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The Body Shop Eyeshadow Blender Brush

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    6 Reviews
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      02.10.2014 23:52


      • "works as it should"
      • versatile
      • "washes well"
      • "great quality"


      • none!

      The epitome of quality

      The Body Shop Eyeshadow Blender Brush is a soft, round-tipped brush that's tailor-made for blending eyeshadow seamlessly. It's priced at £10.

      My thoughts
      The brush looks and feels very high quality and you can tell just by looking at it that it's well made. The design is sleek and sophisticated and worthy of the price over less expensive looking brushes.

      The bristles of this brush are super soft, honestly, I spend more time than I should just running my hand over the top of the brush because it feels so nice! It is so nice using this on my eyes because it feels so soft and gentle on my skin, much better than any other brush I've ever used on the eye area!
      The brush is flat, fairly wide and rounded off at the top. This makes it a great shape for not only blending eyeshadow but also for applying it as a liner and allowing you to get right into the base of the lashes. When using it to blend it really does exactly what it should do, it blends my eyeshadow seamlessly, whether I'm blending 2 colours into each other, or just blending out the edge, or creating a smokey effect, it works perfectly.

      Of course with the main use of this brush being to blend rather than apply eyeshadow, it's not actually designed for picking up the powder, but when I've used it to line my eyes with shadow I've found it picks up the powder really well, and it's then very easily transferred, mess-free, to the skin.
      Now, I've had my brush for years, probably at least ten years actually, and although I don't use it every day it's fair to say it has had a lot of use, and it still looks pretty close to new actually! It washes really well and keeps it's shape brilliantly. I haven't noticed any shedding, and on the whole it's just a fantastic quality brush that I'm really glad I bought all those years ago as it's still going strong today!

      Absolutely. This is an excellent example of high quality!


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      02.11.2011 22:24
      Very helpful



      Boots 17 Blender Brush

      Everyone needs a good set of make up brushes but these cane very costly so now and I again I like to add to my collection by picking some up here and there when I need them. I find Boots always does a great range of make up brushes, I have a few of theirs actually and this one is no exception.

      Now its come around to autumn/winter again I tend to wear more eyeshadow. I don't know what it is but maybe its because my skin gets a paler and needs some colour to it. In summer I can rely on a bit of a suntan to give my face some colour so come this time of year I really enjoy experimenting with different coloured eye shadows and different looks. I particularly like lots of browns and golds on my skin and complexion and I think they look great at this time of year too. This brush from Boots is perfect for blending and is actually called the blender brush.

      The brush costs and £4.50 comes in a sealed plastic packet on its own so you know no one else has opened it and you know it is clean and free from germs. The head is not very big, probably about the size of a 5 pence piece. It's quite a basic looking brush, it's just black with black bristles and is rounded at the edges so it tapers off each side. The bristles are made of premium quality natural hair and are nice and soft. They do not scratch in any way when you apply them to the eye lid. The bristles are a bit thicker in the middle which I think is really great. It allows you to get a good build up of eyeshadpw or powder onto the brush and make big sweeping actions with the brush to really add lots of colour to you lids. Then you can turn the brush to the side and use it on the thinner side to blend the two colours together. Thats the beauty of this brush, its designed and great for blending but you can also use it for just one colour too and get nice even coverage.

      In order to clean this brush you just wash the bristles in warm, soapy water and then reshape and leave flat to dry. This always works well for me when I know I want to use a different colour and need to clean my brush before I do this.

      All in all a nice affordable make up brush.


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      05.11.2009 12:07
      Very helpful



      The best eyeshadow application brush in The Body Shop collection.

      Where shall I start with this brush? Well I love it, it's a fantastic piece of beauty equipment and I'd buy this over an ordinary eyeshadow brush any day of the week.

      This reason I love this brush so much is because I am not great at applying makeup, I never have been, I used to be envious of people that blended their eye shadows to create a striking look but I never felt it was something I could do myself... until I bought this brush... I find it so easy to use and I love creating unique looks by blending and layering different eyeshadows together.

