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Sanctuary Trim & Tone Body Wrap Set

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Brand: The Sanctuary Spa / Type: Other Beauty Accessories / Suitable for: Body

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    2 Reviews
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      07.02.2013 22:13
      Very helpful



      Great if you want lovely looking and feeling skin. A failure if you want to 'trim & tone'.

      The Sanctuary Spa now do a 'professional' range of products which aim to give people spa treatments in the comfort of their own home saving time and quite a bit of money. When I saw a number of products from this range knocked down to ridiculously low prices in Boots a while back I couldn't resist trying a few products for myself.

      A few years back I lost just under five stone of weight and as a result have been left with a much slimmer but still quite flabby body! Toning exercises appear to require much more motivation from me than cardio exercises do though and the results of toning seem to be much slower than the initial weight loss and, whilst I am achieving my required results slowly, this trim and tone body wrap treatment just sounded very appealing to me and I was willing to give it a shot!

      At full price this little kit costs £26 from Boots and Sanctuary's website. I will be honest, I didn't really expect this to work so I wouldn't have paid that much for it at all. I managed to get it for a much more appealing £6.63 when it was on offer in Boots though and for that price I was willing to try it just on the off chance. Even if it didn't work, it would have still given me an excuse to have a full pamper day at some point.

      In the kit you get a 475g pot of 'Trim & Tone Body Clay', four rolls of 'Trim & Tone Body Wrap Bandages', an exfoliating loofah mitt, a 150cm tape measure and a usage instruction leaflet complete with tables for recording your before and after measurements. You also get a transparent, thick plastic zip up case to conveniently store all of this stuff.

      The body clay and bandages can be bought separately from Sanctuary's website when they need replacing. My initial problem for this though was the price of replacing them. Obviously I wasn't going to stock up on cheaper kits whilst still on offer at Boots before I'd tested this a few times to ensure it was something I would want to continue using. Having said that, this would have to work really well for me to pay £10.21 for extra bandages and £12.25 for another pot of clay when I paid less than £7 for the full kit in the first place.

      The instruction leaflet explains this kit should be used in five steps and I think the best way to review this will be to go through my experiences each step at a time.

      Step one: Measure.
      In order to see if you've lost any inches you obviously need to measure the area you're treating beforehand. The leaflet suggests measuring the circumference of four different places, a couple of cm apart, of the area you'll be treating. I have done my 'bingo wings', thighs and stomach with this so have been doing a lot of measuring! The leaflet suggests taking a pen and lightly marking where you've measured to ensure you measure in the same place when checking your results although this is completely pointless as when you take the bandages and clay off your pen marks are no longer visible.

      Step two: Prepare.
      You then need to place the rolled up bandages in warm water to allow them warm whilst the skin is prepared. I just fill my sink up and leave them to soak. Then, taking the dry loofah mit, you need to exfoliate the area you'll be treating. This apparently stimulates circulation which allows the clay to 'penetrate more effectively'.

      The loofah mit has a handy handle across the back and once I've slipped my hand into this the mit covers my hand nearly entirely so it's a decent size. I do find this mit is extremely effective at exfoliating my skin but also quite rough so I don't find myself applying much pressure when using this. I do really like the loofah mit though and quickly found myself taking comfort in the fact that even if this didn't do anything for my body, at least I got a nice, effective loofah mit out of it!

      Step three: Apply.
      Now it's time to apply the clay to the areas you'll be 'treating'. The clay is, as you'd expect, quite a dull grey colour and quite thick too. You need to apply a thin layer of this which is easily done as it spreads across the skin really easily. The clay dries really quickly too and I usually find it has dried on the bits I have applied it too first before I've finished applying it to that particular body part. I do quite like this about the clay as it means there's less time for me to get it everywhere before I've wrapped myself in bandages. Whilst I haven't got this on clothes or on my sofa etc, I can't imagine it being very easy to get out if you did so probably best to apply the clay away from anything like that. I somehow managed to get a little bit of my dog's ears and he needed a good scrub in the bath to get out it again!

      Once you've applied the clay to the relevant places it's time to wrap your body up. You need to remove your bandages from the water they're soaking in and squeeze out as much water as possible. Once you've done this you just need to wrap them around you in the same way you would wrap a bandage around an injured part of the body. Nice and tight to keep it in place but not to the point where it becomes restrictive. Putting the warm bandages on feels absolutely wonderful, very relaxing!

      I'm not sure how long the bandages are exactly but they're a decent length. One bandage will wrap one of my arms or one of my thighs although this would obviously vary person to person. I think you'd have to be very slim to wrap your stomach in just one though and I personally use two rolls for this area. A strip of Velcro is attached to the end of each roll so you can just stick the ends of the bandages down - very handy! I've also found they stay in place too.

