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Scholl Revitalise Foot Spa

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    3 Reviews
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      18.08.2013 20:35
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      Don't waste your money on this.

      I am on my feet a lot during my working hours, 6 days a week and during that time I wear steel toe cap shoes, so you can imagine how knackered and often sore my feet are by the end of the day. So I liked the thought of treating my feet to a Spa experience in my own home.

      I bought this a few years ago and think I paid around £30, which I thought was a good price. Scholl is a well known company for any kind of foot care so I went for one of their Spas rather than a non-branded one.

      The Spa itself is fairly big. Of course you need to allow for different sizes of feet and not just my tiny size 4s. So it's good it caters for a range of people, but it's also bulky to store.
      It comes with a little foot care kit like scissors and clippers, I must say I have never used these as I found them not the best quality.
      The Spa itself comes with different "attachments", these are massage rollers for the soles of your feet that slot into the bottom of the Spa. Best try them out dry and see if you want to use them whilst using the Spa as they are optional. I have tried them once and never again, just not my thing, but I have very ticklish feet maybe that's why I don't like them.

      So get yourself comfortable and get some water ready in the right temperature and you are ready to go.
      Plug it in, fill it to the right mark and switch it on. You have the choice of 3 settings - keep warm, massage bubbles and Infra-Blue heat.

      I find the keep warm setting is just like having a warm foot bath and you could do that without a posh Spa, you could just use a bowl.
      The bubbles setting is quite nice but I don't get any specific benefit from it, I just find the setting noisy. I would not use it in my room any more as my housemate in the room underneath could hear it through the ceiling. So much for a relaxing experience if you are constantly wondering whether you are annoying someone.
      And the Infra-Blue heat I feel is just pointless.

      None of these settings have giving me a better experience than just a bowl in which I can soak my feet, maybe with some essential oils or a scrub. I found it was a bit of a waste of money.

      So at the end of the day I spent £30 on just a posh bowl to soak my feet in. I have tried it many times just to see if maybe I was being too negative towards the product, but I still don't like it and it has sat in the bathroom cupboard for ages now gathering dust.
      I would say do not waste your money on one of these. Just do a nice simple foot bath in a tub every now and again or treat yourself to a professional Spa Pedicure at a salon sometime.


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        25.04.2006 16:48
        Very helpful
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        Kick off your shoes and relax

        A few months ago i brought a Scholl Revitalise Foot Spa, as i sometimes suffer from sore feet and i love being pampered. I have had some Scholl products in the past so i knew they were a good healthcare brand to buy from.

        Anyway, when i got it home i had the chance to give it a proper look over and give it a try.

        The packaging was very strong and durable, and was also very attractive and eye-catching (i wouldn't of noticed it otherwise). On the front of the box it shows you the product and gives you a taster of what you are getting. On the back of the box it tells you (in detail) exactly what you are getting, and also shows a picture of the product.

        I was very shocked (but pleased) when i opened the box as i wasn't expecting the foot spa to be as big as it was, this isn't a disadvantage though as there is more room for your feet to move around and the size means it is big enough for practically any foot size.

        Inside the box was the foot spa, a manicure/pedicure set, some massage attachments, a really good length of electric cable and an instruction manual (safety instructions, how to use, information on switch settings, etc), the product also has a 2 year warranty.

        The actual foot spa is made of a really strong and durable plastic and has 4 rubber feet, which will not scratch flooring and will stay in one place.

        The foot spa's features:

        3 Spa settings- a combination of "keep warm" heat, gentle massage and Infra-Blue heat (this setting can be used without water). - Vibratory massage with bubles, "keep warm" heat and Infra-Blue heat. - Bubbles and "keep warm" heat. (The "keep warm" feature avoids a rapid cooling down of the water, it isn't suitable for heating cold water)

        Infra-Blue heat pad - to focus warm soothing relief along the sole of the foot and the toes.

        2 Interchangeable massage attachments - Accunodes (to focus pin point relief to the arches and soles of the feet) - Accupressure Rollers ( to provide a soothing effect for the whole foot)

        Non- motorised Pedicentre with 3 attachments for a more targeted massage - Accupressure Attachment (to stimulate the soles of the feet) - Rolling Attachment (by moving your foot over this attachment you can enjoy a soothing massage for the whole foot) - Accunode Attachment ( to pin point the massage to specific areas of the foot.

        The setting up of the foot spa is very simple, basically you plug the foot spa in (if using water settings) fill it with water to the water level indicator at your desired temperature, turn to desired setting and enjoy.

        All of the settings are as relaxing as each other, they are all gentle and soothing. The base is well designed as it fits the shape of your foot and has a central S-shaped bubbles release strip.

        The changing of base plates and massage attachments is very quick and simple. Also the cleaning of the product is quick and simple, a wipe with a dry cloth does the job.

        The foot spa doesn't look like it is made for a particular gender and i would recommed that men use this as well as women.

        The value for money is excellent, i was really pleased to find a great product at such an affordable price.

        Disadvantages of the Scholl revitalise foot spa:
        It is quite noisey, so it isn't the most ideal product to use whilst watching your favourite programme.

        Apart from the noise, the product is very pleasing and i would strongly recommend it. The foot spa revitalises sore and tired feet and leaves them feeling really pampered.


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