The cheeks. It is also clearly labelled on the side 'cheek' brush, so is really a brush for blushes, bronzers and could be used for contouring or highlighting the cheeks.

      ~~The bristles~~
      I often tend to judge how good a brush will be by the quality of the bristles. I was actually quite surprised when I saw the brushes on the brush, they were a jet black colour and were extremely soft to the touch, however, I found that the brush head itself seemed very small and did not seem to fan out or be the size of a 'normal' cheek brush like I had expected it to. The brush head seemed very small and narrow and seemed as if it would create a line effect on my face. The bristles were very densely packed, yet were still flexible making the brush easy to sweep over the face without seeming coarse in anyway. Some of the bristles were slightly different lengths, coming to a slight point in the centre, which I find that most cheek brushes are in order to make blending easier.

      ~~Using the brush~~
      I was able to use the brush with ease and it seemed to be very delicate and glide across my cheeks, which I think was mainly due to the softness of the bristles. I simply swirled over the blusher or bronzer I was using and found that it picked up a very decent amount, sometimes I did find that it did pick up a little too much though this could easily be tapped off the brush. The bristles were extremely soft to move over my cheek and were extremely light. This is key to a good cheek brush as you don't want it to be coarse or harsh whilst applying as you may find this removes some of the make up which has already been applied underneath.

      Despite finding the brush very easy to use and finding it picked up a nice amount of the product, I do not feel the brush did much justice when applying the bronzer or blusher onto my cheeks. Due to the small size of the brush I found that it did seem to create a very bright line or streak or blusher/ bronzer down my cheek, which I simply could not blend out. I felt that the brush needed to be a little broader in able to cover a more circular area of my cheek. I found that this brush was not very good for blending, as once the blusher had been applied it seemed to simply stay where I had originally applied it and did not want to move.

      Though I was disappointed with using this brush for the apples/ cheekbone, I did however find it good for contouring my face/ cheeks. Due to the more slender shape of the brush I found that if I applied a bronzer or a darker colour to just underneath my cheekbones, then this brush was able to define and contour sections of my face very well. I did, however, have to do this extremely lightly as if I used too much of the product I came across the same problem of this brush not being able to blend out the colour too well.

      ~~Quality of brush/ how long do I think it will last?~~
      Although I was very impressed with the softness and lightness of the bristles, hence leaving me to believe this was a good quality brush, I have to say I think I was much mistaken. I found the quality of this brush to be quite poor, both in being able to apply the make up, but also the brush itself. This is because I have been using this brush for under 6 months and it has now actually broke. The brush end of the brush has came away from the handle end, meaning the brush can no longer really be used- though I have tried and it has been extremely difficult!

      I have to say, that the bristles have remained in the same condition and for the that reason I believe them to be of good quality. There are very little -virtually no- loose hairs and there are very rarely any left behind in my make up. The have remained soft and are still very clean (though I always wash my brushes every 2-3 weeks to try and keep them clean as I can) and have not started to spew off in all sorts of directions.

      I cannot see this brush lasting my much longer, mainly due to the fact that it has now broken. If it had not broken it may have last me a little longer due to the fact I found the bristles to be quite good quality, yet the fact that I found the bristles didn't blend very well meant that I would have probably stopped using it anyway.

      -Other brushes in set were better quality
      -Bristles were very soft
      -Does not remove any previously applied make up

      -Brush broke
      -Bristles are not broad enough
      -Did not last me a long time
      -Very hard to blend with this brush

      Overall, I was not too pleased with this brush. I liked the fact that it felt light on my face and the brushes were soft as to not remove any of make up already applied, yet the fact that I was unable to blend the brusher or bronzer out into my skin with this brush meant that I was not really a fan of using it. Had the brush head been a little broader (and had the brush not broken!) then I think I would have liked this brush, as it is, I just don't!

      Though saying this, I do find this to be one or the worst brushes in the set I received and actually prefer some of the other brushes in the set over my MAC or Clinique ones, so although I am really not a fan of this brush it has not put me off a brand and think it may be one of their not so good products. As it stands, with the quality of this product and my experience I will not be recommending this cheek brush!


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        26.11.2010 22:27
        Very helpful



        a good brush

        I had to self-teach myself how to put make-up and unfortunately, I wasn't born wiht a great talent for this. At the beginning, I used to apply some cosmetics and I would ask my friends for advice. Most of the times, they said I looked like a clown and I put too much blusher on. They told me to buy a good brush so having done some research (Dooyoo!) I decided to wait for a five pounds Ruby & Millie voucher and once I received one, I went to Boots and happily chose their Cheek Brush.

        It comes in a transparent, plastic zip up bag andI think the brush looks very elegant - silver, shiny wand with a hairy 'bit' at the end. It has 'Ruby and Millie Face' written on it as well and is approximately 15 cm long - fits perfectly well in my small make up bag!

