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The Body Shop Brush Kit

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3 Reviews

Type: Brushes / Brand: The Body Shop / Subcategory: Styling Brush

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    3 Reviews
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      09.02.2014 15:04
      Very helpful



      Good mini size kit

      Ive had this product for about 4/5 years now. Its not used everyday but it makes a great kit to take on holiday due to how small it is.

      **The set contains**

      1.a nylon pouch with a velcro closure and a pocket for each brush, and a tiny mirror built in

      The mirror is a good size for putting on eye shadow or checking your lippy.You could use it to check your entire face but it is small so i wouldn't recommend it.The bottom half of the pouch has an additional compartment that i use to store extra brushes, i can fit my entire boots mini travel brushes in it or i have a mini elizabeth arden brush.My boots brushes have flat handles and i have no problems closing the pouch
      2.a blusher brush
      Full size version £12
      As it is smaller you cant really apply blusher to each cheek in one-it takes 2 strokes.Not really a big problem. I have the full size version as well and the quality is the same. Its a nice soft brush that applys the product nicely.This works best with powder blush but not so great with creme blushes.
      3.an eyeshadow brush
      Full size version £10
      I like doing eye shadow looks where i use multiple colours so having a small brush is quite good for that. This works fine with both powder and creme eye shadows.
      4 a slanted brush
      Full size version £9
      Same idea as the eye shadow brush. I tend to use this in the crease line or if i want to use eye shadow as liner it also works great for that.
      5 a lipstick/concealer brush
      Full size version £9
      This is one i don't tend to use that much. on the website it says for lips, apply lipstick to the tip of the brush and use to contour and fill lips.== For concealer, gently dab a small amount onto blemishes, then wipe off excess and blend.== I think my reason for not using is that it is a bit fiddly and its just as easy to apply concealer direct and blend in with your fingers. I haven't used it for lipstick but i think it would work well as it is small.
      Another nice thing is that the brushes say what they are for on them. They haven't faded over time either like other brushes i own. Also they have stayed in one piece.Sometimes with cheaper brushes the head part separates from the handle,particularly in brands like elf.
      To clean them its really easy and i just use baby shampoo,rinse them with water and leave them to dry. They haven't shedded at all.

      This currently costs 13.50 from the body shop. Its a nice kit and worth the money but i would still wait for a sale as they have sales frequently.
      I would rate the overall quality as good on the minis but great on the full size versions


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      01.10.2012 14:00
      Very helpful



      a decent mini brush kit

      A while ago, there was a 40% off offer on the body shop online, so I decided to get this set as part of my stash. It's currently priced at £14.50. The main reason I bought it was that I needed another eyeshadow brush and also a good blusher brush - I prefer a round one, rather than the flat ones that come with some other mini sets, so buying the mini set was cheaper than buying those 2 brushes full sized.

      The set comprises:
      a nylon pouch with a velcro closure and a pocket for each brush, and a tiny mirror built in
      a blusher brush
      an eyeshadow brush
      a slanted brush
      a lipstick/concealer brush

      The brushes have synthetic hairs

      My verdict:

      I really like the size of the pouch and brushes (maybe I should point out here that I have really small hands) - the handles are long enough to grip, and feel sturdy, and the fact that the pouch has a flap closure with velcro - it's nice and simple and easy. I also like the way that the pouch and brushes look - sleek and simple and easy to clean (the pouch is wipe clean). I hate the feel of the pouch - it feels really cheap. Also the mirror that's built in is too small - I tried to do the eyeliner of just one eye in it but it was just too small. The pouch also doesn't have enough width from the side, so the brushes bristles tend to get flattened when the pouch is closed

      The blusher brush is nice and soft and spreads my blusher evenly, and I can blend the blusher in well too. I'm not a big blusher wearer, and I do like it to be quite subtle, so this brush is good for that. The blush brush is a bit taller than the others, so does tend to get a bit bent and squashed in the case

      The eyeshadow brush is okay - it does the job, but isn't brilliant; I prefer my screenface eyeshadow brush as its head is a lot more compact and it's better for blending.

