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Sheer Cover Kabuki Brush

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Type: Brushes / Brand: Sheer Cover / Subcategory: Kabuki Brush

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    1 Review
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      16.09.2011 14:33
      Very helpful



      Densely packed, perfect for application

      When I bought my Sheer Cover Kabuki Brush it was one of the first I'd seen on the market and although I am sure that they had been around a lot longer, I'd never laid eyes on one before. Mineral make up was just hitting the beauty scene and I had previously been a compact powder girl, using the free powder puff type tool which came in the compact to apply it. Kabuki is a type of Japanese theatre in which actors wear heavy, thick make up (white faces, red lips and cheeks, blackened eye brows - you get the picture!) and elaborate kimonos, this is where the name is derived from, though the heavy, thick make up is exactly what you want to avoid when applying mineral make up!

      A Kabuki Brush is characterised by its stumpy handle and densely packed short, flattened head. It is usual to use Goat Hair for the bristles as this is semi rigid, but fine; so effectively you get the softest hard brush in your make up collection! The Sheer Cover Kabuki Brush is exactly like this and it has a pale pastel base and bristles. Its RRP is £17.95 which is about the average price for one of these brushes, if it's good quality. The difference is, with the Sheer Cover version it's actually studio quality which means that you're getting a beautician / make up artist quality brush for your hard earned dosh!

      I've had my brush years now; and it's withstood some pretty heavy use. I don't apply make up every day in fact I would say on average over a year I probably apply make up twice a week at most. But that's beside the point - the brush has lasted me all of this time and it will last me years to come - it's an investment rather than a purchase and so £17.95 is an absolute steal. The brush makes applying make up so easy. I have used it for both mineral and non-mineral make up, both loose powders and compacts. It's perfect for mineral make up because each bristle picks up a miniscule amount of powder. You swirl this around your face using big circles, working from the outside of your face in toward your nose; the idea is you start out with the bare minimum and build up the coverage. Because the Kabuki Brush is so fine but so densely packed it makes this process really much easier, even for someone who's not great at applying make up.

      The brush isn't just suitable for face powder either. It's amazing for applying bronzer all over, or for applying blush to cheeks. As great as it works for building up a natural coverage, it's also great for applying a colour pop to cheeks and collar bones, just push it further in to the product and load it up - the curved edges mean you can work it in gently to your collar bone or trace the shape of your cheeks. I have a separate brush bag for my make up brushes, but it's robust enough not to bend or become misshapen if you keep it in with the rest of your make up. I bought a different brand Kabuki brush to use as a handbag sized tool, unfortunately, despite coming in a cute, petite little case, it wasn't as densely packed or as luxurious as the Sheer Cover Kabuki Brush and it lost it's shape and I had to throw it away. I then bought a cheap(ish) version at £8.95 and I experienced bristle loss; simply not acceptable to me in a make up brush! So, I decided to buy a second brush from Sheer Cover to keep in my handbag...

      There are several suggested methods for caring for make up brushes, but I just use the same method. I take all of my brushes and submerge them in a bowl of warm, soapy (hand soap) water. Then I lay them all out on a windowsill in the sun on a tea towel and when they are mostly dry, I take my hair dryer and blow dry them fully (cool setting for synthetic brushes). It works a treat and has always kept my brushes in tip top condition, including my Sheer Cover Kabuki Brush. I highly recommend this brush to anyone who uses mineral make up - it's a must. If you don't it's also perfect for normal foundation powders pressed or loose and it is, as I've said, a perfect bronzer applicator! It's available from www.sheercover.co.uk or by calling Sheer Cover direct.


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      Sheer Cover / Type: Kabuki Brush

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