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Sisal Soap Bag

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Brand: Sisal / Type: Beauty Bag

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    1 Review
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      30.07.2013 20:03
      Very helpful



      Soap Saver

      There comes a day when a bar of soap is too small for use. What do you do with the remains? Throw them away? Have you ever thought, "Pity, if only I could find a way to go on consuming it until the very end?" People who need to save money may think in this way or people who enjoy doing so even if they have enough money or people who discover the sisal soap bag by chance and love the idea per se. I don't have to save the remains of soap bars for monetary reasons. With me there's a nostalgic component involved when I do so. I remember my mother in the post-war GDR (German Democratic Republic) when everything was scant wrapping several small remains of soap which she had conserved into gauze. When wet they became gluey and stuck together thusly forming a 'new' bar of soap which could be used for some more time.

      Gauze and sisal bags both keep the pieces of soap together but sisal bags have the extra advantage of removing dead skin cells, exfoliating, massaging the skin and improving blood circulation. I think that this is the main reason why they're bought nowadays. But, of course, you don't have to put in remains at all, you can also put in a brand new bar of soap to get the treatment described above.

      The bag is 10cm X 10cm in width and height and looks as if it's knit by hand. Maybe once it was made this way, I doubt very much, however, that it still is, not even in developing countries. Handmade things sell well and things that look as if they were handmade also do. A string runs through the hem at the upper end of the bag. Its two ends come out of a hole, go through a thick wooden bead and then end in a knot. The idea is obviously to put in the soap and then pull the bead to one side so that the upper part closes. This idea is bad and not thought through or not tested in practise. The sisal material is coarse and can't be pulled together so that only a small opening remains. The opening is always so big that small pieces of soap fall out. I took a pair of scissors and cut an opening into the hem opposite the bead. There I pulled the string out and then made a knot with the string ends from both sides. Now it's not perfect, but much better. I'm considering getting a patent for this solution.

      I found this piece of information on the net: Sisal is a natural sea grass, and therefore it is bio-degradable. The first part of the sentence is wrong, the second is correct. Sisal is an agave that yields a stiff fibre traditionally used in making twine and rope. It's not clear where the plant originates from. Many people think it comes from Yucatan in Mexico which is understandable as there are enormous sisal plantations. I've been there, I've seen them.

      Sisal soap bags are sold on Amazon for 1.22 to 2.55 GBP. They vary in the thickness and coarseness of the fibre (I've got the finest which unfortunately isn't shown here). With such low prices they cry out to be bought not as single items. The postage would be more expensive than the product. I'm sure you can also find them in offline shops, but not living in GB I don't know any. Wherever, buy several, one for yourself and some more as stocking fillers or as gift packs for birthdays, anniversaries or small presents when you're invited. Put a good bar of soap in. I can guarantee you that nobody will bring a more original present!


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