      The slanted brush is the one I like most - I use it for lining my lower lashline with powder over kohl pencil - it's really nice to use and doesn't make my eyes itchy after applying the powder, whereas my other slanted brush does. I also plan to use this for gel eyeliner, but haven't done so yet.

      The other brush is meant for lipstick or concealer and comes with a clear cap. It is a firmer brush than the others and I haven't really used it

      I would say that overall, I really like these brushes and would recommend them. They all have soft (but not too soft that you don't have control) bristles and are good quality - with minimal shedding (so far). I would say that this was a good product, but not a 5-star product - I'm sure there are other mini brush kits out there that are just as good or even better


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        30.07.2010 22:41
        Very helpful



        A great set for holiday/traveling/festivals! Highly recommended! :)

        Mini kit - by the body shop cosmetic range

        I have been using the body shop products for a while and one of their products that I like a lot is their brushes. I have the large/normal size eyeshadow brush of theirs and it is really good (see my previous review for more information). I bought this last july for my holiday and I found it really really useful while I was away, and when I got back.

        I really like the packaging of this product, it comes in a nylon kind of material folding mini case which is really durable and can be wiped clean if anything spills on it. It also has the body shop written on the front and it looks sleek and simple like most of the body shop products.

        On the inside it is the same as the front and it has four small little slot or holder for each of the individual brushes. It has a small mirror on the inside above the brushes which is useful to an extent but it is very small -about 5cm in length and 2.5cm in width.

        Like the normal size eyeshadow brush I have, the individual brushes themselves have 'The body shop' written on them and on the other side of that the have what they are used for, but they are really versatile and can be used really well for a number of purposes.

        *The largest of the brushes*
        This brush says on the side of it that it is meant to be used on the apples of your cheeks, for either blush, bronzer or a highlighter, and it would be really great for that purpose. It is also great for small touch ups of foundation which I used it mostly for, when I was on holiday as I didn't take my normal foundation brush, and this was a great substitute.

        After the holiday I now use it mainly for foundation touch ups and it is also the best brush I have used to apply an all over base colour to my eyelids, as it is just the best size and I can cover all of my lid with the brush - so it makes applying the eyeshadow base a lot quicker.

        It is made to a really high standard, unlike some cheaper brushes the actual bristles of the brush stay in the brush and they don't fall out which is good. The bristles are really really super soft on my skin and it is easy to use and control the brush. It is also very easy to clean.

        *Eyeshadow brush*
        I have the normal/larger size version of this brush which I have previously reviewed, but it is really great. It is a really great size as it can fit into any size make up bag. It is made to the same high standards as the normal size and it works just as well.

        It is a really good eyeshadow brush, one thing that this mini brush is really good at more than the normal size is that it can create more detail as it can apply to eyeshadow more finely and more precisely. Great for creating a smoky eye.

        *Slanted/angled eyeshadow brush*
        I use this mostly when creating a smoky eye as the brush is angled so that it can get really right up close the the roots of the eyelashes so you can create a seamless line - with out any gap between the lashes and the line of eyeshadow.

        It is again a good size and great for traveling/holidays or festivals as you don't want to be carrying around loads of make up brushes and it is also great as it comes in a small case to keep them all protected.

        I also think this brush would be good when using gel eyeliners as again it is slanted so you could get the eyeliner right up close the the lashes and create a smooth close line without any gaps.

        It also comes with a lip brush, but when I do wear lipstick iI don't use a lip brush so I can't really comment on this brush, but it looks just the same as the others and it is made to the same high standard.

        Overall, it is a great set and a great gift for someone before their holidays or before traveling. It is very very lightweight, it is thin, portable, comes with a small mirror and it is very durable.

        I bought it from a body shop store, or you can buy it fro their site. It currently costs for £14.50 which in my opinion is a really good price for four high quality brushes in a really nice durable case with a mirror.

        Good points
        *very affordable
        *Very high quality, easy to use brushes
        *Apply the products I have been using evenly and hold the product well
        *Very super soft brushes - soft and gentle on my skin
        *Well made
        *Durable brushes and great protective case
        *Easy to clean brushes
        *Great brand

        Bad points


        Thank you for reading my review


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