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Ruby & Millie Slanted Tweezers

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Type: Tweezer / Brand: Ruby & Millie /

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    1 Review
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      06.07.2011 11:51
      Very helpful



      Plucking made easier.

      Plucking ones eyebrows is a tedious and painful task, however, many of us like to maintain neat and tidy brows. I started plucking my eyebrows when I was a teenager, although this was an unnecessary task as my eyebrows were neat enough, however, having witnessed others plucking their eyebrows I became curious and thought I would join in with my peers. This is something that once started it will need to be done, forever. I have had a few years practice now, and I pluck my eyebrows when necessary. It is a bit of ardours task, and not the most pleasant either. However, needs must if you want shaped and defined brows.

      >>> A Shiny New Pair of Pluckers

      I have never paid much for a set of tweezers, as I was always in the belief that they all performed the same task, pulling out unwanted hairs to shape eyebrows. I had always picked up a pair for under two pounds, and I never thought to look any further. I was unaware of all the different tweezers on offer, until I was given a £5 off Boots voucher to use against the Ruby & Millie or No7 range. I then came to notice that some tweezers are eye wateringly expensive.

      I was swayed to buy a pair of Ruby & Millie tweezers, as I'm not a fan of anti aging creams, and I don't much like anything in the No7 range, as I find the products to be vastly overpriced, as far as I'm concerned. I am also particular about what I will use on my skin. I am new to the Ruby & Millie range, and after perusing the shelves of Boots for what seemed like forever, I decided to use the voucher against a pair of the Ruby & Millie tweezers, seeing as I didn't want any creams, lotions or potions that all claim to reverse the aging process, besides, I'm still a spring chicken.

      >>> Plucking Time

      Having paid more than I had ever considered for a simple pair of tweezers, I was expecting them to perform the task with considerable ease, making my life easier and pain free. Well, one can but hope. I was eager to try them out, and once I needed to give my eyebrows a tidy, I duly reached for my new tweezers. I instantly noticed the difference in the feel of them, they have more of a quality feel about them, and the material is much lighter and thinner than the clunky cheap tweezers that I was used to. As they are thinner in construction they are far easier to clamp together. They come equipped with a small plastic cap, which is inserted over the tip to protect it. The dark grey tweezers feature a stainless steel slanted tip that is fairly sharp to provide easy hair removal.

      I have always found plucking my eyebrows to be a tedious task that seemed to take a lifetime. However, after using the Ruby & Millie tweezers, I found they offered an accurate grip giving more precise movement and incredible accuracy even when faced with fine hairs. Tweezing with the Ruby & Millie tweezers takes minimal effort, as they effortlessly tease the hair out, making the job far less time consuming. They are perfectly aligned so they easily pick up fine hairs and the sharp slanted tip makes grasping each hair easy first time, making hair removal easy and fuss free. It takes only a few minutes to complete the task, and there is minimal redness around the eyebrow line. I must note that they don't cause as much pain either, which is why it only takes minutes, as my eyes are no longer watering as I pluck.

      >>> The After-effects of a Good Pluck

      Normally with cheaper tweezers they can at times draw blood, and leave the eyebrow area that has been tweezed looking red and inflamed, meaning that the procedure would need to be carried out well in advance, to give enough time for the area to cool down. Thankfully with the Ruby & Millie tweezers the redness is minimal and the area soon settles after about 10 minutes, so I can pluck before moisturising and by the time I'm ready my eyebrows looks great. They offer clean fuss free hair removal, which makes tidying and shaping far easier. The fine slanted tip provides confidence, as it can easily collect hairs close the eyebrow.

      >>> A Plucking Good Pair

      I've had these tweezers for quite some time now, and they are still just as sharp and accurate. I wipe the tip on a soft baby flannel to remove hair whilst tweezing, and in between tweezing sessions they can be washed in warm soapy water to remove bacteria. It is important to keep tweezers hygienic and clean, and to replace the cap after to protect and prolong the life of the tweezers.

      The Ruby & Millie slanted tweezers have proven to be cost effective, and have represented good value for money. I would recommend investing in a set of these, as they are of a high quality, and they make tweezing far easier. Even at the full price of £13.28 they are still good value for money, as they will far outlast their cheaper counterparts, making them a solid investment. Boots often run the £5 off promotion, which makes these tweezers excellent value for money.


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