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Scholl Cracked Heel ProFile

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Type: Files / Brand: Scholl / Sub-type: Foot Care

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    2 Reviews
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      05.07.2010 08:10
      Very helpful
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      A fantastic foot file that works wonders with your feet!

      If you ask me feet are Ugly, especially mine, but there comes a point if we don't already, where we have to start looking after them properly. I suffer terribly with dry, cracked skin on my feet which sometimes can be quite sore. My mum was also another sufferer of this, really bad in fact, however the other month I noticed just how smooth and healthy her feet were looking and she reccomended this foot gadget. To be honest I bought it at first and thought nothing of it, your same old typical foot file, same old rubbish, but no this one has been different it is working wonders with my feet.

      This little foot gadget I'm talking about is in fact Scholl's Cracked Heel Profile. I bought mine from Boots and it cost me nearly £9 - I also received advantage card points as a small bonus.

      You can find it in Boots amongst all the other foot gadgets, nail clippers, foot files and scrapers etc. It comes in a see through plastic box with a white colouring at the top and blue and yellow at the bottom. It can be clearly recognised as a Scholl product thanks to the logo boasted at the front of the packet. Thanks to the packaging being see through you can see the profile inside, it doesn't look to clever though seeing as it comes in two halves, which is a shame as people either wouldn't recognise it for what it is or would be put off because they wasn't sure - this for me is the only bad point for this product!

      The front of the box though does clearly tell us it's a Cracked Heel Profile, which apparently 96% agree that it provides instant visible results. We are also informed on the front that this is designed to fit the heel contour. We are also proudly shown before and after photos of cracked heels.

      I suppose you are wondering what makes this different to other foot files and scrapers right? Well the back of the box has kindly give us a brief explanation as to what makes this different. Firslty the design, it is meant to fit and match the difficult to reach curved contours of the heel. It also has an antibacterial suface to reduce the risk of infection and it is also suitable for wet and dry filing.

      There is a picture diagram on the back of the box showing you how to put the two halves together - which is simply by slotting them into place and ensuring you hear the 'click' to know it's 'locked' together. When you've clicked it together you have your white plastic handle with two 'blue' ovals, the handle sort of looks like a pregnancy test, don't let it put you off though. The profile attachment is the same white plastic one side, but a black 'file' on the other, it looks just like your typical foot file however it is curver, just like a banana. The blue ovals are your 'adjustment' section and your button to press if you want to split the two halves again and store them back in the packaging etc.

      Using it is simple, don't be afraid to actually 'use' it though, just because it comes in 2 halves which you have to click together doesn't mean it's flimsy or weak, in fact it's a rather sturdy product for what it is. The curve in the file works perfectly, really reaching every part of my heel, rather than me having to sit in really awkward positions and try reach my leg around my neck just to get to another part of my heel to file it (OK so that's exaggeration) but it can be difficult, take the Ped Egg for example, you have to have it and your heel at the perfect angle or all your foot shavings end up on the floor rather than in the pedegg case, where it's meant to go, however it prooves difficult when you can't bend your actual foot the way you can your elbow or knee. Talking of foot shavings though this one will provide alot of mess, so before you use it ensure your foot is above newspaper, a bowl, or anything that can catch your foot filings without causing too much mess and that you can dispose of easily.

      The file itself doesn't hurt or irritate in the slightest - not while using it anyway. Your foot filings float off like dandruff, it actually feels like you're not doing anything for your feet which is where you need to be careful. Even though it may not look like you are taking much of your cracked skin away as it's only falling off your foot as a fine dust, you will be surprised afterwards when you've wiped over your foot and feel the immediate smoothness, even after your very first go. Now I say you need to be careful because, although it doesn't seem at first like the file is doing alot, if you do use it too much or too many times your feet can become quite sensitive and sore, which is the last thing you want or need, afterall you'd buy this product for your feet to feel and look better not worse! I tend to use mine every other day, for a few seconds - not minutes as that would be too long also - on each foot. After using it I cream my feet, you can actually buy Scholl cracked heel cream but I'll use any sort of moisturising cream, including baby lotion.

      Now as I'm not a total fan of cleaning, I wasn't going to buy a foot gadget that meant a lot of hard work now was I. Yes you do have to clean this but it takes seconds, wash it off under warm water, and leave it to dry naturally. After doing this your file will look and feel as good as new!

      Using this file has ensured my heels remain not only feeling smooth, but looking it to. There is nothing worse in the summer than going out in flipflops knowing I have them horrid cracked skin lines up my heels, they are not the most attractive look to be carrying off during the flip flop months. However, whilst using this on a regular basis my feet remain looking and feeling alot smoother, and healthier, meaning I can walk around in my flip flops proudly. Even when my feet do get a bit cracked now, they don't get anywhere near as bad as what they used to, even if I have had a bad week and forgot to use it which I don't often do.

      I can't reccomend this enough to anybody, it provides ease of use which is magic, it works wonders with my feet and during the past few months I've never seen my feet look and feel so healthy. Definitely worth the price tag that's for sure!


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        07.01.2010 16:38
        Very helpful



        Scholl ProFile

        Feet. Let's face it unless you have a fetish for them they aren't the prettiest part of anyone's body yet are the most important part to maintain and keep healthy. You need your feet to get around on and when you consider the amount of abuse they get on a daily basis it's got to be worth taking some time out on a regular basis to at least give them a bit of a treat and pamper.

        Like many other people I have hard and cracked skin on my heels and my normal attempt to get rid of this unsightly and sometimes painful affliction is to attack at my heels with a pumice stone whilst bending and stretching my body into positions that a contortionist would be proud of. Normally I end up wrenching my shoulder or painfully grazing my ankle with the stone and by the end of good pumice I am left with tender feet and in a bit of a sweat.

        Having grumbled about my feet one too many times to my wife she bought me this "Scholl Cracked Heel ProFile" to shut me up once and for all. Scholl as I'm sure a lot of you will be aware specialise in feet care and offer a wide range of creams and aids to help treat tired and painful feet. The Pro-File is an ergonomically designed file that is specially shaped to contour your heel and reduce the amount of hard skin thus reducing the appearance and depth of cracked skin.

        The file comes in 2 parts, the file itself and then a long (approx 25cm) detachable handle that you click into the base of the file. Its design allows you to be able to sit in a chair and simply reach down to your heel with the file and then it's just a case of filing away (apologies to those eating whilst reading this review) the hard and dead skin until you obtain the results you desire.

        You can see the file working by the amount of dead skin that is removed from your heel, once you have completed a filing session your heels are soft and visually look better as well as feeling a good deal healthier and fresher. The file itself has an antibacterial surface that reduces the risk of infection and can be used both wet and dry, Scholl claim to give you professional results at home and I can definitely confirm that the file does indeed work and gives great results.

        My only word of caution with the file is to start slowly and build up, it is quite easy to get a bit file-happy and end up taking a little too much skin of your heels (sorry again!) which can actually make them more painful than when you first started. So my advice is to take it easy and keep checking your progress instead of being too heavy handed, this will not only give you the results you are wanting but it will prevent you from hurting yourself as well.

        These can be found in Superdrug and Boots and presumably in other chemists and costs just over £8.00 and comes packaged as shown in the illustration above. I realise that this is not the most glamorous thing in the world to write a review on, but this has genuinely helped me with my feet and if you are in a similar position it could also help you.

        Certainly recommended by me especially when compared to a pumice stone and for the results it has given me I would have no hesitation in giving the ProFile from Scholl 5/5 Dooyoo stars.

        Thanks for reading.


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