      Step four: Relax!
      Now you just need to sit around for at least an hour and let the potential magic happen. The instruction leaflet emphasises the importance of keeping warm whilst doing this although I find this quite difficult.

      Obviously once those bandages which have been soaking in warm water hit room temperature they start to feel quite cold. The idea is to relax whilst doing this anyway but you really can't get anything done whilst doing this as you just need to lounge about under masses of duvets to keep your body warm. Not that I'm complaining much about that mind you! Providing you've wrapped the bandages around yourself properly then sitting in these never becomes uncomfortable. It is, however, near on impossible to slouch when wrapped up around the torso which can only be good for the posture!

      Step five: Remove and Rinse.
      After at least an hour it's time to remove the bandages, rinse off the clay and get that tape measure back out to see if you've lost any inches. The clay is easy to remove. By this point the clay has dried although it doesn't turn into a crumbly mess fortunately. I tend to take a wet flannel and just wipe it over the parts of my body covered in the clay. This removes it quickly and easily and the clay doesn't stain my flannel and after a quick rinse it's good to be used again. The obvious next step is to dry off and once you've done so you may be impressed. Not so much at the fact you look two dress sizes slimmer but just as how soft and smooth the skin feels. The clay really does a wonderful job at making the skin feel baby soft and if all else failed, I took comfort in this. I'm always exfoliating and moisturising but I've never gotten results in terms of how soft my skin is as good as this clay wrap gives me.

      Step six: Measure.
      One last step and you're all done. Take out that tape measure again and compare your before and after measurements. I firstly tried this on my legs and I have to say although I didn't lose any measurements worth writing home about (a mere cm on each thigh) I did notice my skin looked much fresher and healthier. I was a little disappointed in the lack of inches lost but was really impressed at how good my skin looked and felt and I was definitely willing to have another go whilst I still had clay left so I could get my skin looking this wonderful again.

      The next time I tried my stomach. My stomach is the area which needs the most work toning up wise. This is the area most of my weight disappeared from and this is the area I tend to neglect when doing my toning exercises as I just find them so hard and painful the next morning! I was quite interested then to see if this would work any better on my stomach. To be honest my thighs are already quite toned. I do an awful lot of walking and regularly use my exercise bike which helps tone this area so wanted to see if my results would improve on the area where there definitely was plenty of room for toning up. I did get slightly better results from wrapping my stomach. After this I lost an inch from my hips, an inch from my waist and another inch from just under my bust. Furthermore I was also left with the same beautifully soft, smooth and healthy looking skin I was left with after doing my thighs.

      However, I still didn't feel the area looked any more 'toned'. Granted the skin did look an awful lot better which was pleasing but those inches I lost were quickly gained again (after all, all this does is reduce water attention so as soon as you have a drink it goes back on again) and I didn't feel I had toned up any. No reductions happened in my arms either nor did these look any more toned. Again, however, my skin was left in its best ever condition.

      So to conclude, I'm happy enough with my less than £7 purchase and feel this was well worth the money just for the amazing results this body wrap has on my skin. I don't think it's worth its full price though I definitely won't be purchasing another pot of clay when mine runs out unless I find it significantly reduced in price. Unfortunately this kit doesn't perform where it claims it will. 'Trimming' can be achieved very slightly for a very short amount of time and this would perhaps be best used if you were looking to slip into something a little daring for a while although I can't see it being very useful in any other situation. Likewise, 'toning' results are virtually impossible to see leaving me a little disappointed.

      I love how relaxing this kit is and I love how wonderful it makes my skin look and feel and if it were advertised for that purpose then it would be getting five stars from me. Unfortunately it isn't so I'll have to give this a low rating.


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        31.10.2011 16:10
        Very helpful



        It works but I do not want to go through this process again!

        The Sanctuary Spa Trim & Tone Body Wrap Set

        I bought this product set a few days before my holiday (a last minute dash to boots was in order) as I had heard a lot of really good things about this set, so I thought I would try it out. I adore sanctuary products and most of them that I have used worked really well for me so I thought this would be the same. I only bought this product to tone up slightly before holiday, as I would not consider myself in need to lose quite a lot of centimeters - I am 5 foot and 6 and a half stone so this product was only bought to tone.

        - About the product, the Sanctuary description and ingredient list

        This set comes with the body clay, which is in large tub containing 475g or 16.75 oz of product. The other items in the set include: a tape measure, a booklet with a table in which to write measurements in, four long fabric 'bandages' and an exfoliating mitt. There is also an instruction leaflet and everything is contained in a neat zipped, fairly large, bag.