        What really surprised me at the beginning was its scent. It smelled of... freshly painted walls. Maybe the shop I bought it from was recently re-painted or something - I have no idea, but I didn't return it as I am lazy and it disappeared after some time. It was a similar case with some of my other Ruby & Millie brushes.

        The brush is quite soft (but I must say I have touched softer brushes in my life) and has a dark brown colour. The way I was adviced to apply is to rub it (but not too hard) against the blusher, remove the excess brusher from the 'hairs' by either shaking it a bit or blowing it like a candle. Then I just apply it on my cheeks. I must admit that since I have started using this brush, applying blusher has become an awful lot easier. I still sometimes tend to apply too much but it is at least evenly spread on my cheeks. It is a pleasure to use this brush and I think it is a good brush.

        I was also adviced that brushed should be cleaned with water and soap even as often as every week! I am under the impression that because of that, my brush is not as soft as it used to be and I do not even clean it that often!

        Overall, this is a fairly good brush. I think it is not the cheapest one though - it costs around 15 pounds.

        Thank you for reading my review.

        It may be also posted elsewhere.


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          28.06.2010 14:45
          Very helpful



          A recommended buy, with a voucher!

          I was given a Ruby &Millie set for christmas almost 7 months ago and I love every one of the makeup brushes!
          This Ruby & Millie foundation brush has the words 'ruby and millie face' written on the brush, for anyone new to using makeup brushes!
          I may sound silly, but I was new to makeup brushes!

          What I use it for; ....
          The brush is called a 'foundation' brush on the boots website, however I use it as my blusher brush, why? Because I use liquid foundation and I don't think a face brush would benefit me for applying foundation.
          It's great for applying blusher, even if it is a little different to the usual 'blusher brushes'.

          Price; ....
          As I said, I got these brushes in a gift set, so luckily I didn't have to fork out and pay tons for them individualy!
          This foundation brush on its own is priced at £12 from boots for just this one brush!
          To me, that is very expensive for a makeup brush of any kind, although it is from a good brand and is very much worth it!

          The brush; ....
          The brush itself isnt too large and so fits into my small makeup bag lovely.
          The bandle is of a perfect size for holding and is quite slim, although not too slim so it holds a nice firm figure.
          There is no fear of the brush breaking or falling apart in your hand because this brush is of very high quality.

          The handle is siler with black writing 'Ruby & Millie face' on it although the text is starting to wear away on my brush.
          There is a lovely silver piece to the brush below the bristles which holds the actual brush bristles in place.

          The actual brush is fantastic! It's a lovely colour contrasting from a lovely brown to a lighter brown towards the end.
          However many times i've used this brush, and no matter what I use it for, it never changes colour! The makeup always washes or brushes away from it.
          It really is invincable!
          I have been using this brush for almost 7 months now and I never experienced any bristles falling out or bending or looking messy. The bristles all stay in place lovely providing a lovely smooth fit.
          I'm sometimes really rough with this brush, pushing the brishles in every direction and it never effects the gorgeous shape of the brush.

          Overall; ....
          The brush is very expensive for just one makeup brush, and even though I wouldn't pay that much myself for a single brush, I can't say it isn't worth the value!

          I would recommend buying this brush to anyone however i'd recommend maybe buying it from your boots advantage points or when you have a participating voucher.
          4 stars due to the price, otherwise this brush would be a certain 5!

          Thankyou for reading I also post on Ciao


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          10.01.2010 23:16
          Very helpful



          A great investment buy, and a lovely present for someone.

          At around £15 for a brush, I was pretty please to get a Ruby And Millie cheek brush for xmas, last year. So one year on- still going strong.

          As part of an ever growing tool kit, a good cheek brush is a true essential every girl needs.

          As well as Ruby and Millies fab range of colours in their make up range, it seems their know how has descended into their tools as well.

          The style of these is undeniable. Shiny silver, with glossy black bristles that stay clog free, whatever cheap blush or bronze you use, these will fast become a staple in your make up bag.

          In terms of length, these are a bit 'make up artisty' - eg. Large! If you want something so you can touch up on the train or at the gym, you may want a smaller brush to carry with you.

          However, that is my only fault with these. Smooth, easy to handle, these glide over your skin and help you blend blend blend.

          The only other problem is the price. However, wash these once a week in a Simple cleanser- literally, a simple branded cleanser, and they keep their shape, smoothness, and just last.

          Definatley a great gift, and overall, these boost your make up's look, as well as giving your dressing table a teensy bit of designer.


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          04.09.2009 16:40
          Very helpful



          A great essential brush in my collection!

          A few months ago I invested in some make up brushes. I bought myself some Jemma Kidd one's that cost me an arm in leg in Boots! The reason I did was because I was sick and tired of using brushes that went bear or had hairs sticking out of place and felt cheap and nasty to use on my skin however when I saw the prices of decent one's I was in pain at parting with my cash! Now though I am glad I did!