      ** How do you use it? ***

      When I first saw this brush I thought the bristles were a bit thick I was worried this would make it difficult to use, but although this brush is slightly bigger than your standard eyeshadow brush, it is very easy to dust your eye socket without the colour escaping everywhere and causing a colourful mess.

      By sweeping your brush lightly across your eyeshadow pallet it will pick up a light layer of colour pigment, you then lightly sweep the brush across your eye and it evenly distributes the colour pigments onto your eye lid. This means that your eyeshadow tends to go much further and you're unlikely to find yourself in a position where you have a thick, uneven layer of colour on your eye lids.

      You can build up as many layers of colour as you want by using this brush and the colours effortlessly blend together. I also find that my eyeshadow lasts much longer when I apply it using this brush and the final look is much more complex.

      This brush is also very versatile, if you want to straight-forward look with one eyeshade then this brush does the job as good as any other brush on the market, but you have the added bonus of also owning a brush that blends.

      *** Price and availability ***

      I bought my eyeshadow blender brush directly from the Body Shop Website (www.thebosyshop.co.uk), but you can also pick it up in-store and at Body Shop At Home parties.

      This brush costs £8.50 and I know that some people will be put off by the price, but on this occasion you get what you pay for. I haven't found a brush as good as this anywhere else on the highstreet and personally I think that £8.50 is a good price for a quality makeup implement that will last and last.

      *** What is the brush made from? ***

      This makeup brush is made from ethical, sustainable products, but this doesn't mean that the function of the brush is compromised. I have had mine for over two years and no hairs have come out of the brush - it's still in perfect condition.

      *** Brush maintenance ***

      I clean my brush by putting some eye makeup remover on a piece of cotton wool and sweeping the brush across it to remove the excess makeup. I then rinse my brush under the tap to make sure that it is properly clean, this seems to work well and once the bristles have dried the brush looks (and feels) as good as new.

      *** Overall ***

      I think that makeup brushes are an important part of anybody's makeup kit, but at the same time you don't want to spend money on unnecessary items, this is why I recommend this brush. The beauty of the blender brush is that it can be used to create different looks and it also stands the test of time - you won't have to replace it for years.

      I find that this brush helps me to make the most out of my eyeshadow collection and I highly recommend it, even to those that are makeup novices (like myself).

      Invest in this makeup brush girls... you won't be disappointed!


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        06.09.2009 18:14
        Very helpful



        5 stars

        Price: £8.30
        From: The Body Shop
        For: Effortless contouring and blending

        The brush has a very high quality look to it, with a black/grey handle and silver towards the bristles. It also feels really high quality and well-made.

        This brush is made for blending and contouring your eyeshadows, but it's really versatile and can also be used for basic application of shadow. The shape and size of the brush is perfect for both shading large areas and defining your eyes with smaller strokes.

        It feels lovely and soft against the skin and the feel of the bristles is amazing. The bristles pick up powders well and you can easily use the brush to create intense, bold colour or more subtle, sheer shadow looks.

        Blending and shaping really is easy with this brush due to the shape of the bristles, you can just follow the contours of the eyelids with the brush and it creates the perfect look.

        The edge of the brush can be used for lining and defining the eyes, and you can easily create thin lines by holding it flat or thicker lines by holding it at a slight angle. You can then easily create a smokey look by using the brush to smudge it slightly.

        It's important to keep the brush clean to get the best out of it, but it is easily cleaned with a bit of a gentle facial cleanser or a proper makeup brush cleaner, and then just leave it to dry naturally.

        All in all this is a brilliant makeup brush.
        Thumbs up from me.


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          07.01.2009 16:10



          A great product if you're happy to pay the price

          I first fell for the Body shop make up brushes many years ago, in fact so long ago that they don't even look like they do these days!
          What is it about Body shop brushes that are so great? The answer is the quality of the material, the ease of use for even covering,the softness of the brush head and the great grip material.
          Along with its softness, the brush is layered and contoured to achieve its best potential for eye shadow application. It helps the eye shadow to blend the colours together and create the desired look.
          The brushes are on the expensive sidebut in my opinion are quite potentially the best on the high street. They do come with quite a high price tag but they will last a while, they don't lose the bristles easily and are easy to clean.
          A long lasting brush that is worth paying that little bit extra for.


