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Ruby & Millie Lip Brush

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Type: Lip Brush / Brand: Ruby & Millie / Suitable for: Lip

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    2 Reviews
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      05.07.2010 22:39
      Very helpful



      A recommended makeup brush for every girls makeup bag!

      I love the Ruby & Millie makeup brushes, although I'm not too stuck on their prices!

      I received this brush in a set for christmas along with others and it's one of my favourites which I used everyday.
      Written on the brush is 'Ruby & Millie- lip' so you can't forget what the brush is intended for! Although I must be honest and say I use the brush for other things!

      Use and quality; ....
      Although the brush is intended to be used on the lips for applying lipgloss and lip stick, I prefer to use it to apply my powder eye shadow! It's the perfect size and shape for doing so!

      The brush is perfect for many things when applying makeup, in fact I used it once for applying glue to my false eye lashes! I thought after 'oh dear' and assumed the brush would be dead! But it seems to be invincible! The glue washed out very easily even when dried and the bristles seem to be impossible to break or colour!

      No matter what I use this brush for, the bristles still stay lovely and with the colour I received them -brown.
      The bristles are held together with a silver metal band appearing below the actual brush, making the bristles almost impossible to wreck! I'm often rough with my brushes and I've never experienced bristle loss from any of my Ruby & Millie makeup brushes.

      The stick size is fab for me, it fits perfectly into my makeup bag without filling much room, it's a nice length and thickness. It isn't too thin to break easily and not thick enough to take up much room! The length is great, it's enough to hold firmly in your hands whilst also being compact, small and cute!

      The brushes have a neat uniform design to them, they are all grey and silver with black writing and lovely shaded brown bristles.
      Some of the larger Ruby & Millie makeup brushes have a lovely faded brown towards the end of the bristles which I love!
      The colourings make them easier to find in stores also and I think the grey colour adds to the professional feel about them!

      The colour doesn't peel or rub off like other makeup brushes you can buy. I've had the brushes for about 7 months now and they are all still in perfect condition, even the ones which I keep in my tightly packed small makeup bag!

      Price; ....
      Although the brush is fantastic, unfortunately the price of it isn't!
      For just this one small lip brush, the cost of it at books is £7.50 for just the one brush.
      Gift sets can be bought at between £20 to £40 around christmas time and I'm not sure if they are available any other time of the year but thought it's worth mentioning for anybody wanting to have a browse on eBay or anywhere online for sets!

      I would certainly recommend buying this brush as it is of very good quality! However I would recommend waiting for one of Boots regular vouchers before investing £7.50 into one small makeup brush! Unless your fortunate enough to afford this much on a makeup brush that is haha!

      The price is high but I can't say the brush isn't worth it! I am confident it will last me for a good few months if not years! And you pay for the brand at the end of the day.
      You may buy a cheaper brush of less quality for £3 but have to replace it every 5 months!

      Overall, the lip brush is a great brush at a high price! However it's worth it and it can be used for a variety of things not just applying lip gloss!
      4 out of 5 because of the price!

      Thank you for reading, I also post on Ciao


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        10.09.2009 14:44
        Very helpful



        Transform your gob in one easy step!

        Of late I have been updating my make up brush collection. i didn't mean to. I mean I own a load of very good brushes that I look after and are in excellent shape but I went out to buy a blusher brush which was of this brand and ended up buying most of what this brand had to offer me! I'm glad I did too cos I've been delighted with them as I am with the make from this range!

        Me, well although I own lip brushes I must admit that I have never use them! I've never took any effort in applying lipstick and have always done it straight from the tube or with the applicator given in say a lip-gloss. Which is why when I picked up this particular brush I did question the sanity behind buying it. However it looked and it felt nice and it finished off my collection nicely! Well I bought it anyway and what a great investment this has turned out to be!

        The Brush:

        It comes in a clear plastic long pouch with a little zip to it to keep your brush stored in. Nothing really is fancy about this but you are told what it is and that it is a Ruby & Millie product etc.

        The brush itself is not all that long, I'd guess it's about 5ish inches (Don't quote me on that though lol). It's quite thin and it's a silver in colour and on the main part of it I'm told in plain writing that it is Ruby & Millie Lip and to the end this has a small dark brown hair tip which is slightly tapered to the end. It's not at all heavy and is great size to handle.

        Using It:

        What a handy tool this is! It's beautiful, soft and not that hairy! Hairs don't spring out anywhere that they shouldn't and it's as soft as silk to use and you really do have control using this tool.

        The brush part is flexible but not bouncy making this great to smooth and blend in lip-liners you may apply straight from a pencil. It's a great way of applying lipstick out of the tube with too for a more subtle and smart result than straight out of a tube. Yep you can apply lip gloss too, basically anything you want to apply onto the lips you can do so and work with it with this!

        I've found since using a lip brush my lips look more defined and cos I can 'paint' colours into my lips not only do I get a more defined look but I don't need to use so much colour and I get a much more polished look and I'm getting compliments on what wonderful lips I have ahem... lol and said colour stays put longer and I don't get so much transfer of colour on to things as I'm so used to!

        This brush will set you back about £7.50 (I bought mine in Boots) but do look about online. It seems a bit to pay out on such a brush but this is a high quality one and if your anything like me you won't stop using it! It's easy to keep clean, I personally wipe mine after every used then every 3 days give it a little wash through with some mild shampoo and it stays looking as good as new and I have complete faith that if I don't lose it this will last me years! A great buy and once you buy one you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        Ruby & Millie / Lip Brush

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