        The sanctuary description of the product is as follows: "Tone up 'problem areas' with this detoxifying clay wrap. The purified clay has been infused with a complex of natural ingredients that have been shown to help detoxification and firming by encouraging collagen synthesis. Massaging the clay over the chosen area assists circulation and natural drainage, while extra-wide cotton bandages are designed to enable easy wrapping at home and are tightly ribbed to give an instant toning and slimming effect. After just one hour unwrap your figure, shower and enjoy slipping into your most daring outfit" Sanctuary UK site

        "Kaolin, Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Alcohol denat., Bentonite, Polysorbate 20, Talc, Sphacelaria scoparia extract, Dipropylene glycol, Xanthan gum, Disodium EDTA, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben."

        - Initial thoughts on the product

        Before I bought this product I did have doubts of its capabilities, how well it would work and how long the potential results would last for. The price of the set also made me more hesitant about buying the set, as it is not really cheap and if it didn't work then the money will obviously be wasted. On the sanctuary site it states that it is the best body wrap and that there could be a potential 19cm loss (a cumulative total from a few areas) so I bought it to try out.

        - Using the product

        Before using the product I read the instructions carefully and the instruction booklet is easy to read and it is also easy to follow. The instruction booklet takes you through the five step process using text and also clear images/diagrams, the booklet is so easy to read and follow. I unpacked the set and started measuring - as there is a section on the back of the booklet for measurements before and after the treatment to see if it has made any difference - there is a section for arms, thighs and stomach. I used this product only on my tights as that is the area that I am not very confident about and also as I was going on holiday the day after I used this I wanted to be a bit more toned for when I am wearing my denim short shorts!

        I measured the circumference of my tights and noted the measurements down in the booklet (you have to write down three measurements for each area, to get a more accurate overall measurement of the area I think). I then used the exfoliating mitt - of loofah mitt, as they call it - to exfoliate my skin making it smooth for the clay application. I found the exfoliating mitt really abrasive and harsh on my skin, too harsh and painful for me to actually use, so I ended up using my sanctuary long handled body brush instead. I would recommend exfoliating before you do this as the mitt is not very nice to use at all. You could use an exfoliator in the shower/bath such as: Buffy from Lush or the body buff from soap and glory, both of which would be really good to use as a replacement exfoliator for the mitt provided in this set.

        After I have measured and exfoliated it is time to apply the body clay. The body clay is a light grey colour, it has a really smooth texture and a very thick consistency. It does have the scent of clay which is not very strong but personally I really don't like the scent of the clay. The body clay tub has a lot of information on it about the effects that can be achieved with the product and about the trials using this clay - I think it would be better to print a short version of the instructions on the tub instead of the propaganda (seen as though you have obviously already bought the product) as you don't really have any other instructions if you loose the booklet or destroy it by spilling the clay on it!

        Before applying the clay, in the instructions I says to soak the bandages in warm water while you apply the clay, do not unravel the bandages though - I found that keeping the bandages tight and not letting them unravel as I removed them from the set a bit difficult. I then applied the clay to my skin (which is clean, dry and exfoliated) this was not very comfortable as the clay is quite cold and it does have a bit of a slimey/gloopy texture, when being applied to the skin. I applied the clay quite thickly to the chosen area and it was fairly easy to do - although this product is quite messy in my experience, with the smooth texture of the clay making it slip off my skin quite a few times and end up splattered on the floor like some form of modern art. As this process was really quite messy I would recommend having a towel handy to clean up the clay that will go on the floor and I would also recommend applying the clay in your bathroom where the floor (and the surrounding area...) can be easily wiped clean.

        After applying the clay thickly to my skin I then removed the bandages from the sink in which they had been soaking in and started wrapping them around my thighs. I first started wrapping one of the bandages the wrong way around so I had to start again and then once it is wrapped around tightly you just press the velcro end of the 'bandage' down to secure it. The bandages were a lot longer than I expected them to be and it did take a little while to wrap them around - also the bandages unraveled while I was wrapping them around which made them even more time consuming to wrap around. I repeated this process with the other leg and afterwards I did start to feel a bit like an Egyptian mummy! With both of my tights wrapped up in the elasticated fabric wrappings I did initially feel a bit sorry for the Egyptian queens, Pharaohs and aristocracy for being wrapped up like this - although they would be dead when this was happening so I would consider them lucky!

        - A waiting game...

