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So Bloody Blonde Sometimes Compact Mirror

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Brand: So...? / makeup mirror / Type: Mirror

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    1 Review
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      10.03.2011 17:45
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      So What If Im Blonde? LOL.

      Its kind of a running joke in my family that Im not the sharpest knife in the box. I like to think Im quite itelligent but my family really disagree and say Im one of the blondest people they have ever met because of the strange things I think and ask about sometimes - my brother told me that a penguin was the king of the North Pole and Im sad to say I really did believe him - make up your minds on whether Im blonde or not hehe. Anyway a few weeks ago I stumbled accross the 'So Bloody Blonde' range when searching on amazon and I knew right away I was going to end up with lots of things from the range - I knew my mom would get a laugh out of it as well so I decided to buy a few items starting with this 'So Bloody Blonde Compact Mirror' that was one of the few items from the range that I knew Id use all the time.

      Useful Information:
      Price: I paid £9 with free P&P - prices vary though so shop around on amazon.
      Stockists: I got mine from Glint @ amazon but there are quite a few sellers on that site that stock this item and others from the range.

      Now I would never normally pay so much for something that I consider to be very basic - for a compact mirror I dont think you need a fancy one as long as it shoes your reflection thats normally good enough for me but this one was so pretty and related to me so I had to buy it. This mirror is actually really well designed in reality and looks much more expensive that it actually is in my opinion - and it does look just like it appears in the image so you wont be disappointed when you receive this. The outside of the mirror is made from a silver, chrome type of material which not only makes this look brilliant but also makes it very easy to clean - all my mirrors get filthy when Im applying make-up so thats a massive advantage for me. Its quite a small mirror in size as you might expect from a compact but its still a good size to see your whole face in with ease and its small enough to be easy to transport so really its just the right size for its purpose of using while your out and about.

      On the top of the compact is the image of a blonde woman with her head in her hands and the quote 'OH GOD I'M SO BLOODY BLONDE SOMETIMES!' - the image is very retro and kitsch which is the main thing that appealed to me about this mirror. I love anything thats a bit retro and has a vintage feel to it and this mirror fits that perfectly. So if your a lover of quirky, retro items Id recommend this for definite but even if your not I think most people will enjoy using this and love the design - I love it, if people are going to take the mick why not join them eh?! This also comes in a small silk pouch when it arrives - its cute but I havent bothered with it since but I think most people will see that as a nice added touch and if you continue using it your mirror wont collect as much dirt so its worth using.

      A the front of the mirror is a small clip that simply clicks shut and you ligt it up slightly too open - thankfully it isnt too hard to open because its loose enough straight away - not so loose it will keep flying open though as it seems very secure to me. There are 2 mirrors on the inside - one normal and the one on top is a magnified mirror which again I thought was a great added touch to have the choice. I mainly use the normal mirror to apply my make-up which works perfectly for me and the mirror is very clear & the magnifying mirror I mainly use when Im plucking my eyebrows - my brows have never looked so groomed since I started using this so I have the choice of which mirror to use depending on what Im using the mirror for that day. Both mirrors are really clear and thankfully they dont get dirty very quickly [or chip or break] but when dirt does start to form a quick one over with a baby wipe is all you need to make them clean again.

      I love this mirror and I get so much use out of it, its untrue - there isnt a time when Im out of my house and this isnt in my handbag so the cost has been justified in my case. Some might argue £9 is a bit too much for a compact and while Id normally agree I dont in this case because I love mine and I think it would make a great quirky gift for a girl or woman - or a funky treat for yourself. It does everything you'd want from a compact and its got a great design so Id highly recommend.

      Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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