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Ruby & Millie I Lash Curler

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/ Type: Eyelash Curler

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    2 Reviews
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      20.11.2014 01:24



      Pointless product, barely works!

      I got these a few years ago as part of a gift set but have barely used them.

      The Product ....

      The product is a set of small eye lash curlers, normal eye lash curlers are designed to curl the whole lash by placing the lash between both plates and gently pressing the plates together, these curlers have been designed to only curl the outer lashes.

      These curlers are made of a very light weight plastic in a shiny black and have small white rubber plates. Most lash curlers just have two arms that you press but these have little loops like a pair of scissors, the only problem is the holes are too small to really fit your fingers in and it makes them really faffy to use.

      To Use ....

      To use these you place just the very outer eye lashes between the rubber plates and gently press the two handles closed, after about 30 seconds open the two handles to release the lashes.

      I honestly have never worked out what use they are! when I close them they do not catch an even amount of lashes each time, they do not curl that well and when they do curl some it looks odd having just the outer few curled!

      Cost ....

      I am not sure what these cost as they were part of a set but I can see them for around £12 on ebay.

      Summary ....

      In my opinion pretty much pointless, they do not do much and I can not work out why I would ever only want to curl the outer lashes if they did have more of a curl that they do. As it is they barely produce a curl and my fingers do not fit in the holes so its a rare 1 from me.


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      25.03.2008 11:44
      Very helpful



      I-Lash curler

      My eyelash curlers are probably one of the most important beauty tools I own. If you're not familiar with eyelash curlers, they are a device usually made of metal or plastic, which you clamp over your eyelashes to create a curl. Many men recoil in horror when they see us girls putting this instrument into our eyes, my ex-boyfriend used to flinch just at the sight of them! For me though, they have become a necessity - and can mean the difference between looking awake and looking half asleep as they really open the eyes up.

      I use a metal eyelash curler on my eyes most of the time - just a cheap one, costing no more than a couple of quid, which I think I picked up from somewhere like Bodycare or Wilkinsons. I have been using this type of metal eyelash curler since I was about 13 years old, and am more than happy with the results I get from them.

      I own quite a lot of Ruby and Millie make-up brushes, which are really good, so when I had a voucher for £5 off the Ruby and Millie range a few years ago, I decided to buy their 'I-lash' curler. Unlike a normal eyelash curler that curls all of the lashes, this is only for use on the corner lashes.


      Like most of the Ruby and Millie brushes and tools, this comes in a plastic resealable pouch. It states on the packet that this pouch is to 'retain and protect the product' but personally I have always thought this is just excess packaging and a bit unnecessary.


      The I-lash curler is made of black plastic and has the Ruby and Millie logo printed in silver on one leg and on the other is a small slot that contains a replacement pad. It looks quite similar in design to a normal curler, but you will notice that the pad is a lot smaller, as obviously it is designed to curl fewer lashes.

      ~Using it~

      The instructions on the back of the pack instruct that you clamp the curler over the base of the lashes, then release and move to mid-lash, press and release then move to the tip of the lash and press. You should then set the curl with mascara.

      I followed the instructions for use, and found that contrary to my expectations, it was actually very easy to position over the lashes on the corner of my eye. With it being plastic it doesn't hurt as much if it nips my eye either!


      I first tried this on uncurled eyelashes. I found that whereas you could tell there was a slight curl to the corner lashes, it wasn't hugely noticeable and didn't make a huge difference to the overall look of my eyes.

      I then tried curling my lashes with my metal curlers and then using the I-lash corner lashes which can sometimes be missed by the larger pads of the metal curlers. Again, I found that there was no noticeable difference to my eyes, although they did create a slight curl.

      I feel that the results these gave were pretty poor, and they require a full eyelash curler to be used with them as well, as just curling the corner lashes on their own has almost no effect.


      The I-Lash curler costs a ridiculous £8.50 and although I'm not certain, I believe Ruby and Millie products are exclusive to Boots. As I bought this with a voucher I only actually paid £3.50 for it, but still I think that is too much considering the results you actually get from it, but I suppose you are paying for the name more than anything else.


      I feel pretty disappointed with the results from these curlers. Given the fact that they are very expensive and from a good brand I expected more. I would go as far as saying that these are pretty much useless, and a bit of a gimmicky product. Since buying them I have only actually used them a handful of times as they are a pretty pointless tool, and you can get much better results from a cheaper curler that will curl all of your lashes, not just a few.


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