          However since doing so I would never use a cheap applicator now. I see the benefit of better tools and I find that even though from time to time I use cheap make-up (my collection is so mix and match at the moment lol) that I get great results time and time again when applying it well!

          So the other day whilst out in Boots (my natural habitat lol) I decided I needed a new blusher brush (to put in my handbag). I did peruse cheap one's but remembered my new mantra! You get what you pay for! So without thinking I started looking at the Ruby & Millie ones on offer! At £15.00 for this brush I was torn but like I say I want quality and in my way of thinking I thought well if I buy this it will probably last me a lifetime and me, well I like my blushers and highlighters loads! So I bought it!

          The brush came in a sort of see through zip up plastic case and basically I'm told what it is and who it is by etc. It's nothing special but it does mean you can keep the brush in it for extra protection if you want to (handy for handbags and things like that).

          The Brush:

          This brush is for applying and blending blusher of course. You can of course use it any way you choose to but there is a separate highlighting brush in the range (I got that as well!). It's not a massive brush. It has about a 5 inch handle and isn't thick but is a great size in your hands and feels a great weight (not heavy). It's silver in colour and on the base of the handle in dark green lettering I'm told it is Ruby & Millie 'Face'.

          The brush on the end is made up of 'hairs' that are brown in colour (graduating in colour slightly from a light brown to a dark to the ends) and are shiny. Not too thick and it's slightly tapered to the end. The bristles on this are so much of a good quality that as an example of this that if your put a finger either side of the brush and sort of rub it a hair doesn't come out or scuff up or anything it all just stays in place. I have never felt a brush so soft as silk as this!

          To use it of course it's designed to be used with any powder (dry) blushers. It lifts up particles of colour with ease, holds it in the brush till your ready and away you go!

          This is fabulous for precision and shading. It isn't a huge brush so with this I find it makes me take my time and the results are really amazing! I can use even cheap make up and get quality looking results!

          I love the way it feels as I sweep it over my face and I now use this for highlighting, shading and sculpting and even find it great to use for pressed and loose powders (though you may want a bigger brush for those larger jobs!). Never has a hair fell out of it and I find that if I tap my brush after using it, it cleans through brilliantly and of course you can wash these (with baby shampoo, mild soap or something like that) and they stay as good as new!

          I highly rate this brush and although it sounds expensive when you feel and hold it you'll understand why it isn't cheap. You just know it's quality! Brilliant brush and it's worth the investment, it'll last years!

          As I said I purchased mine in Boots but do look about in online shops etc!


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            13.05.2009 15:36
            Very helpful



            A great reasonably priced brush

            I find a lot of people feel that spending money on makeup brushes is a waste when you can buy a full set of brushes for under £5. But when it comes to makeup brushes there is no underestimating the importance of a good set of brushes. A good brush can make a cheap product look like you've just stepped off of the catwalk, and a bad one can make a high quality product look like you're a ten year old who's raided her Mum's makeup box with disastrous results. A good makeup brush should last you forever and will be a thoroughly worthwhile investment. Ruby & Millie's tagline for their brushes is "Buy the best tools you can afford" and this is an attitude that has served me well. My first set of makeup brushes were a cheap gift set given to me by a great aunt and these were stiff and gave an uneven application. When I first invested in a Ruby & Millie brush I was stunned at the difference - suddenly it was easy to apply my makeup and get a fantastic subtle effect.

            Ruby & Millie's Cheek Brush was the first brush I tried from the range and I think is their most impressive brush and an ideal blush brush. It looks stylish - as with all of the Ruby & Millie brushes it has a grey handle and silver edging around the bristles. It is slightly shorter than some of the other brushes in the range, being about 15cm long, and it comes in a zip lock plastic wallet which is really useful for keeping the brush in to make sure it's clean. It has a small, rounded head, a lot smaller than lots of other blush brushes I've seen, and this enables you to get a really precise application, distributing the colour exactly where you want it. The bristles are black and made of natural fibres and feel lovely and soft against the skin and the brush is nice and full. The slight taper means that the bristles pick up just a small amount of powder and it applies evenly onto the skin. Although I have experience some shedding with other Ruby & Millie brushes, this one is fantastic quality and I have to say I don't think it's shed a single hair in the 5 years I have used it. It also cleans easily and dries with no change in the quality of the brush (I just use a teeny splodge of baby shampoo and warm water to clean my brushes)

            Although I have recently 'upgraded' to a set of MAC brushes which are fabulous, I really have to praise Ruby & Millie for the quality of this one at the reasonable price. At £15, it's certainly not the cheapest brush out there, but I think it's certainly the best quality for the price you pay. My MAC Cheek Brush set me back £22 and the difference between them is not vastly different - although the MAC one is slightly softer and does allow you to achieve an even more precise and subtle effect, I'm not convinced it's really worth the £7 extra price tag.

            If you're looking to buy the best tools you can afford, you can't go too far wrong in investing in this brush.


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