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Sigma SS187 Makeup Brush

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Type: Brushes / Brand: Sigma / Subcategory: Styling Brush

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    1 Review
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      27.05.2009 13:03
      Very helpful



      Great company, great brush!

      Sigma Enterprises PLC is a relatively new US based online makeup brand. They sell brushes comparable to MAC but for a fraction of the price, all their brushes are handmade and great quality.

      I have recently become interested/addicted to makeup and the main reason is due to YouTube! There is a large online makeup community with many makeup artists showing how to apply makeup and the products they use. About 2 months ago, several makeup artists such as MakeUpByTiffanyD and EnKoreMakeup made video's reviewing and raving about Sigma brushes.

      All reviews I read and saw emphasised the same thing - these brushes were as good as MAC and other leading brands but at a much more affordable price! To make things easier, the company have even named their brushes with the same numbering as MAC ones, but with "SS" at the beginning - for example, the SS 187 is comparable to MAC's #187 brush. This makes brush identification easy and simple.

      Of course, after seeing these reviews, I had to try at least one of these brushes out! I had been saving up to buy the MAC 187 for a while, but at £30 I was still dubious as to whether it would be a worthwhile investment. The Sigma version was $16 plus $5.60 shipping, this equates to £13 - less than half the price the MAC brush!

      The 187 is a stippling brush - also known as a duo fibre brush. The brush consists of 2 layers of hairs - shorter black ones made from goat hair, which are thicker and give support and rigidity to the brush, and longer, softer white hairs which are synthetic. These hairs extend past the black ones and as they are synthetic will not absorb any liquid products you may use, they also allow for layering of a product - so you can control whether you require a sheer or fuller coverage.

      These brushes can be used for applying liquid foundations, face powders, powder and cream blushes and even gel blushes.

      Appearance and packaging:
      I was very impressed with the speed of postage and the product arrived with me in less than a week. This is very fast considering the company is based in America and I live in England. It came in a securely sealed and well padded bag, and inside was not only the brush but a leaflet explaining how it, and other Sigma brushes can be used. I also received a free gift - an ELF eyeshadow compact! I felt that this was a very nice touch as I love getting freebies to try!

      The brush itself was in a re-useable sleeve which protects the brush and keeps the hairs in perfect shape.

      The brush is hairs are of very high quality and very soft, the black ones are slightly firmer as intended, but the white ones are so smooth and not scratchy or irritating at all! The bristles are very dense and well-packed and do not shed at all! As I do not own the MAC version, I cannot compare the two myself - but so many people have told me that the performance and feel of this brush is identical to the MAC version!

      My main reason for using a stippling brush would be to apply liquid foundation. I get some foundation on the back of my hand and dip the brush into it; I then dot it onto my face and use a "stippling" motion to apply an even layer over my face. There is no need for excessive blending as this brush does it all in one step! I have heard that using a stippling or dotting motion when applying foundation helps to create an air-brushed or soft focus effect. I have tried this brush with many foundations and the end result has always impressed me, being much nicer than using fingers, a sponge or a flat foundation brush. I found I used less foundation overall, and my foundation gave me the coverage I required but still looked natural. Using this brush is also the quickest method I have ever experienced of applying foundation - I can have my foundation routine finished in 2 minutes! This is great for when I am in a hurry or just don't have the time to spend infront of the mirror in the morning!

      This brush can also be used to apply a thin dusting of powder - pressed or loose - to set your foundation, I found it picked up the perfect amount of powder and distributed it evenly onto my face.

      As this brush is so versatile, it can also be used to apply blush. I find this great for really pigmented or bright blushes because the brush has quite a wide base, so can distribute a thin layer onto my cheeks and prevent me from looking like a clown with a really bright, unnatural cheek colour!

      I usually wash my brush after every use, I wet it and create a lather using a gentle hand wash or shampoo, it is really easy to wash and there is no colour run either. I then leave it to dry and often use the protective sleeve it came packaged in so that it dries in the desired shape. I leave it to dry overnight, but it can also be cleaned using a brush cleaner, and it will dry much quicker when using this as it contains alcohol.

      Sigma is constantly expanding its brush range, which can be seen at: www.sigmamakeup.com. I find their website very easy to use and all it contains all relevant information. They have a range of brush kits to choose from, as well as buying the brushes individually. Their newest additions to the line include the SS 109 and SS 188 - both very versatile brushes.

      The brush kits look amazing! There are 4 to choose from, depending on your needs, and even the largest kit containing 12 makeup brushes costs just $64 - that's around £3.50 per brush which would usually cost upwards of £15 at MAC!

      The company ship worldwide and use USPS First Class Mail Service they have a great breakdown of prices on the "Payment and Shipping" section of their website - where international shipping costs $5.60 and for kits $9.20. This is quite reasonable for international fares, and all brushes are still less than half the price of MAC brushes, even including shipping.

      Overall, as I am sure you may be able to tell - I am in love with my brush! This is a great brush for beginners as well as professionals as it is so versatile and easy to use. The brushes are amazing quality and a really good price, I recommend the SS 187 to you all! Go check them out! www.sigmamakeup.com

      Thanks for taking time to read this review, if you have any comments or questions please message me or leave a comment and I will be glad to help! :)


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