        The bandages at first felt really weird and they did feel even tighter than my super skinny jeans! So worrying that I may be reducing the circulation to my legs I loosened the bandages death grip on my thighs and it then felt a bit more comfortable. Although that statement is an oxymoron as having these bandages on and being at all comfortable is just impossible. While waiting for the bandages and the clay to work their magic, I cleaned up the spatters of clay on the floor and I removed the remaining two bandages from the sink, as I only needed two of them - not all four that are provided. I then tried to relax with the tight, wet, cold bandages on but it was not happening at all! Resisting the urge to remove them and have another shower I kept the bandages on and kept reminding myself that I am going to be wearing shorts in a day or so and also that I payed about £25 for this set!

        I left the bandages on for a little bit over the hour time frame they suggest and I found that reading a book on my kindle did take my mind off how uncomfortable my legs felt. I then removed the bandages, which was the best point in this whole process so far and I wiped off what little remained of the body clay. I did not notice any immediate difference of my skin which did not make me very optimistic for the second set of measurements...

        - The all important results!

        Using the tape measure again I measured roughly the same points I did before I started this process and I found that this product did seem to work. I noticed a decrease of about 1.5cm on each thigh - which is what I was looking for as my tights are not big anyway. I was pleased with the just over a 2 to 3 cm loss in total. I think that if I had not loosened the bandages while they were on, I may have lost even more and also I think I used a little too much clay.

        Overall as a result, my skin felt very smooth, soft and well exfoliated. I lost a total of about 3cm or so off my thighs - which does not sound like a lot but I think it is and it made my skin feel tighter/firmer. Through out my week long cruise in which I wore shorts nearly every day I found that my skin remained quite tight and a lot more toned and the effects seemed to last for the length of the holiday, which is what I wanted from this product.

        - Additional information and some of my tips on using this product from my experience

        During and after using this product I did not experience any rashes, itching or any other forms of irritation - the product also did not dry my skin out. With regards to the bandages, after using them I did not have time to let them dry out fully before I stored them in the container that everything came in - and after about a month or so of being left in the bag the bandages (which were not fully dry) did start to collect a bit of mould - so I will not be using them again, not that I would use them again if they were squeaky clean!

        Some of my tips of using this product: firstly I would use this when you have a good two to three hours to spare, so that you do not get caught in the not so hot Egyptian mummy look! I would have a sink close by, a flannel to tidy up the edges of the clay if you have gone over the line of the bandages and I would wear clothing/dressing gown that you don't mind throwing away afterwards - I didn't want the messy task of cleaning up my old dressing gown after getting the clay all over it. And finally I would get a good book or another distraction as you will need it to distract you from how uncomfortable the bandages and the clay feel.

        - Overall positives

        The overall positive points in my opinion are as follows: the set comes with everything you need and it is all packed away nicely in the zip up bag. You can re-use some of the other items, such as the tape measure, and also the zip up bag. The instruction booklet is great! The process was fairly easy and I did actually experience good results - I lost a total of 3cm or so off my thighs! This process also left my skin very smooth, soft and exfoliated.

        - Overall negatives

        The overall negative points in my opinion are as follows: the clay does not smell very nice, to me any way and it is messy to apply as it does slip off and go onto the floor. The bandages are a little time consuming to wrap around the area and they are very tight! The combination of the slimy, wet clay and the tight Egyptian mummy like bandages makes for a very, very uncomfortable hour! The final result was not a massive difference and the results only seemed to last for a week but that it exactly what I wanted from this product, as it was just for my holiday. The mitt provided is very harsh on my skin and I could not use it as it was quite painful. The bandages do not dry out quickly (leading to mould if you forget about them like I did) and the set is a little bit pricey, in my opinion.

        - Price and availability

        I bought this set from boots, so I did get some advantage card points (this is the only positive point about the price) and it cost me a little bit over £25, which I think is a little bit expensive, although you do get a lot of items in the set. This et can also be bought from the sanctuary UK site (link below) for £25.52.



        *It did take a few centimeters off my thighs and made my thighs more toned and tighter/firmer
        *Comes in a nice neat, well presented set and the products seem to be made to a very high standard
        *Some natural ingredients and no irritation was experienced
        *Left my skin smooth, soft and exfoliated
        *Fairly easy process and one tub will last for a few applications
        *I can use the clear bag everything came in and the tape measure for other things


        *Applying the clay was really quite messy with it slipping out of my hands and off my thighs and going on the floor
        *The scent of the clay is not very nice in my opinion and it is not very pleasant to apply due to the slightly slimy texture
        *The bandages were really tight, even when I loosened them a bit
        *Having the clay and the bandages on for an hour or so was very uncomfortable and not an experience I want to have again!
        *A little bit pricy
        *The bandages do not dry out quickly
        *The loofah/exfoliating mitt was very harsh on my skin - so I had to use another product

        Thank you for reading my review this review is also posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992 x


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