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          27.10.2008 12:17
          Very helpful



          Become a make-up application expert.

          As many of you may know, I am a big of a make-up and cosmetic fanatic and this review is yet another cosmetic related product, so I will apologise in advance for another cosmetic review that I am inflicting on you all.

          Have any of you wanted to achieve those massive catwalk eyes that all of the models seem to pull of effortlessly. Well with this body shop eye shadow blender brush it is now achievable without too much effort.

          I know it sounds corny that a little brush can help achieve these looks but it is true, The little applicator brushes that come with most eye shadows just don't cut it, yes they apply the make- up but it is applied in a bulk lot and not nice and evenly, like it is with this brush.

          I was pushed into buying this from a lady who worked at the body shop, I went in to buy two eye shadow shimmers and she basically pushed this onto me, swearing that it was the best thing since sliced bread. I never like to say no or be rude I purchased the brush along with my eye shadows and I left the shop.


          If like me you like to experiment with new darker eye colours, but don't quite pull it off leaving your eyes more like a panda bears then a smouldering eye that instantly draws attention, then this is the brush for you.

          This blender brush is an eye make-up brush, designed to give you a nice even coverage and help blend different coloured eye shadows together perfectly.

          With this brush containing smooth soft, synthetic hairs that are long lasting, it does not irritate your eye lids or skin at all. The softness of these bristles allows you to collect small amounts of eye shadow at a time and apply it in stages to avoid a thick smudged look, instead you will achieve a professional finish, you just need to apply the make-up one step at a time.

          I personally apply one colour all over my eyelid and brow line, and then I use this brush and blend small amounts of another colour into the eye lid crease, tear ducts, brow line and underneath the bottom eyelashes.

          As this has a slim but wide brush head, to allows you to get shadow into those hard to reach areas, for example under the bottom lashes, without it going on to thick or patchy.

          The handle of this brush is long slim and made of wood, to is very easy to hold enabling you a nice even precise make-up application.


          This was bought from a body shop store, in the cascades shopping centre Portsmouth. It cost me 8.50.

          I think that 8.50 is very excessive for this little brush, but it does do a really good job and I can now get the eyes I have always wanted but never been able to achieve.

          I feel that you could get a cheaper version, which would give the same results. If you could get this for about 6.00 I think you would get a real bargain.

          HOW TO USE

          It is best to use long sweeping strokes, while applying eye shadow. If you apply two or more colours just apply them to certain areas that you what to emphasise, for example the brow line, eye lid crease, tear ducts, and the corners of your eyes.

          It is recommended to apply a little bit at a time, if you apply to much shadow this can fall out of the brush and land on your face or clothing, and then you would have to start all over again or even worse get changed.

          Every time I use my brush I tend to sterilise it, you can buy products to do this but as I am the only one who uses it I only rinse it under red hot water for a few seconds.

          I have to wash the brush as I am always changing my eye colour and I have found that if I don't wash it I can contaminate other colours as old product was still stuck in the brush. I would recommend you rinse you brush especially if you let others use it.

          MY OPINION

          At fist I thought I had been robbed as I was practically forced into buying this, but I now understand how to use the brush and apply some amazing eye makeup.

          I feel that this is overpriced and you will no doubt be able to get the same thing a lot cheaper, all I have paid for here is the body shop name, which is displayed in silver on the wooden handle.

          Yes this is very good to have in any make-up bag, and if you like to experiment then I suppose 6.50 is worth it, even if it is only to perfect your application techniques.

          I have no doubt that this brush has helped, as those little application brushes you get with eye shadows just don't work in the same way they smear it on and this gives a nice soft even finish.

          I would recommend a blender brush to very woman, but maybe not this one as it is pricey but if money is not object go for it, as the price is the only issue I have with this brush. Otherwise it is a superb little device that I am more than happy with.


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