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Stargazer Makeup Brush Set

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Type: Brushes / Brand: Stargazers / Subcategory: Styling Brush

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    1 Review
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      09.09.2009 20:04
      Very helpful



      5 stars!

      The stargazer make up brush set contains all 15 stargazer brushes in a leather roll pouch. This set is the extent of my own personal brush collection (because I like to have everything matching!) and I find it fulfils all of my make up needs.


      The brush roll is black with 15 pockets each tailored to a specific brush size - for example there are three large pockets for the face brushes and there is a shallower pocket for the fan brush so that the bristles are above its neighbours to prevent touching. There is a zip pocket which I use to store sponges (both for the eye shadow sponge brush and foundation sponges). A flap folds over the brush heads before rolling to protect them from damage and moisture, with the stargazer logo embossed into it. After inserting the brushes, you roll the pouch from right to left, and it fasten it using the two long ties. The brushes are snug, so snug in fact that were there not a flap over the brushes they wouldn't fall out.

      Unfortunately the brush roll is made of leather despite the stargazer "cruelty free" ethos...make of that what you will, it doesn't bother me.


      The brushes are all made of synthetic brown hair, which will please the vegetarians/vegans even though the roll pouch won't. The handles are shiny black plastic with the stargazer logo printed on in white, along with the brush number and type. They have an elegant, classy effect. I have to admit I ignore the suggested use of the brushes and use them in my own way, mostly because I don't use lipstick and any brush set will have at last two lip brushes, however I will list them here for the benefit of others.

      Lip brush with cover: a small, flat, dense brush for lipstick application that can safely be taken in a handbag with the lid on.

      Powder brush: a big fluffy brush for face powder, the biggest in the collection.

      Blusher brush: slightly smaller than the face brush, I often use this for applying powder to small areas of the face and for brushing face powder onto the eyelids (the bigger brush tends to get powder in my eyes, and this is a much better size).

      Face contour brush: and big headed, handled brush, traditionally used to fill in the hollows of the face with contouring powder, I use this to pack translucent powder under the eyes to hide my bags (I have deep set eyes!). It is perfect for this since because the hairs are shorter than the blush brush they are more densely packed. Perfect for dense powder application.

      Two flat, rounded eye shadow brushes: one larger for wider areas, e.g. the area between the crease and the eyebrow, the smaller is more suited for the eyelid. Both of these are dense but soft enough for heavy application on a sensitive eye area.

      Eyeliner brush: a very fine brush with which you can apply gel/cake/liquid liner or used wet with powder for the same effect.

      Fan brush: a very thin but wide brush, which I use only to sweep away fallen eye shadow without smudging.

      Angled brow brush: this has a very crisp and stiff edge. I use this to fill in the brow but I know people who use this to apply gel liner successfully.

      Two lip brushes: both flat, one is has shorter hairs making it stiffer and particularly useful for lining the lips, the other is much like the lip brush with lid, larger for filling in the lip area with colour. I use both of these for eye shadow/liner application when I run out of clean eye brushes because I don't wear lipstick.

      Sponge tip applicator: an eye shadow applicator, much like the ones you get free with most eye shadows, but the sponge on here is more like foam, dense and smooth and soft, really good for applying colour to the eyelids. You get 4 heads for this, two pointed and two round.

      Mascara wand: you can use this to appy mascara, or more likely to remove clogging after applying mascara with its own supplied wand. Also good to tame stray eyebrow hairs with hair gel...

      Mascara comb/eyebrow brush: kind of self explanotiry really! I have to admit for tidying eyebrows the mascara wand is fare more effective, but the brush on this is good to blend powder/eyebrow pencil because it is so very dense.

      Concealer brush: a small, flat rounded brush to apply concealer, both liquid and stick. It's a little bigger than a lip brush. I use this mostly to apply eye shadow to the lower lash line.


      On first opening the set I noticed a very strong, unpleasant chemical plastic smell. I was dismayed to say the least, but that smell left after washing the brushes for the first time. The hairs are very soft, and they get better with each cleaning (I use shampoo for that). They dry fast, with the exception of the three bigger brushes which take 24 hours. I can't imagine ever using other brushes, I am sure there are better brushes out there but for the price of the set it can't be beaten. They are of very high quality, I am yet to find a loose hair with over a year of use and they continue to perform as well as they did when I first bought them. They all transfer make up to the skin evenly and they are pleasant to touch.

      The set costs £50 from the stargazer website, with £2.00 postage and really fast delivery, a saving of £18 if you buy the individual brushes plus you get the brush roll with them and you can't buy that separately. There are often good deals on eBay for this set, I got it for £30 and free postage so it's a good idea to check there first.

      © L Wade 2009 - submitted only on dooyoo.


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